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Mortal Kombat Series

Mortal Kombat 2

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Title Screenshot In Game Screenshot

Game Genie™ Codes For Mortal Kombat 2
Download PAT File
1CVYA-BA7NTimer is 2x as fast
2LBYA-BA7NTimer is 2x as slow
3ABVT-BE64Infinite time
4RETT-A6Y6Activate testing mode in options screen
5ACMT-BE76Always fight Kung Lao
6AGMT-BE76Always fight Lui Kang
7ALMT-BE76Always fight Cage
8ARMT-BE76Always fight Baraka
9AWMT-BE76Always fight Kitana
10A0MT-BE76Always fight Mileena
11A4MT-BE76Always fight Shang Tsung
12A8MT-BE76Always fight Rayden
13BCMT-BE76Always fight Sub-Zero
14BGMT-BE76Always fight Reptile
15BLMT-BE76Always fight Scorpion
16BRMT-BE76Always fight Jax
17BWMT-BE76Always fight Kintaro
18B0MT-BE76Always fight Shao Kahn
19B4MT-BE76Always fight Smoke
20B8MT-BE76Always fight Noob Saibot
21CCMT-BE76Always fight Jade
22RFWA-A6Y8Fatalities can be done at end of any round--computer wins after winning 1 round
23AP9A-BA7RLazy opponent--In 2nd round, loser of 1st round lies on ground (causes computer to act weird in some rounds)
24A3XA-AJA4Player has 4x times as long to do fatalities, etc.
25AB1T-CA4G + AA9T-CA3JAuto fatalities
26AB1T-CA4G + BT9T-CA3TAuto friendship
27AB1T-CA4G + RE9T-C6V0Auto babalities
29A13A-AA5RMileena's Sai Throw does massive damage
30A56A-AA46Liu Kang's High Fireball does massive damage
31A56T-AA2CKung Lao's Hat Throw does massive damage
32A95A-AA5CCage's Shadow Kick does massive damage
33AX0A-AA86Reptile's Force Ball does massive damage
34AX2A-AA8RShang Tsung's Flaming Skull attack does massive damage
35AX3A-AA46Kitana's Fan Throw does massive damage
36A54A-AA8GBaraka's Blade Spark does massive damage
37AX1T-AA3JRayden's Lightning Bolt does massive damage
Cheats For Mortal Kombat 2
1Random Character SelectAt the "Choose Your Fighter" screen, highlight the character in either top corner (Liu Kang or Scorpion), then press and hold UP and START. The computer will automatically select a random character for you.
2Enable Test ModeIn the Options menu, place the cursor on "Done!". Press LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT. The words "Test Modes" will appear. Test Mode offers three menus.
3Test Mode 1Test Mode 1 offers the following options
  • No Damage To Player One
  • No Damage To Player Two
  • One Hit Kills Player One
  • One Hit Kills Player Two
4Test Mode 2Test Mode 2 offers the following options
  • Background: Select any background you wish to fight in
    1 = Dead Pool
    2 = Kombat Tomb
    3 = Wasteland
    4 = The Tower
    5 = Living Forest
    6 = Armory
    7 = Pit II
    8 = The Portal
    9 = Kahn's Arena
    10 = The Blue Portal>
  • Battle Plan: Choose your starting position in the Tournament
    0-11 = The regular Mortal Kombat characters
    13 = Shang Tsung
    14 = Kintaro
    15 = Shao Kahn
  • Free Play: You never lose any credits
  • Soak Test: Continuously plays CPU vs. CPU matches.
5Test Mode 3Test Mode 3 offers the following options
  • Fatalities: The CPU will always do a Fatality if it wins.
  • Friendships: The CPU will always do a Friendship if it wins.
  • Babalities: The CPU will always do a Babality if it wins.
6Rayden's FergalityEnter the Test Modes, and set Background to 6 and select the Oooh, Nasty mode. At the Character Select screen, choose Rayden. When you finish your opponent, press AWAY, AWAY, AWAY, BLOCK to do the Fergality.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Mortal Kombat series (4 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Probe/Sculptured Software/Midway/Acclaim
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          There are many worlds besides our own, many realms where
                  both good and evil hold sway.  For centuries, Shang Tsung
                  of the Outworld has sought to control the Mortal Kombat
                  tournament for his own ends.  Now a new champion must
                  arise from our world that will fight to the bitter end
                  and put an end to Shang Tsung's ambitions.  This video
                  game series was so popular that it spawned both a live-
                  action and an animated TV series, and a live-action movie
                  starring Christopher Lambert as Rayden.

IMPRESSIONS:      It is the considered opinion of most video game experts
                  that the MK games are more hype than they are substance.
                  Their opinion is that they are flashy SF2 clones that
                  don't always deliver the goods.  That didn't keep Midway
                  from selling copies by the bucketful, and the Mortal
                  Kombat franchise has been one of its most profitable
                  ventures since its inception.  Perhaps its reputation as
                  a violent game with lots of blood-letting during the
                  fights is what gave the series its overhyped reputation.

VARIATIONS:       Mortal Kombat (1993, featured the now-familar cast of
                    Earth and Outworld fighters in their first contest -
                    by far the worst graphically of the bunch, as the
                    jerkiness and poor digitzation show)
                  Mortal Kombat 2 (1994, the contest moves to the Outworld
                    as Sonya Blade continues her pursuit of Kang - this
                    introduced several new characters and is generally
                    considered to be the best of the Genesis series)
                  Mortal Kombat 3 (1995, even more characters join the
                    roster as the Outworld launches its invasion of Earth -
                    nice graphics and decent gameplay, but the jerky
                    animation has unfortunately returned)
                  Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (1995, same as MK3 but with
                    several "enhancements," including more blood and gore
                    during the fight scenes)

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First-original Mortal Kombat (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, February 14 @ 08:18:59 EST

I used to own a Super NES and their version of Mortal Kombat. I got appalled by that version because of lack of blood, so on October 11th, 2003, I bought a Sega Genesis and the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat because only that version had the blood code.

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Mortal Kombat 5? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, March 19 @ 10:34:07 EST

What the? I never heard of MK5 on genesis!

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Re: Mortal Kombat 1 (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Tuesday, April 23 @ 11:24:36 EDT
(User Info)

WOW! The game that started it all! It was always linked to some violent act in the press! but it wasn't that violent (in todays media) It had a limited selcetion of characters ... but theres a blood cheeat that made it all worth wild! I still love sub-zeros finisher (pulls the head off the opeonmet, while the spinla chorad its still attached!)

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Re: Mortal Kombat 2 (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Tuesday, April 23 @ 11:26:42 EDT
(User Info)

This is where it started getting odd! with hidden characters, and toasties hidden areas! this is always one of my favorite mortal kombat games! it was a blast when it came out, you got so used to part 1 your mind was blown when you saw the new kharacters!

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Re: Mortal Kombat 3 (Score: 1)
by Samurai_John on Wednesday, November 14 @ 16:49:43 EST
(User Info)

Great Game play as my favorite Styker! or one of your own favorites. A Brutish game to determin the ultimate fighet of both the immortal and mortal worlds! so gear up, head out and kick some A$$!

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Re: Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 22 @ 15:25:51 EDT
(User Info)

Very fun Game!! (not as good as the Sega Saturn..but thats only becasue of the limits of a Genesis) It has almost all your favorites! (sorry no baraka.... :( but it has my favorite STYKER! (Sorry but im not good in spelling names!) Its one of my favorite Mortal Kombat Games! (my first being MK trilogy for PSX)... GO PLAY IT!! IM GONNA FINISH HIM! well.. not realy HIM but i will finish this comment! C-YA!

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 1)
by Mr_KHaKi ( on Monday, June 25 @ 10:03:05 EDT
(User Info)

I'm more of a Street Fighter type brother but MK 1 gets my cult classic vote.
The conversion was poor, but at least Sega kept the blood in it.
I know that's not enough to neglect it flaws (Sub-Zero is just a blue Scorpion), but at that time we wanted more of that reddish goo.

The magic word "Dullard" with me..
The whole theme was obscure, maybe that's what kept us playing... Even though a 3-buttoned joypad sucked. But it was nice.
On the G/MD, pt.2 & 3 aren't really much compared with the rival SNES versions.
I think Midway just became too greedy with the MK franchise. The Animalities, Babalities & Friendships were nice but they got carried away with it. (Remember the rumors about Animalities?)
Don't even get me started about Mortal Kombat 4!!
And now I'm reading they're busy with 5. Ed Boon give it up already....

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 1)
by HaloMan on Monday, January 28 @ 16:05:19 EST
(User Info)

Mortal Kombat 1 is a suprisingly good game in my opinion. (But my opinion is judged by the fact I have never played the arcade version).

The moves being simple to pull off, and some unique features for the time (Sub-Zero's Ice Move or Raiden's Teleportation) make it a good laugh.

One of the few 3 button fighters that while being button bashing, pulled it off. Very nice.

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 1)
by TReid ( on Friday, June 29 @ 14:16:47 EDT
(User Info)

The Mortal Kombat arcade caused a media fury over videogame violence. When MK was announced, there was much oppisition. Acclaim folded under the pressure and softened the graphic gore. However, they included a "DULLARD" code to turn it back on in the Genesis. All SNES users could do was use a GameGenie to turn the green "sweat" into red "blood". Soon after MK's release, the gaming community came up with a rating system. We were all worried about MK2, but were please to learn that they would release it with all its gore with a 'M' rating

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, August 13 @ 20:40:48 EDT

is a cool game but it dosent gave animalitis thoes if game i want the cheats for the animalitis an fatalitis.

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, May 19 @ 19:07:46 EDT

I just love mortal kombat, especially this first one. Everytime i play it, i just get this wonderful feeling of being a kid again. I love wallowing in my Genesis' nostolga. Its a classic.

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 1)
by sonic666 on Saturday, June 29 @ 16:23:37 EDT
(User Info)

this is the best series of fighters ive ever played

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 1)
by Raine on Saturday, July 20 @ 02:22:17 EDT
(User Info)


Cheat menu:

Enter one of the following series of controller actions at

the start/options screen to display three additional menu items.

Press B, A, Down, Left, A,

Down, C, Right, Up, Down.

Press A, C, Up, B, Up, B,

A, Down for the Killer codes menu.

Press C, Right, A, Left, A,

Up, C, Right, A, Left, A,


Always defeated with fatality or brutality:

Lose a single player match and hold Down on controllers

one and two. Your opponent will end the match with a fatality

or brutality.

Stage skip:

Start a single player game. Press Start on the controller

two after the first round ends to advance to the next opponent.

Bonus stage:

Complete the game using any character. Press Start

on controller two when the green lightning appears from Shao Kahn's

tower. Note: Jumping is not allowed in the bonus stage.

Puppet show:

Note: A six-button controller is required to enable this code.

Select Liu Kang as a character and begin a match. At the end of

the second round press Down, Run, Down, Run,

Down, Run.

Eight lives in Galaxian mini-game:

Note: A six-button controller is required to enable this code.

Enable the "Killer codes menu" to begin the Galaxian

mini-game. Then, hold X + A + Z + C

until the game starts.

Fight as Goro:

Note: A six-button controller is

required to enable this code. Select Kano as a character and begin

a match. Hold A + B + C + X + Y

+Z. Release all buttons when Dan Forden appears. Press

Up, Down, Left, Right, Start(2),


Kombat Kodes:

Select a two player game and enter the Vs. screen. Use controller

one to select the first three characters of the Kode, and controller

two for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the

Vs. screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character

to which it is assigned:

Character Abbreviation Presses
Dragon D 0
MK Logo M 1
Ying-Yang Y 2
Three 3 3
Question Mark ? 4
Lightning Bolt L 5
Goro G 6
Raiden R 7
Shao Kahn K 8
Skull S 9


Kode Effect
000-033 or 033-000 Player 1/2 half energy
000-707 or 707-000 Player 1/2 quarter energy
445-any or any-445 Timer disabled
012-345 One button brutalities (press HP)
955-955 Extended fatality time
944-944 One button fatalities
788-322 Fast uppercut recovery
044-440 No power - one hit kills!
300-300 No music
012-012 Health recovery.
100-100 Throwing disabled
010-010 Throwing encouraged
020-020 Blocking disabled
205-205 Winner fights Smoke
769-342 Winner fights Noob
969-141 Winner fights Shao Kahn
033-564 Winner fights Motaro
444-444 or 460-460 Randper Kombat
820-028 Fight at Pit III
343-343 Fight on The Roof
155-155 Extended fatality time
606-303 Pong min

Read the rest of this comment...

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, August 01 @ 16:54:01 EDT

needs to tell how to do finshing moves

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 1)
by DarkWolf on Monday, August 05 @ 22:39:36 EDT
(User Info)

I liked the first one back when it first came out. But after the sequels started coming out, everyone wanted to play nothing but Mortal Kombat. It got old real quick.

Capcom and SNK hold the crown of fighters.

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 22:33:12 EDT
(User Info)

My first MK game was on the Mega CD! Also, the blood cheat for MK1 is ABACABB. To be entered when the story is scrolling at the start.

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, January 08 @ 02:45:05 EST

can someone sell me the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the Genesis Console?? If someone is interested mail me at !!

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, November 17 @ 09:45:42 EST

i have this game,and what i say? without theese
cheats a can not make a fatalities and brutalities!

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, October 08 @ 17:09:45 EDT

Mortal Kombat is the grand-daddy and king of all fighting games, so quit talking shit and * your stupid wannabe hacks.

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, October 09 @ 11:58:01 EDT

Who the hells the doush bag that wrote this review? What a chode! He doesn't know jack about the MK series, and the MK series has never been jerky from any standpoint, animation or control. The only jerk is this SF2-infatuated loser. SF2 was good in the day, but as soon as MK and its realism hit the arcades, people flocked to that and left SF2 in the dust.

MK has far and away turned MUCH more profit for Midway than SF2 ( and all of its weak, weak sequels ) has for Capcom. Capcom doesn't know how to evolve with the times unlikes MK, which exemplifies this in the near THREE MILLION COPIES that they sold for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance for the top 3 systems of today.

Mortal Kombat: Deception is out now and is being touted as possibly the best fighting game ever. If you have an Xbox or PS2, check it out! There are 4 very different game modes, plus online playability that runs as smooth as a baby's ass! Check it!

The idiot that wrote this review is also VERY bad at graphic design as it couldn't be more obvious that he just wrote MK5 and all that BS on those screenshots.

On top of that, he even spelled it as "Mortal Combat"! What an idiot!

Don't take what this guy wrote for even a lick of salt, he's just a dumb bastard.

PS - Midway has existed for 35 years, so they obviously were turning out great hits that brought in plenty of money for them to not only survive but expand. Ever hear of Galaga or Pac-Man? Ya, they made those, idiot.

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, October 24 @ 10:51:20 EDT

The Final Mortal Combat Game Was Released i beleive in 1998, where The megadrive/genises Just had to stop. Mortal Combat 6 Was Released with Just 12 Characters including 2 bosses. Graphics were proper good too. There was one on amazon for $32 this was at least 2 years ago. fantastic game

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Re: Mortal Kombat Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, October 24 @ 11:11:27 EDT

YEAH, I AGREE WITH YOU. Whenever i go on one of these reviews it's either, sonic clone or sf2 clone. was just excellent nothing wrong with it, mortal combat 3 and ulitmate mortal combat 3 were the hardest, i haven't even got past the endurance matches yet even on easiest mode... but hey, ....look it's a sf2 clone! not

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