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Turrican Series

Mega Turrican

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Game Genie™ Codes For Mega Turrican
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1AENT-AADLStart with 2 lives
2AJNT-AADLStart with 3 lives
3AYNT-AADLStart with 6 lives
4A6NT-AADLStart with 8 lives
5BJNT-AADLStart with 11 lives
6DENT-AADLStart with 20 lives
7GJNT-AADLStart with 33 lives
8NNNT-AADLStart with 64 lives
9AALT-AAD8Start with no continues
10AELT-AAD8Start with 1 continue
11AJLT-AAD8Start with 2 continues
12ATLT-AAD8Start with 4 continues
13AYLT-AAD8Start with 5 continues
14A6LT-AAD8Start with 7 continues
15BELT-AAD8Start with 9 continues
16AAMT-AAENStart each life with no smart bombs
17AEMT-AAENStart each life with 1 smart bomb
18AJMT-AAENStart each life with 2 smart bombs
19ATMT-AAENStart each life with 4 smart bombs
209AMT-BAZWStart each life with homing missile
211VWT-BCBEWeapon power-ups always max out weapon level
22BAMT-AA60Weapon levels don't decrease after dying
23AJMT-AA7WHoming missile isn't lost after dying
24AAST-BJ2JInfinite time
25AAMT-BA44Infinite lives
26AANT-BE3NInfinite continues
27AJST-AA6AInfinite wheel time
28AKET-AA7JInfinite smart bombs
29AJTA-AA94No energy loss (invulnerability)
30AELT-AAEJ + 9TLT-BCNGStart on level 2
31AJLT-AAEJ + 9TLT-BCNGStart on level 3
32ANLT-AAEJ + 9TLT-BCNGStart on level 4
33ATLT-AAEJ + 9TLT-BCNGStart on level 5
34AYLT-AAEJ + 9TLT-BCNGStart on level 6
35A2LT-AAEJ + 9TLT-BCNGStart on level 7
36ATLT-AA6GAlways continue on last level played
Hints For Mega Turrican
1Find The Secret Hidden Level - Make sure you have double zeros in your score to get this trick to work. Collect all of the Diamonds in Stage one. Make Sure your Score has double zeros in it. Once you reach the bottom get to the elevator that travles down, don't shoot any enemies or your score will change and the trick will not work. Once you reach the bottom, just run to the right and you will have access to a hidden stage!
Cheats For Mega Turrican
1Unlimited EnergyFor unlimited power, press START to pause the game. Now press A, A, A, B, B, B, A, A, A. Press START to unpause the game and the Energizer Bunny will envy you!
2Level SkipTo skip stages, press START to pause the game. Then press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, B. Press START to unpause and you'll be taken to the "Stage Cleared" screen.
3Previous LevelTo go back to the previous level, press START to pause the game. Then press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A. Press START to unpause and you'll be taken to the previous level.
4Reverse ControlsPause the game and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, A+B. Unpause the game and the D-Pad controls will be reversed.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Turrican series (2 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    various
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Shooter
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          In the future, mankind will have to deal with many
                  powerful alien species - not all of whom will choose to
                  be friendly.  That is the reason behind the Turrican suit
                  - a one-man set of power armor that turns any Earth Force
                  soldier into a nearly unstoppable killing machine.  These
                  games are either ported from or inspired by the original
                  series of British arcade shooters that were such big hits
                  on the almighty Commodore 64 and Amiga computers.

IMPRESSIONS:      The difference between these two games is like night and
                  day.  The first is a great-looking but poor-playing port
                  straight from the Amiga, which looses just about every
                  nice feature (including the Chris Huelsbeck music) in the
                  the process.  The second, developed specifically for the
                  G/MD platform, is one helluva shooter that can hold its
                  own with the best of them.  I agree with Eidolon when he
                  says, " Mega Turrican, which is far better."

VARIATIONS:       Turrican (1991 by the Code Monkeys, marketed by Accolade
                    and rereleased by Ballistix - fight your way through
                    thirteen extremely difficult, action-packed stages with
                    huge bosses - the game engine shares some similarities
                    to that used by Universal Soldier)
                  Mega Turrican (1995 by Factor 5, marketed by Data East -
                    the change in software houses is telling - with its
                    anime-style cinemas, impressive graphics and sound, and
                    gameplay that subtly increases in difficulty instead of
                    being hard all at once, this is without doubt one of
                    the most enjoyable 16-bit shooters that I have ever had
                    the pleasure of playing and possibly the best Turrican
                    game for any platform)

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Re: Turrican Series (Score: 1)
by Howitzer ( on Wednesday, August 13 @ 05:10:52 EDT
(User Info)

Amazing Game! Great Graphics!

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Re: Turrican Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, February 02 @ 22:38:16 EST

Well, actually "Mega Turrican" was not developed especially for SEGA Mega Drive. It was also first released on Amiga platform and was called Turrican 4 (or 3, I don't remember exactly) and then ported bit-to-bit to MD. The only thing they changed was the name (added Mega). And Amiga music was 100 times better, of course. You should check your information before misinforming the readers.

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Re: Turrican Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, February 02 @ 23:11:59 EST

Mega Turrican on SEGA MD = Turrican 3 on AMIGA but music on MD is worse, the rest is the same.

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