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Zero Tolerance Series

Beyond Zero Tolerance

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Zero Tolerance

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Game Genie™ Codes For Zero Tolerance
Download PAT File
1AAFT-CABYInfinite ammo
2REJA-C61WAmmo power-ups completely fill ammo if you already have some
3A39A-LA7EAll levels are secured
5AAHA-CAG6Bullet Proof Vest takes no damage
6TAHA-CAG6Bullet Proof Vest takes 1/2 damage
7AAHA-CEG6Bullet Proof Vest takes 2x damage
8AAGT-CAHTBioscanner doesn't run out
9AAGT-CEHTBioscanner lasts half as long
10TAGT-CAHTBioscanner lasts twice as long

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Zero Tolerance series (2 titles, public domain)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Zyrinx/Technopop
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Shooter
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          As your dropship screams toward the strangely silent
                  space outpost Europe-1, your commander briefs you on the
                  mission ahead.  Your detatchment of the Planetary Defense
                  Corps has been called in to find out who attacked the
                  station, and (more importantly) if they're still around.
                  You won't have much time to find out, though - Europe-1's
                  nuclear reactor was damaged in the firefight, and it's
                  building towards a meltdown that will incinerate the
                  entire station.  That said, you gather your gear and
                  debark through the boarding dock, anxious at what lies

IMPRESSIONS:      The only real Wolfenstein 3D clone in existence for the
                  MegaDrive, but this offers strategy far beyond Wolf3D.
                  It's way too long, though, and it tends to get tedious
                  before you're halfway through - especially when you have
                  to hunt down EVERY single monster to advance to the next
                  level - hence the title. (Rage Games)

VARIATIONS:       These games were unique in that they featured head-to-
                  head gameplay via a special link cable.  Sold separately
                  by Zyrinx, it passed data back and forth between the
                  player's consoles via the second (unused) joystick port.

                  Zero Tolerance (1994, marketed under the Accolade banner)
                  Zero Tolerance Elite trainer hack (unlimited energy and
                  Beyond Zero Tolerance (1996, aka Zero Tolerance 2, never

                  These games have been put into the public domain by
                  Zyrinx on the sole condition that they can only be
                  distributed in their original unmodified form.  My thanks
                  to Zoop for the original tip on this info, and also to
                  Zyrinx themselves for confirming it.

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Boring........ (Score: 1)
by Cobra on Wednesday, October 24 @ 14:15:37 EDT
(User Info)

Sure, there are not many first person shooters on the MD, but this game definitely doesn't live up to all that hype surrounding it. Repetitive action, dumb enemies waiting for you to kill them...

Well, at least you can jump (that's necessary to destroy the alarm activating cameras for example), a sweet woman voice announces collected items and such things, and when you hit an enemy with a shotgun, the bullets leave his body together with some beatifully red ketchup.


Go play Bloodshot instead ;-).

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 1)
by Mr_KHaKi ( on Monday, June 25 @ 10:25:10 EDT
(User Info)

The monotonous sound at the intro gives you a hint that you can expect a lot in this game.

At that time I didn't have a PC so no Wolfenstein for me. But this game is a pretty good shooter.
It's all about shooting the bad guys. Pretty hard at first but after a while when the controls are getting familiar you'll find yourself avoiding attacks.

You must be cautious if you want to complete it. Spot the enemy, lure it and kill it. No Duke Nukem heroics here. I remember when this beast made its first appearance. Boy, he surprised me.
The action is continuous, meaning you're going from the top floor to the basements where the real danger hides. I can't remember the final boss though. Such a long time ago :)
But it's a fun game game to play. Sure, if you're used to Half-Life & Q3A nowadays it may be uninspired & static but it's a real survival! For real!

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 1)
by Sparxster ( on Tuesday, November 20 @ 23:33:20 EST
(User Info)

I found it a very fun and entertaining game! i spent hours playing it! very much worth a look if you like games like wolfenstein, or doom. A+!

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 1)
by smokeDogg on Saturday, January 19 @ 18:36:52 EST
(User Info)

Graphic wise, the developers where obviously limited in what they could do.
The main window where all the action happens is TINY! And whats with those massive ID cards that take up 1/4 of the screen?
It's fun for a while (link mode is fab), but ultimately too repetitive for its own good. Why the hell should you have to kill EVERY SINGLE alien on each level?!?

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 1)
by PACHUKA (egray@!nospam! on Sunday, February 03 @ 19:43:25 EST
(User Info)

The 2 of them are quite fun, and very impressive for their genre. Not because of quality, but because they are on a Genesis!

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 1)
by Dark_Warrior_BN on Tuesday, July 09 @ 10:10:55 EDT
(User Info)

I played Doom, Doom 2, Castle Wolfenstein, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3D, Unreal, Unreal Tournament....
So I know what a good ego-shooter is----well Zero Tolerance is one of those.

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 1)
by pip on Thursday, August 15 @ 10:52:01 EDT
(User Info)

I had the first Zero Tolerance and it was one of my favourite megadrive games. At the time there were very few first-person shooters for the machine, and the few out there were pretty dire.

It seems silly saying this now but it was actually pretty spooky, if you played it with the lights off it'd make you jump.

This game was also the only one I was aware of that allowed you to connect two consoles together for a 2-player game. The lead went between port 2 of ach machine.

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 1)
by Whitesnake on Friday, November 08 @ 10:15:01 EST
(User Info)

i used to own this little gem it was one of them games that made you say that everlasting dieing 80's word "COOL!". blowing aliens away through a panoramic vision with other cool features. such as link-up mode.

8/10 cool fps game also worth checking out the beta sequel

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, December 17 @ 23:37:02 EST

It looks graphically cool still on the nomad. All that compression in screen size helps. I actually bought a 13" color t.v. and rehooked my genesis. Not bad on a 13 inch either, but anything larger it's just hard to look at now. Sweet game still

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, June 25 @ 22:50:00 EDT

This wasn't the only FPS released for Genesis, but it is one of the cooler ones. There was also a version of Duke Nukem 3D released in Brazil only on the Genesis/Mega Drive as well as a game called Battle Frenzy (Bloodshoot in the UK). Anyway, if anyone has the link cable for this game e-mail me at and I will pay you handsomely for it. Thanks.

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Re: Zero Tolerance series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, February 11 @ 13:38:31 EST

This game is excellent! Ok the graphics arn't amazing but what do you expect! They aren't exactly bad either. The game more than makes up for it with the challenge and the sheer amount of levels (with NO loading!). You really do get your moneys worth with this. Nice little touches include;
* Blood sliding down walls when you blow the
enemy away.
* Bodies actually stay there instead of dissapearing.
* A choice of characters.
* Good weapons, inc grenades, lazers, the trusty
shotgun, rocket launcher........................
* a jump ability.
* good in game speech (best I've herd on this
* collecting fire extinguishers to put out fires, as
well as using body armour and other cool pickups.
* The ability to go back and check previous levels
for pickups and so on making it a tad less linear
and slightly more 'free'.
* And a link up capability!!

How can't this be a good game?......

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