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Taz Series

Taz In Escape From Mars

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Game Genie™ Codes For Taz In Escape From Mars
Download PAT File
1ABLB-RACAStart with no continues
2AFLB-RACAStart with 1 continue
3AKLB-RACAStart with 2 continues
4AVLB-RACAStart with 4 continues
5AZLB-RACAStart with 5 continues
6A7LB-RACAStart with 7 continues
7BFLB-RACAStart with 9 continues
8AKLB-RA70Infinite continues
9A5LB-SJ7CStart level with rock power-up
10AMLB-SJ7CStart level with flame power-up
11AMLB-RA4WKeep power-ups after you die
12ALJB-4A9RNo one loses any energy-Including enemies
13ABLB-RABYStart with 1 life
14AFLB-RABYStart with 2 lives
15AVLB-RABYStart with 5 lives
16A3LB-RABYStart with 7 lives
17BBLB-RABYStart with 9 lives
18AKLB-RA64Infinite lives
Cheats For Taz In Escape From Mars
1Level Select and Restore HealthAt the Sega logo, simultaneous press and hold A+B on controller one and B+C on controller two. You should hear a bark. Start a game and pause it. Press A and a debug menu appears with options to restore your health and pick any stage you want.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Taz series (2 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Headgames
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Platform
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Arcade-style platformers inspired by the syndicated
                  animated series by Warner Brothers.  The show concerned
                  the misadventures of the Tasmanian Devil, aka "Taz," and
                  his family in his native New Zealand.

IMPRESSIONS:      With graphics and plots pulled straight from the TV show,
                  how could you go wrong?  Easy - poor level design and
                  difficult game control, which gets frustrating fast.  As
                  Rage Games said in their reviews, "Sega, why for you bury
                  Taz in the cold, cold ground?"

VARIATIONS:       Taz-Mania (1992)
                  Taz in Escape from Mars (1994)

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Re: Taz Series (Score: 1)
by CrossBow ( on Tuesday, August 21 @ 13:15:38 EDT
(User Info)

Okay I have serious problems with this game. The graphics are very colorful and keep well to the Toon land feel. The sound is well done and ripped straight from the cartoons. But the gameplay sucks. I still can't believe that this game was allowed to be released when it is possilbe to get stuck in places you can't even get out of! First level is the worst (of what I have played so far) in this regard. You will most likely have to use the cheats just to keep the frustation level to a minimum.

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Re: Taz Series (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Wednesday, April 24 @ 11:57:47 EDT
(User Info)

I have this, and i get stuck in the game eary in the game... Its very nice graphics.. looks almost like te Cartoon! but its fun (from what i was able to play) i need to get cheats!

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Re: Taz Series (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 23:54:35 EDT
(User Info)

The first game was (and still is) great fun, but the second one was missing something...oh yeah, gameplay.

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Re: Taz Series (Score: 1)
by damin3 on Saturday, April 12 @ 09:37:43 EDT
(User Info)

man this game is sooo fun too play too

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