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Decap Attack

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Game Genie™ Codes For Decap Attack
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Losing your head over this tough, tough game? Try DECAP Code 2 for virtual invincibility, and Code 4 for an infinite amount of everything you need to play with power and fight the good fight against Max D. Cap.
2R17T-E60GAlmost invincible
3AL2T-EA5WBridge segments don't fall
4CX8A-EA5NInfinite everything
5G57A-FAPAStart with 6 lives
6G57A-FAN2Start with 6 of everything
7GX7A-FAN2Start with 4 of everything
8GH7A-FAN2Start with 1 of everything
Hints For Decap Attack
1Airwalk and Life Refill - Here are methods that you may use together. The first is the airwalk. This may be done by rapidly pressing on the C button after you jump. Most of you know that the red poles in the game can throw you long distances, but did you know that they can be used to give you extra hearts? Use the airwalk to position yourself over one of the poles and then proceed to drop straight down to it. Each time you do this you will gain a half of your heart back and one of the segments on the pole will turn white.
2Bypass the Boss - There is a way to bypass the second round boss in Decapattack. As you approach the last fall before Toady, the second boss, float to the ledge on your left and then jump from ledge to ledge until you see the sign that says you have cleared the round. Be careful, though, you must get the special item before you leave the level. If you fail to do this, you will have to go back to the level and find the item, plus you will run into the second round boss!