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Virtua Fighter 2

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Cheats For Virtua Fighter 2
1Play As DuralAt the fighter select screen, put the cursor on Akira. Then press LEFT once so the cursor lands on Jacky. Then press RIGHT once to put the cursor back on Akira. Keep doing this until Dural appears in a box next to Akira. Now Dural is a selectable fighter.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Virtua Fighter 2
RELEASED:         1996
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Sega's answer to Battle Arena Toshinden - one of the
                  first third-generation fighting games with the same style
                  as Mortal Kombat, but using new technology to deliver a
                  true 3D street fighting experience.  This is not a sequel
                  to the original 32-bit arcade game, but is instead a
                  "special edition" rendered in now-familiar 2D side-scroll
                  SF2 style in order to avoid the hardware limitations of
                  the standard 16-bit Genesis console.

IMPRESSIONS:      Well, what can I say?  The requirements of the original
                  were so steep that only the 32X could deliver on a true
                  port of the arcade game.  It's probably the best SF2
                  clone in existence for the console, but it seems kinda
                  stale after you've experienced the arcade original.

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Re: Virtua Fighter 2 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, June 29 @ 01:44:24 EDT

the best fighter on the Genesis by far. graphics beat those on the SNES easily. I bought this game, because it was my favorite Arcade game. well worth the money. either go try and find a copy, or download it and play it on your favorite Genesis Emulator

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Re: Virtua Fighter 2 (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Wednesday, April 24 @ 11:22:04 EDT
(User Info)

pretty cool.. if you dont like the 3d versiojn in the arcades.. but it is a fun game.. dont get me wrong.. i just like the 3d version

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Re: Virtua Fighter 2 (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Thursday, August 08 @ 21:32:21 EDT
(User Info)

Personally, I didn't like this game that much. I preferred Eternal Champions! But, in it's day, this game was thoroughly impessive.

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Great! (Score: 1)
by Captian_Crazy ( on Saturday, September 21 @ 20:29:27 EDT
(User Info)

I have to say that this is a really great game. One of the best Genesis fighting games, looks good, plays good. My only real cripe is that there isn't enough options.

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Re: Virtua Fighter 2 (Score: 1)
by ashleyx on Saturday, April 12 @ 03:48:53 EDT
(User Info)

This game is amazing and it's incredible they could put something like VF2 on the Genesis. It's not exactly Tekken but not bad for 16-bit.

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