Play Sega Swirl on you home PC!

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SEGA Swirl Standard Download Version:
This download option includes SEGA Swirl including sound effects
(Sound Effects Pack #1).

SEGA Swirl Fast Download Version:
This download option includes SEGA Swirl without any sound effects
- to reduce the download size.

SEGA Swirl Sound Effects Pack #1:
This download option includes the sound effects for users who would like to download the sound effects seperately. This download includes a program that will install the sounds into the directory
where SEGA Swirl is already installed.

System Requirements: The PC version of SEGA Swirl will run on any system that has Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows NT. In order to play a SEGA Swirl Email Challenge, you need a MAPI complaint email program and should have that program set as your default email
program or be playing the SEGA Dreamcast version of the game.

Other platforms supported
Sega Dreamcast™ | PC | Shockwave (internet) | Palm Pilot™
For more information on SEGA Swirl, please contact:
Scott Hawkins, Executive Producer (and Swirl Master)