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Crack Down

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Game Genie™ Codes For Crack Down
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You're a Special Service agent with a dangerous mission: to eliminate Mr. K and his artificial life system by destroying his robots on four levels of mazes and buildings. There are many DOWN Codes to help you with lives, ammo and weapons for both new games and continues, invincibility and 1-ups. For Codes 38 thru 49, which let you continue with extra ammo and weapons, you're allowed to keep your current quantities if they are more than the number specified in the code. (In that case, the number in the code would be a minimum.)
19W6T-BCKL + AW6T-AABNStart at stage 2
29W6T-BCKL + BC6T-AABNStart at stage 3
39W6T-BCKL + BW6T-AABNStart at stage 4
4AC6T-AACG + WW6T-BCCJPlayer 1 starts with 1 life
5AC6T-AACG + YC6T-BCCJPlayer 1 starts with 2 lives
6AC6T-AACG + V46T-BECJPlayer 1 starts with 6 lives
7AC6T-AACG + R46T-BECJPlayer 1 starts with 11 lives
8AC6T-AACG + Z46T-AG4JPlayer 1 starts with 26 lives
9AC6T-AAD4 + WW6T-BCD6Player 2 starts with 1 life
10AC6T-AAD4 + YC6T-BCD6Player 2 starts with 2 lives
11AC6T-AAD4 + V46T-BED6Player 2 starts with 6 lives
12AC6T-AAD4 + R46T-BED6Player 2 starts with 11 lives
13AC6T-AAD4 + Z46T-AG56Player 2 starts with 26 lives
14AC6T-AAC6 + FC6T-AG48Player 1 starts with 50 machine gun rounds
15AC6T-AAC6 + GW6T-BLL8Player 1 starts with 100 machine gun rounds
16AC6T-AADG + FC6T-AG5JPlayer 1 starts with 50 cannon rounds
17AC6T-AADG + GW6T-BLMJPlayer 1 starts with 100 cannon rounds
18AC6T-AADT + 6C6T-BRDWPlayer 1 starts with 6 super bombs
19AC6T-AADT + 8C6T-BRDWPlayer 1 starts with 9 super bombs
20AVMT-AA5W + AVNA-AA4RPlayer 1 has infinite super bombs
21AC6T-AAET + FC6T-AG6WPlayer 2 starts with 50 machine gun rounds
22AC6T-AAET + GW6T-BLNWPlayer 2 starts with 100 machine gun rounds
23AC6T-AAE4 + FC6T-AG66Player 2 starts with 50 cannon rounds
24AC6T-AAE4 + GW6T-BLN6Player 2 starts with 100 cannon rounds
25AC6T-AAFE + 6C6T-BRFGPlayer 2 starts with 6 super bombs
26AC6T-AAFE + 8C6T-BRFGPlayer 2 starts with 9 super bombs
27AVMT-AA76 + AVNA-AA2GPlayer 2 has infinite supply ofsuper bombs
28ADMT-AADL + WXMT-BCDNPlayer 1 continues with 1 life
29ADMT-AADL + YDMT-BCDNPlayer 1 continues with 2 lives
30ADMT-AADL + V5MT-BEDNPlayer 1 continues with 6 lives
31ADMT-AADL + R5MT-BEDNPlayer 1 continues with 11 lives
32ADMT-AADL + Z5MT-AG5NPlayer 1 continues with 26 lives
33ADNA-AAFT + WXNA-BCFWPlayer 2 continues with 1 life
34ADNA-AAFT + YDNA-BCFWPlayer 2 continues with 2 lives
35ADNA-AAFT + V5NA-BEFWPlayer 2 continues with 6 lives
36ADNA-AAFT + R5NA-BEFWPlayer 2 continues with 11 lives
37ADNA-AAFT + Z5NA-AG7WPlayer 2 continues with 26 lives
38ADST-AAGYContinue with 0 machine gun roundsinstead of 30
39BMST-AAGYContinue with 10 machine gun rounds
40GMST-AAGYContinue with 50 machine gun rounds
41NXST-AAGYContinue with 100 machine gun rounds
42ADST-AAG0Continue with 0 cannon rounds instead of 30
43BMST-AAG0Continue with 10 cannon rounds
44GMST-AAG0Continue with 50 cannon rounds
45NXST-AAG0Continue with 100 cannon rounds
46ADST-AAG2Continue with 0 super bombs instead of 4
47AMST-AAG2Continue with 2 super bombs
48A1ST-AAG2Continue with 5 super bombs
49BHST-AAG2Continue with 9 super bombs
50BDMA-AA9EInfinite lives--player 1
51BDNA-AA3NInfinite lives--player 2
521K3T-FBFC + 6B3T-EOPE + JV3T-EL7GGet first 1-up at 1,000 points
53HV3T-FEP8 + AF3T-EAGAGet 2nd, 3rd, etc., 1-ups every 10,000 points
54RF3T-E60R1-up worth nothing
55LK3T-FJ0R1-up worth double
56LK3T-FN0R1-up worth triple

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Crack Down
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Sage's Creation
RELEASED:         1990
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          An evil warlord and his pet supercomputer are hell-bent
                  on taking over the world, so the U.S. President sends in
                  two Secret Service agents to take him out.  Ported from
                  the arcade game.

IMPRESSIONS:      This is no Contra, folks, as it requires a fair amount
                  of strategy and planning to beat each level.  Don't get
                  me wrong - there's still a lot of shooting and stuff -
                  but those with itchy trigger fingers will have to look
                  elsewhere for their jollies.

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Re: Crack Down (Score: 1)
by SIR ( on Sunday, July 20 @ 15:59:01 EDT
(User Info) http://Freeserve

Even though the speech sounds like a duck, the game is great, each mission is easy to understand and the one with all of the conveyors is fun. A damned hard cartridge to find these days, where are they all going? This game must have sold millions and all that you can get from stockists is an old FIFA title with no box Bah!

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Re: Crack Down (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, August 03 @ 10:46:46 EDT

Bang-Bang-Bang! Shrack-Down!

Simple, small and fun.

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Re: Crack Down (Score: 1)
by makemedance on Wednesday, October 01 @ 13:19:08 EDT
(User Info)

This game is a faithful rendition of the arcade original with great music and game play. The 2-player mode is especialy noteworthy due to teamwork. Although the game does get hard later in the game it never feels overwhelming. Lastly, the music is very catchy! I give it 7.8 out of ten.

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