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86 entries

Cadash CS-G BS-G
Caesar's Palace CS-G BS-G
Cagey Capers GG CS-G BS-G
Cal Ripkin Jr. Baseball CS-G BS-G
Caliber 50 GG CS-G
California Games Hints CS-G BS-G
Cannon Fodder CS-G
Capt'n Havoc 
Captain America And The Avengers CS-G BS-G
Captain Lang 
Captain Planet And The Planeteers CS-MD BS-MD
Cartridge Adapters CS-G
Castle Of Illusion GG Hints Cheats CS-G BS-G
Castlevania - The New Generation Cheats
Castlevania - Vampire Killer 
Castlevania Bloodlines GG Cheats CS-G BS-G
CDX Pro 
Censor 3D Intro 
Censor Intro 
Censor Movie Trailers Demo 
Censor Smiley Face Demo 
Centurion - Defender Of Rome GG Hints Passwords CS-G BS-G
Chakan - The Forever Man GG Cheats CS-G BS-G
Champions World Class Soccer CS-G CS-MD BS-G
Championship Bowling CS-G
Championship Pool CS-G BS-G
Championship Pro-Am CS-G BS-G
Chaos Engine 2, The 
Chaos Engine, The CS-MD
Chase HQ 2 CS-G
Chavez 2 CS-G BS-G
Cheese Cat-astrophe CS-MD BS-MD
Chester Cheetah - Too Cool To Fool CS-G BS-G
Chester Cheetah 2 - Wild Wild Quest GG CS-G BS-G
Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf CS-G BS-G
Chibi Maruko-chan - Waku Waku Shopping CS-MDJ BS-MDJ
Chiki Chiki Boys CS-G
Chinese Chess (Chiness) 
Choplifter 3 
Chuck Rock Cheats CS-G BS-MD
Chuck Rock 2 Cheats CS-G BS-G
Chuck's Excellent Art Tool Animator 
Classic Collection 4-in-1 CS-MD BS-MD
Clay Fighter CS-G BS-G
Cliffhanger CS-G BS-G
Clue CS-G BS-G
Coach K College Basketball CS-G BS-G
Codemasters 2 In 1 (Cosmic Spacehead - Fantastic Dizzy) CS-MD BS-MD
Codemasters 2 in 1 (Psychic Pinball - Micro Machines) CS-MD BS-MD
College Football USA 96 CS-G BS-G
College Football USA 97 - The Road To New Orleans CS-G BS-G
College Football's National Championship CS-G BS-G
College Football's National Championship 2 CS-G BS-G
College Games 
College Slam CS-G BS-G
Columns GG Hints BS-G
Columns III - Revenge Of Columns GG CS-G BS-G
Combat Aces 
Combat Cars Cheats CS-G BS-G
Comix Zone GG Cheats CS-G BS-G
Command And Conquer 
Commando 2 CS-MDJ BS-MDJ
Congo - Lost City Of Zinji 
Conquering the World 3 (Chinese) 
Contra - Hard Corps GG CS-G BS-G
Cool Spot GG Cheats CS-G BS-G
Cool Spot 2 - Spot Goes To Hollywood CS-G BS-G
Corporation CS-MD BS-MD
Cosmic Spacehead CS-G BS-G
Country Lockout Adapters CS-G
Crack Down GG CS-G CS-MDJ BS-G
Crayon Shin-chan 
Crossfire GG CS-G
Crude Buster 
Crue Ball Cheats CS-G BS-G
Crusader Of Centy CS-G
Crystal's Pony Tale CS-G BS-G
Cutey Suzuki's Ringside Angel CS-MDJ BS-MDJ
Cutthroat Island CS-G BS-G
Cyber-Cop CS-G BS-G
Cyberball GG Hints Passwords CS-G CS-MDJ BS-G BS-MD
Cyborg Justice Cheats CS-G BS-G

GG = Game Genie™ Codes
PAR = Pro Action Replay™ Codes
Hints = Hints
Cheats = Cheats
Passwords = Passwords
CS = Cartridge Scan
BS = Box Scan
MC = Manual Cover Scan
-G = Genesis
-MD = European MegaDrive
-MDJ = Japanese MegaDrive
-Pirate = Pirate
CircuitBoard = Circuit Board Scan

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