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Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention

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Game Genie™ Codes For Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention
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1AKLT-ACH6Start with 1 life
2AKLT-AEH6Start with 2 lives
3AKLT-ARH6Start with 7 lives
4AKLT-A8H6Start with 15 lives
5AT6T-GA4AInfinite lives
6VBLA-BGCEExtra life after 1st 5,000 pts.
7CBLA-ARLEExtra life after 1st 10,000 pts.
8EBLA-A6WEExtra life after 1st 20,000 pts.
9GBLA-BL4EExtra life after 1st 30,000 pts.
10JBLA-B3CEExtra life after 1st 40,000 pts.
11AFMA-AABE + AE6T-GACRStart with health near nothing
12BBMA-AABE + BA6T-GACRStart with health at 1/4 full
13CBMA-AABE + CA6T-GACRStart with health at 1/2 full
14JBMA-AABE + JA6T-GACRStart with health at 2x full
15NBMA-AABE + NA6T-GACRStart with health at 3x full
16AT6A-GA3NVirtually invincible
17RE5T-G618Powdered toast jar restores full health
18AD6A-GA7GInfinite continues
Passwords For Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention
18BZ0000 003B2WNLevel 2 - The Zoo
28C00003 T33F2WFLevel 3 - The City
3831000B C3322WBLevel 4 - The Pound
4652000G YCM5UWVLevel 5 - The Outdoors
More passwords
58900003 L9NH2WZLevel 3 - The City
68710003 L9N22W6Level 4 - The Pound
78520007 RC452WZLevel 5 - The Outdoors
88700004 D2NG4WYLevel 3 - The City
9871000B 2LN24WZLevel 4 - The Pound
10872000G F3444WNLevel 5 - The Outdoors

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Ren & Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Viacom New Media
RELEASED:         1993
TYPE:             Platform
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Help Ren and Stimpy find all the missing pieces to the
                  Mutate-o-Matic, Stimpy's latest invention.

IMPRESSIONS:      Based on the TV show and even features LOG!  Nice
                  gameplay and graphics, with the same feel as the 'toon.

VARIATIONS:       This is the only title in the series available on the

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"Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention" | Login/Create Account | 9 comments
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10/10!! (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, August 23 @ 21:08:15 EDT

Bloomin' excellent classic game for sega megadrive! very funny and reminds me alot of the tv series which was hilarious!

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Re: Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention (Score: 1)
by themosthotguy ( on Thursday, June 28 @ 23:28:59 EDT
(User Info) http://none!

well this isnt all that fun, very adverage really, but being based on R+S it gets an extra point, 3/5

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Re: Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention (Score: 1)
by Samurai_John on Tuesday, November 20 @ 08:32:05 EST
(User Info)

A Great game, reminded my about the TV show alot! a must try!

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Re: Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Wednesday, April 24 @ 12:07:21 EDT
(User Info)

Its crazy, fun, zanny, haliours, great sound, and it has great story line... its REN AND STIMPY!!

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Re: Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention (Score: 1)
by Genesisblackbelt on Thursday, July 11 @ 23:52:24 EDT
(User Info)

Too bad this didn't have more elements from the show. It seems they had half on the Genesis and half on the SNES. We never got the "Rens a mouse" level! I got this for 5 bucks. Was it a ripoff?

[ Reply ]

Re: Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention (Score: 1)
by Jimtel81 on Sunday, October 06 @ 15:38:46 EDT
(User Info)

I played this game with a mate. I was Ren, he was Stimpy. He would accidentally make Stimpy fall down a hole, and I would make Ren go up to him, slap him around the face and shout "You stupid idiot!". Then we would role around laughing for a few minutes. This game is a complete riot when played with a friend. A near essential purchase for the Megadrive! Brilliant!

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Re: Ren And Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 05 @ 14:44:06 EST

This game is hilarious, specially when you play with a friend. I personally love the hairballs used as a weapon.

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Yes Sir I like it! (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 23:03:26 EDT
(User Info)

It's Ren & Stimpy. What more do you need? If you fall down a hole, Powdered.....Toast.....Man comes to save your life. I love this game, and the way you can switch characters and use the other one is truly original!

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