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Madden NFL Series

Madden NFL 98

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Madden NFL series (9 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    High Score Productions/TH*Q/Electronic Arts
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Sports (football)
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          The best-selling computer football game of all time is
                  now available for the Sega Genesis.  All the features
                  that made Madden the Omni magazine "Best Computer Sports
                  Game of the Year" (1991) are here - player ratings,
                  matchups, field conditions, injuries, penalties, and
                  more.  Also includes play-by-play analysis, user-
                  friendly menus, 3D perspective gameplay, instant replay,
                  and even advice from Madden himself! (culled from various
                  Electronic Arts press releases)

IMPRESSIONS:      Excellent YACEG endorsed by one of the true legends of
                  the sport.  For those of you unfamiliar with American
                  pro football, John Madden started out as a player, then
                  moved on to become a coach, then after retiring became
                  one of the game's most popular television sportscasters.
                  The basic game engine and outstanding gameplay remained
                  the same throughout, with all the usual tweaking and
                  fiddling with the graphics, sound, and user options.  It
                  really doesn't matter which one in the series you get -
                  they're all worth the trouble.  The series spawned many
                  imitators over the years, but few came close to matching
                  this football gaming classic.

VARIATIONS:       John Madden Football (released 1991, copyright 1990 -
                    features over 100 of Coach Madden's own plays and team
                    stats out the wazoo - impressive in itself had not
                    superior sequels followed)
                  John Madden Football 92 (the most notable feature of the
                    sequel is the crude attempt at digital animation
                    during Coach Madden's lectures)
                  John Madden Football 93 (the graphics as a whole have
                    improved considerably, along with the digital
                    animation - now Coach Madden looks like he's dancing
                    the rhumba, but at least he's recognizable - also adds
                    split-screen play calling, quarterback "stop clock"
                    gameplay, and no-huddle offenses)
                  John Madden Football 93 - Championship Edition
                    (identical to its precursor in almost every feature
                    save one - it also includes the eight greatest NFL
                    teams up to that time, so now you can relive classic
                    matchups or try out your favorite what-if scenarios -
                    this was a Blockbuster videogame rental exclusive)
                  Madden NFL 94 (first game under the Madden NFL title and
                    the first featuring the High Score Productions intro
                    banner, it now includes lots of digitized graphics and
                    soundbites - miles ahead of its precursors in almost
                    every respect, the game engine itself would undergo
                    very few changes from this point forward)
                  Madden NFL 95 (apparently the choice was made to ditch
                    all the fancy digital stuff in favor of gameplay, and
                    it shows - this probably has the best gameplay and
                    in-game graphics of the entire series)
                  Madden NFL 96 (somebody must have complained about the
                    previous game, because this installment includes way
                    too many digitized graphics and sound for its own
                    good - the only notable improvement is that this was
                    the first game in the series to allow four-player
                    simultaneous play)
                  Madden NFL 97 (the most balanced game of the series in
                    terms of flash vs. substance and my personal favorite)
                  Madden NFL 98 (way too flashy for its own good, it
                    features a slick but confusing side-slide menu system)

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Re: Madden Championship Edition \ (Score: 1)
by Brikindawall on Friday, June 06 @ 19:47:15 EDT
(User Info)

Just got this game. Was a huge fan of Madden \"93\"
Love all the great teams to play with. I think there are 40 in all not the eight that it says in the description above. Does anyone have the instuction Maunual with the player ratings in it for this game. Since it was a blockbuster Exclusuive I doubt many of the instruction Booklets survived. They were always at the back of the Instuction booklet or on a seperate fold out insert. Great two player action. If anyone has the info please leave me a message at this site. Or if you are associated with the site could you please post the ratings. I love beating the crap out of my brother in two player mode.

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL 4 (Score: 1)
by Samurai_John on Wednesday, November 14 @ 17:05:58 EST
(User Info)

Great game has better animation than 5, Great game if you like foot ball! (For a great football game try Mutan League Football) (Im not a big sport freak so I cant write to much). Well Thanks for reading this any way.

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL 5 (Score: 1)
by Samurai_John on Wednesday, November 14 @ 17:05:03 EST
(User Info)

Great game a bit of animation lacking, but no biggie! Great game if you like foot ball! (Im not a big sport freak so I cant write to much). Well Thanks for reading this any way.

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL 94 (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Wednesday, April 24 @ 15:56:18 EDT
(User Info)

this is a cool football game.. it even has digital speech.. its hard to understand.. but its there! Its a great foot ball game! but not as good as my favorite Muntan League!

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL 98 (Score: 1)
by Genesis on Tuesday, April 06 @ 17:41:07 EDT
(User Info)

This game is great downloaded it and it's really fun!

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Re: Madden NFL Series (Score: 1)
by TReid ( on Wednesday, June 27 @ 11:08:35 EDT
(User Info)

I only owned one of the series ('92) but I can't count how many hours of fun we had with this cart! This is where the Genesis really shined--sports games. My friends and I could play this all day.

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL Series (Score: 1)
by Dark_Warrior_BN on Friday, July 12 @ 02:23:56 EDT
(User Info)

Madden or Montana thats the question !
Its impossible to say which game is better ! Both are minimum a 9,0.

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL Series (Score: 1)
by jacksonmf on Wednesday, August 28 @ 12:39:43 EDT
(User Info)

When these games first came out I thought they were great, but last week when I took them out of storage and played them again for the first time in years, they are really starting to show their age.
They are still fun, but I really have to recommend playing a newer version on a newer system - NFL 2k series on Dreamcast is awesome.

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL Series (Score: 1)
by Brikindawall on Friday, August 30 @ 22:44:03 EDT
(User Info)

Revolutionary!!! EA was king back then. I don't know how many hours I played those Madden games but it was alot. I liked 93 through 95.

[ Reply ]

Re: Madden NFL Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, May 24 @ 22:22:08 EDT

I remember the first time I played this game. At the house of my mother's friend who had a son. Needless to say, I loved it. I loved the gameplay. I loved how the players did flips and danced every touchdown. And I really got a kick out of the fact that when a player was injured, an ambulance would come out in the middle of the field, running over the other players in the process. (This actually started a video game violence controversery!) And while people thought each Madden was the same game with updated players, the games were different. Look at this game and look at Madden 98 for the Genesis. They are almost totally different games.

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Re: Madden NFL Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, July 13 @ 19:58:43 EDT

A great series for the Genesis, the best of which is only second to Sega's NFL 94 for NFL games.

The original Madden was a major leap in videogame football. Nothing like it had really been seen before (even the earlier PC version was not like this). It sold me on the Genesis immediately. True 11-on-11 gameplay and a great combination of arcade action and real football strategy. I still recommend this one if you just want arcade football because it's Madden in it's purest form without all the extra stuff to worry about.

My favorite of the series for Genesis is Madden 96. It had arguably the best on field graphics that Madden saw on Genesis. It was the only version that included individual jersey numbers on the players themselves (all others only showed 88 except the player you were controlling). It had larger, better animated players than Madden 95 and a better field effect, too. I personally found the speed and balance to be better than previous versions, though I know that's my subjective opinion. Along with Madden 95, it also had XBand (modem) support though unfortunately the XBand service has long since expired.

From there, I feel like the series started going downhill as EA shifted it's focus to the 32-bit generation. Madden 97/98 plays well and I liked the new custom league feature but I didn't feel as strongly about them as Madden 96.

The only versions to truly avoid, IMO, are Madden 94 and 95.

[ Reply ]

The Greatest of All Time! (Score: 1)
by The_Penetrator on Monday, September 30 @ 21:51:58 EDT
(User Info)

This is the game that shaped all modern football video games. Probably the most revolutionary sports game of all time. This one started it all.

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