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Genesis Database Summary

1303 name entries
1263 game entries
819 game pages
1247 startup screenshots
1001 ingame screenshots
970 cartridge label scans
878 cartridge edge label scans
816 box scans
4 manual cover scans
9587 Game Genie™ codes for 267 games
13 Pro Action Replay™ codes for 5 games
168 hints for 82 games
379 cheats for 180 games
1264 passwords for 99 games
Last database update: 11 November 2002
2738399 page views

Top 10 Most Viewed Genesis Pages

Sonic Series14230191
Rolling Thunder Series7968918
Mortal Kombat Series5562833
Streets Of Rage Series4104744
Spiderman Series3991113
Shinobi Series33870121
Mickey Mouse Series2833018
Simpsons Series2416413
Shining Force Series2180837
NHL Hockey Series2101335

Top 10 Most Commented Genesis Pages

Shinobi Series12133870
Sonic Series91142301
Streets Of Rage Series4441047
Shining Force Series3721808
NHL Hockey Series3521013
Mortal Kombat Series3355628
Phantasy Star Series2920591
Strike Series2610677
Mall Rats2316876
Altered Beast228297

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