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VR Helmet Series

Iron Hammer

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Matrix Runner

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Nuclear Rush

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Outlaw Racing

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             VR Helmet series (4 titles) (unreleased)
RELEASED:         1993 (planned)
TYPE:             various
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          A series of games intended for use with the abandoned
                  VR Helmet project by Sega.  The VR Helmet would have
                  used a pass-through connector to plug into the cartridge
                  port, and then the game would plug into the VR Helmet's
                  connector.  It immersed the player into a full virtual
                  reality environment not unlike that used in the Amiga-
                  based Virtuality arcade game.  The VR Helmet was
                  demonstrated at the 1993 Summer CES in Chicago, Illinois.
                  It was scheduled to go to market that December, but Sega
                  pulled the plug before its release.  They appear to have
                  abandoned the VR Helmet before release due to high costs
                  and projected poor sales.  Given the Nintendo Virtual Boy
                  fiasco, it was probably for the best.

IMPRESSIONS:      The only game we know about is Iron Hammer, thanks to
                  Bernie Roehl's review of the working prototype as
                  reproduced in the VR Resource Guide.  He was impressed
                  by Sega's efforts at the time, even though the project
                  was still rough around the edges.  I have recently heard
                  from a source claiming to have data on the other three,
                  but this information was not provided in time for the
                  current G3 release.

VARIATIONS:       All of the following four games were announced for the
                  VR Helmet project, and all four were shown at the 1993
                  Summer CES.  They are all 16 mbit in size.

                  Iron Hammer (1993 by Novalogic, a Stellar 7 clone with
                    look-and-shoot capability not unlike that found in
                    modern attack aircraft - this is apparently playable
                    without [!] the helmet)
                  Matrix Runner (no info available)
                  Nuclear Rush (this was the game that would have come
                    with the helmet)
                  Outlaw Racing (first-person racing game announced for
                    the VR Helmet project)

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Wow, very interesting... (Score: 1)
by Hiryu on Sunday, July 01 @ 18:24:36 EDT
(User Info)

I kinda think it was a good decision to pull the games after seeing what virtual boy did to nintendo. I would like to check out that prototype that doesnt' require the vr helmet though.

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Also note Matrix Runner (Score: 1)
by Hiryu on Monday, July 02 @ 11:56:29 EDT
(User Info)

This game looks like it's straight outta shadowrun! Because in Shadowrun, you could take missions in cyberspace. Plus the fact that Shadowrun for genesis was made by sega.......hmmmm I wonder

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