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Valis Series

Valis 3

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Game Genie™ Codes For Valis 3
Download PAT File
Light a fire under Glames, the Dark King, with some of these Game Genie(tm) codes. Infinite lives with Code 16 will help a lot. You can also tweak the clock, lives, hit points, magic points, and 1-ups. Pros can see how far along they can get with one life (Code 11).
1AYNT-AAFAStart game at Act 2
2BYNT-AAFAStart game at Act 3
3YANA-BK38 + NTGT-AAC6Game clock starts at 100--all scenes
4YANA-BK38 + 3AGT-AAC6Game clock starts at 200--all scenes
5YANA-BK38 + FTGT-ACC6Game clock starts at 300--all scenes
6YANA-BK38 + 8TGT-ACC6Game clock starts at 500--all scenes
7YANA-BK38 + 66GT-AGC6Game clock starts at 999--all scenes
8SAFA-AADTGame clock runs slower
9EAFA-AADTGame clock runs faster
10CJFA-AA58Freeze clock (no time limit)
11AAGA-AAHYStart with 1 life instead of 3
12AEGA-AAHYStart with 2 lives
13AJGA-AAHYStart with 3 lives
14ATGA-AAHYStart with 5 lives
15A2GA-AAHYStart with 7 lives
16A2ET-AA8GInfinite lives
17BCMA-AA2RHP (life) gauge never loses energy
18AK2A-AA52MP (magic) gauge never loses energy
19JCCA-BAYWSmall heart increases HP gauge by 8 instead of 4
20BWCA-BA6R + SCCA-BBYT + J4CA-BK6WSmall heart increases HP gauge by 12
21A4CA-AA6WSmall heart restores HP gauge to full
22CLCA-AA6RSmall heart worth same as large heart
23RCCA-AA6RSmall heart worth same as 1-up
24AWCA-AAFJLarge heart increases HP gauge by 4 instead of 16
25BLCA-AAFJLarge heart increases HP gauge by 10
26DCCA-AAFJLarge heart restores HP gauge to full
27MWCA-AA7CLarge heart worth same as 1-up
28JCCA-BTOTB-magic increases MP gauge by 4 instead of 8
29CCCA-BA8N + SCCA-BB0R + TKLC-ABK8B-magic increases MP gauge by 16
30A4CA-AA8TB-magic restores MP gauge to full
31JCCA-B2Z6S-magic increases MP gauge by 6 instead of 2
32BWCA-BA72 + SCCA-BBZ4 + KLCA-BK76S-magic increases MP gauge by 12
33A4CA-AA76S-magic restores MP gauge to full
34CLCA-AA72S-magic worth same as B-magic
35JCCT-BJTE1-up worth 2 lives instead of 1
36JCCT-BTTE1-up worth 4 lives
37JCCT-B2TE1-up worth 6 lives
38RGCT-A6TE1-up worth nothing
Cheats For Valis 3
1Video TestPress and hold UP, LEFT, A, B, and C, then press START. Now you can watch any of the cinema displays, including the ending.
2Level SelectAt the title screen, press and hold A, B, C, and UP. While holding these buttons, press and hold START for a few seconds, then release START. You can now select any level by pressing UP or DOWN.
3Temporary InvincibilityIf you have a magic item, but not quite enough MPs to do magic, invoking Magic will cause your character to "go through the motions" with no payoff. However, she is invulnerable while doing this; the flaming knives of Glames will go right through her to no effect. This effect only lasts a second, however; therefore it is useless against any slow-moving adversaries or lingering firepower.
4Music TestHold A, B, and C, then press START.
5Sound TestHold B, Down, Right and START.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Valis series (3 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Telenet Japan
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Yuko is just your average everyday attractive teenage
                  schoolgirl, with an average life in an average town.
                  Little does she know that she is the chosen one who will
                  wield the legendary Valis sword and save the inhabitants
                  of a parallel dimension from an evil that threatens their

IMPRESSIONS:      A rather lame and dated platformer featuring (what else?)
                  another one of those teenage sword-wielding Japanese
                  schoolgirls.  I just wish the games were half as good as
                  the concept, which can be seen in the occasional anime-
                  style cinema.  It's my understanding that a short-lived
                  anime series followed not long after the release of the
                  original games.

VARIATIONS:       Surely Japanese originals exist for these games, although
                  I have yet to see them.

                  Valis (1991, the one that sets it all up, and the second
                    worst-playing one of the lot - graphics aren't bad,
                    though, and the anime-style cinemas are first-rate)
                  Valis 2 is not available for the Genesis.  It is part
                    of the Turbo Graphix 16/PC Engine game library.
                    According to some, Syd of Valis is for the most part a
                    reprise of this game.
                  Valis 3 (1991, this time you get your pick of three girls
                    and have to face fiercer enemies - the best game in
                    the Genesis series.)
                  Syd of Valis (aka SD Valis, which is actually the correct
                    title - the SD stands for "superdeformed," so this is
                    actually a cute-looking self-parody of the premise -
                    the stupidest and worst-playing game in the series)

                  There is also a fourth installment in the series, M'aider
                  Maiden, which was apparently not released for any Sega
                  platform of the day.

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Re: Valis Series (Score: 1)
by CrossBow ( on Thursday, August 23 @ 01:45:35 EDT
(User Info)

While I do not have the original Valis. I do own Valis 3 and agree with Dark Wolf on this one. All of the Valis games are worth their price of admission just for the anime cut scenes alone. The actual games are choppy in animation and also the music isn't any to write home about. But Valis 3 is probably the best of this series on the Genesis/Megadrive that is out. I can tell you that any of them has got to be better to play than Super Valis 4 on the SNES...which just seems to lack any amount of Fun at all.

[ Reply ]

Re: Valis Series (Score: 1)
by Sparxster on Tuesday, November 20 @ 20:56:48 EST
(User Info)

i have all the pc engine and megadrive games. it is really good, the fourth one on super isnt thats its not fun, just hard. the special valis visual collection on pc engine cd is really nice. the anime is great too (

[ Reply ]

Re: Valis Series (Score: 1)
by Suppafly on Sunday, April 21 @ 22:39:49 EDT
(User Info)

This was one of the first 8 meg games back them

Its got nice graphics and good music, and it reminds me of castlevania 3 (where you can switch characters too)..

Its worth the money if you can find a copy! :)

[ Reply ]

Re: Valis Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 16 @ 21:14:43 EDT

The very first valis is not the one made in 1991 on the genesis but the one on the famicon ( nintendo japan) and it's called Valis the FANTASTIC soldier. The first one on the genesis is a remake of the one on the famicom. About the same story, same music and characters. But it seems that no one knows this one. It is probably the most dificult game in the world and I'm serious.

[ Reply ]

Re: Valis Series (Score: 1)
by DarkWolf on Tuesday, July 30 @ 11:10:14 EDT
(User Info)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the NES version in my comment. It is hard, I don't know how you could possibly beat it.

The anime series that the Scribe refers to was never released as far as I know. Several people have looked high and low for it.

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Re: Valis Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, July 21 @ 14:39:53 EDT

Is Syd of Valis in the same series as Valis if you know email me

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Valis Series (Score: 1)
by DarkWolf on Monday, July 23 @ 23:08:10 EDT
(User Info)

The best series of games to come from Telenet/Renovation. The gameplay isn't all that great, but the cut scenes are what the game is about.

Throughout the three games you follow a story line which is very well writen (ignoring the crappy US manual explanations of course). Yuko the main heroine fights all sorts of Dark World rulers including Rogles, Megas, and Glames through out the three games. Yuko also ends up fighting her best friend, and it ends with her friend's death.

The game isn't black & white either. In Valis III Cham tries to steal Yuko's Valis Sword but ends up being her friend later. And all Glames is trying to do is save his world by conquering the other worlds.

If you haven't played these games I suggest you find them now, the Valis series spans over the PCE, MSX, Megadrive, SNES, and X68000 systems, so I'm sure you can find something.

A side note, it's too bad Valis 2 was only released on the Megadrive in a chibi or super deformed version.

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