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Castlevania Series

Castlevania Bloodlines

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Game Genie™ Codes For Castlevania Bloodlines
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1ARFA-ANARStart with 7 lives
2ARFA-ARARStart with 8 lives
3ARFA-ATARStart with 9 lives
4ARFA-AWARStart with 10 lives
5ARFA-BAARStart with 11 lives
6ARFA-ALJRStart with 26 lives
7ARFA-BATRStart with 51 lives
8ARFA-BL2RStart with 76 lives
9ARFA-BXARStart with 100 lives
10AA0A-DA42Infinite lives
11REST-C6XRProtection from most hazards--NOT FALLS
12AE6T-ACCWStart with 1 continue
13AN6T-AGCWStart with 3 continues
14AY6T-ALCWStart with 5 continues
15A66T-ARCWStart with 7 continues
16BE6T-AWCWStart with 9 continues
17AXJA-AA5NInfinite continues
18A26T-AA22Always restart on the last level (even if you choose END)
199T6T-BGJ2 + AE6T-AAA4Start on level 1-2
209T6T-BGJ2 + AJ6T-AAA4Start on level 1-3
219T6T-BGJ2 + AN6T-AAA4Start on level 1-4
229T6T-BGJ2 + A66T-AAA4Start on level 1-5
239T6T-BGJ2 + BA6T-AAA4Start on level 1-6
249T6T-BGJ2 + GN6T-AAA4Start on level 1-6 Part 2
259T6T-BGJ2 + BE6T-AAA4Start on level 1-7
269T6T-BGJ2 + BJ6T-AAA4Start on level 1-8
279T6T-BGJ2 + BN6T-AAA4Start on level 1-9
289T6T-BGJ2 + BT6T-AAA4Start on level 1-10
299T6T-BGJ2 + BY6T-AAA4Start on level 1-11
309T6T-BGJ2 + CE6T-AAA4Start on level 2-1
319T6T-BGJ2 + CJ6T-AAA4Start on level 2-2
329T6T-BGJ2 + CN6T-AAA4Start on level 2-3
339T6T-BGJ2 + CY6T-AAA4Start on level 2-4
349T6T-BGJ2 + C66T-AAA4Start on level 2-5
359T6T-BGJ2 + DE6T-AAA4Start on level 2-6
369T6T-BGJ2 + DA6T-AAA4Start on level 2-7
379T6T-BGJ2 + DJ6T-AAA4Start on level 3-1
389T6T-BGJ2 + DN6T-AAA4Start on level 3-2
399T6T-BGJ2 + D66T-AAA4Start on level 3-3
409T6T-BGJ2 + GE6T-AAA4Start on level 3-4
419T6T-BGJ2 + JA6T-AAA4Start on level 3-4 (ALTERNATE ROUTE)
429T6T-BGJ2 + DT6T-AAA4Start on level 3-5
439T6T-BGJ2 + GJ6T-AAA4Start on level 3-6
449T6T-BGJ2 + D26T-AAA4Start on level 3-7
459T6T-BGJ2 + ET6T-AAA4Start on level 3-8
469T6T-BGJ2 + DY6T-AAA4Start on level 3-9
479T6T-BGJ2 + EA6T-AAA4Start on level 4-1
489T6T-BGJ2 + EE6T-AAA4Start on level 4-2
499T6T-BGJ2 + EJ6T-AAA4Start on level 4-3
509T6T-BGJ2 + EN6T-AAA4Start on level 4-4
519T6T-BGJ2 + FE6T-AAA4Start on level 4-5
529T6T-BGJ2 + FJ6T-AAA4Start on level 4-6
539T6T-BGJ2 + KA6T-AAA4Start on level 4-7
549T6T-BGJ2 + GY6T-AAA4Start on level 4-8
559T6T-BGJ2 + FT6T-AAA4Start on level 4-9
569T6T-BGJ2 + FY6T-AAA4Start on level 4-10
579T6T-BGJ2 + F26T-AAA4Start on level 4-11
589T6T-BGJ2 + G26T-AAA4Start on level 5-1
599T6T-BGJ2 + G66T-AAA4Start on level 5-2
609T6T-BGJ2 + J26T-AAA4Start on level 5-2 (ALTERNATE ROUTE)
619T6T-BGJ2 + HA6T-AAA4Start on level 5-3
629T6T-BGJ2 + HE6T-AAA4Start on level 5-4
639T6T-BGJ2 + HT6T-AAA4Start on level 5-5
649T6T-BGJ2 + J66T-AAA4Start on level 5-6
659T6T-BGJ2 + H26T-AAA4Start on level 5-7
669T6T-BGJ2 + H66T-AAA4Start on level 5-8
679T6T-BGJ2 + JJ6T-AAA4Start on level 6-1
689T6T-BGJ2 + JN6T-AAA4Start on level 6-2
699T6T-BGJ2 + JY6T-AAA4Start on level 6-3
709T6T-BGJ2 + JT6T-AAA4Start on level 6-4
719T6T-BGJ2 + E66T-AAA4Start on level 6-5
729T6T-BGJ2 + C26T-AAA4Start on level 6-6
739T6T-BGJ2 + FA6T-AAA4Start on level 6-7
749T6T-BGJ2 + EY6T-AAA4Start on level 6-8
759T6T-BGJ2 + KY6T-AAA4Start on level 6-9
769T6T-BGJ2 + K26T-AAA4Start on level 6-10
779T6T-BGJ2 + GA6T-AAA4Start on level 6-11
78HWET-AABTStart each life with 3/4 health
79FCET-AABTStart each life with 1/2 health
80CWET-AABTStart each life with 1/4 health
810B8A-D960Meat power-up always fully heals
822V8A-D960Meat power-up heals 3/4 of total health
837V8A-D960Meat power-up heals 1/4 of total health
84AB5T-CAE2Red gems are worth 0
85AK5T-CAE2Red gems worth 2
86AP5T-CAE2Red gems worth 3
87AV5T-CAE2Red gems worth 4
88AZ5T-CAE2Red gems worth 5
89CB5T-CAE2Red gems worth 10
90EB5T-CAE2Red gems worth 20
91GB5T-CAE2Red gems worth 30
92AB6A-CAGJBlue gems worth 0
93BB6A-CAGJBlue gems worth 8
94CB6A-CAGJBlue gems worth 10
95EB6A-CAGJBlue gems worth 20
96GB6A-CAGJBlue gems worth 30
97JB6A-CAGJBlue gems worth 40
98LB6A-CAGJBlue gems worth 50
99JB7A-DJXAWeapon power-ups worth 2x as much (maximum normal level)
100JB7A-DNXAWeapon power-ups instantly take you to maximum level
101ANXT-CAHYDon't lose super weapon when damaged
102AJYA-CA32Don't lose super items (seeker orb/super holy water) when damaged
103AWEA-AA98Keep current item after dying--WEAPONS SOMETIMES BECOME INVISIBLE
104AWET-AA2EKeep current weapon level after dying
105AWET-AA5EKeep current number of gems after dying
106BCET-BN30Begin each life with 8 gems
107C4ET-BN30Begin each life with 16 gems
108E0ET-BN30Begin each life with 25 gems
109LCET-BN30Begin each life with 50 gems
110R0ET-BN30Begin each life with 75 gems
111XGET-BN30Begin each life with 99 gems
112AC6A-CAAWUsing holy water doesn't cost any gems
113AL6A-CAAWUsing holy water costs 2 gems
114AG6A-CAAYUsing axe doesn't cost any gems
115AG6A-CEAYUsing axe costs 2 gems
116AC6A-CCAYUsing boomerang doesn't cost any gems
117AL6A-CCAYUsing boomerang costs 2 gems
118AW6A-CAA0Using stronger (Up+C) holy water doesn't cost any gems
119AC6A-CJA0Using stronger axe doesn't cost any gems
120BC6A-CAA2Using stronger boomerang doesn't cost any gems
121AW6A-CJA2Using seeker orb costs 4 gems instead of 8
122AC6A-CJA2Using seeker orb doesn't cost any gems
123AC6A-CJA4Using super holy water costs 4 gems instead of 8
124AC6A-CAA4Using super holy water doesn't cost any gems
125RG5T-C6Z0No items use up any gems when used
Cheats For Castlevania Bloodlines
1Expert LevelFor those who have mastered the diffcult level of this game, have a real challenge with the Expert Level. At the title screen, use the "Trademark Konami Code" on control pad one: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, and START. You should then hear a quick chime if the code was entered correctly. The go into the options menu and cycle through, the Game Level Settings, and a new one should appear labeled EXPERT, To see the real full ending of the game, finish it on this level of difficulty.

Castlevania - The New Generation

Title Screenshot

Cheats For Castlevania - The New Generation
1Expert Level and 9 LivesGo to the Options screen and set BGM to 5 and Sound FX to 73. Press START and wait for the title screen to appear. Then press on control pad one: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, and START. You should then hear a quick chime if the code was entered correctly. The go into the options menu and cycle through the Game Level Settings, and a new one should appear labeled EXPERT. You can also choose up to 9 lives. To see the real full ending of the game, finish it on this level of difficulty.

Castlevania - Vampire Killer

Title Screenshot

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Castlevania - Bloodlines
RELEASED:         1994
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          The only game in the Castlevania line to be released for
                  the Genesis, this one follows the exploits of two vampire
                  hunters as they battle a mysterious countess bent on
                  reviving Count Dracula.

IMPRESSIONS:      Features your choice of two characters, the usual solid
                  Castlevania gameplay, [outstanding] graphics, and lots
                  and lots of blood.  I don't like it as well as
                  Castlevania IV [for the SNES], but it's still worth a
                  try. (Rage Games)

VARIATIONS:       Castlevania - The New Generation (European)
                  Akumajo Dracula - Vampire Killer (Japanese)

                  It should also be noted that there is a well-documented
                  bug in the original game code that occurs on level 6-2
                  and will sometimes cause the game to crash.

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Bloodlines great! (Score: 1)
by DarkWolf on Tuesday, July 24 @ 16:41:34 EDT
(User Info)

Bloodlines was an answered prayer from Konami/Castlevania fans that wanted to see a Castlevania game make it to the genesis. My favorite character is Eric, his weapon is a nice break from the normal whip. They did a pretty good job with the bosses and Vlad himself. Dracula doesn't look a white faced fool like so many halloween depictions. There are also some nice raster effects used in the game. I'm not fond of the last stage however, with the shifting level.

Vlad Dracula was a real guy, impaled his polictal enemies on stakes. Too bad they didn't incorporate that into the game ;)

BTW In the first print of Bram Stoker's Dracula it was a Bowie knife that killed him, not a stake.

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Castlevania! What more do I need to say? (Score: 1)
by Hiryu on Monday, June 25 @ 17:53:48 EDT
(User Info)

Castlevania Bloodlines is a very cool Castlevania title. It features two characters new to the Castlevania world, John Morris and Eric Lecarde. John Morris is a direct anscestor of the belmont clan. He wields the ever popular whip and can do some cool whip tricks like dangling it and swinging from objects. Eric is a cool looking spear handler who is my personal fave. His spear can be used in a variety of ways. He can do a vault jump with his spear by holding down and pressing the jump button. He can also swing his spear from up and over. The levels in this game are well thought out and each unique and cool in it's own way. The special items can be upgraded and you can either press c or hold up and c to do an even better special item attack. The graphics are great and there is a lot of gore, suprising because the game got a GA rating, heh. The music is haunting and very worthy of the castlevania name. Another great classic by Konami, definately go out and play it. Just watch out for the difficulty. I give it a 9

[ Reply ]

Re: Castlevania (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Thursday, April 25 @ 11:03:47 EDT
(User Info)

Pretty fun game! A classic hit form nintendo now goes sega! what a great choice! Great grpahics!, and sound!

[ Reply ]

Re: Castlevania Bloodlines (Score: 1)
by Raine on Saturday, July 20 @ 02:48:28 EDT
(User Info)

not the coolest code in the world but guess what! better than NOTHING! hehe enjoy..but bloodlines is enormously more difficult than NewGeneration...more monsters harder bosses, so they had to do somthing for the cronic dead person!!! hehehe

Fart sound:

Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right,

A, B at the player selection screen. A sound will

confirm correct code entry. Begin game play. A far sound will

be heard immediately before your character dies

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Re: Castlevania Series (Score: 1)
by CrossBow ( on Tuesday, August 07 @ 14:20:40 EDT
(User Info)

While I agree for the most part with Hiryu and Darkwolf there are a few things that bug me about this game. The Music is awesome but there seems to be a lack of it. For instance there are actually only about 10 or so actual tracks in the game. I know there were several places where I heard the music repeat which I think shouldn't be. Also some of the backgrounds were dull in color. For instance I think the werewolf in the first level lacks some detail. But I give Props to Konami for leaving in the gruesome details!!! Also Hiryu said to watch for the difficulty but I actually found this game to be pretty easy. Everything has a pattern in it on all the levels which can easily be memorized. Also the game doesn't really get difficult until you play it on the more difficult levels. While Darkwolf doesn't care for the last few stages with the scewed graphics...I nearly fell outta my chair while playing it! I actually thought it was one of the coolest effects I had seen beeing used on the Genesis. Also many of the boss enemies have neat Psuedo 3D appearances about them such as the nuts and bolts robot guy and the rotating Tower bit with the Dragon like boss. I must stress that no emulator yet can really hit the driving pulse of the sound that is in this game without having a real Genesis Model 1 to listen to it on.

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Re: Castlevania Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, August 01 @ 21:52:36 EDT

Not as complex or original as the other Castlevanias but the game was still good. The final boss was a bit over the top though.

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