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Rambo 3

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Game Genie™ Codes For Rambo 3
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If you thought that the next game in the Rambo series might be something like "The White House Years," you'll find plenty of the famous Rambo action in this game. Codes 2 and 3 will give you infinite lives on the missions and in the bonus battles, always helpful. And since he uses up arrows and bombs pretty fast, you can give Rambo plenty to work with--just key in some of these other Game Genie(tm) codes, such as Codes 11 and 16. Codes 4 thru 7 allow you more lives. More than 5 will not be displayed properly on the options screen, but the codes still work. When using Codes 17 thru 23 to change the time limits on the missions, keep in mind that the secret agent will still tell you two minutes.
2CKET-AA44Infinite lives during missions
3CJ1A-AA22Infinite lives during bonus battles
4A2GT-AAH4Start with 7 lives
5BAGT-AAH4Start with 9 lives
6BEGT-AAH4Start with 10 lives
7ABEA-BE4AInfinite arrows
8AGNA-AAHGEach A worth 1 arrow
9ARNA-AAHGEach A worth 3 arrows
10A8NA-AAHGEach A worth 7 arrows
11CCNA-AAHGEach A worth 10 arrows
12ABEA-BE84Infinite time bombs
13AGNA-AAGWEach B worth 1 time bomb
14A0NA-AAGWEach B worth 5 time bombs
15A8NA-AAGWEach B worth 7 time bombs
16CCNA-AAGWEach B worth 10 time bombs
17GCCT-AAGC30 seconds to escape prison--mission 2
18NCCT-AAGC60 seconds to escape prison--mission 2
19WCCT-AAGC90 seconds to escape prison--mission 2
20LCCT-ACGC + LCCT-ACG8150 seconds to escape prison--mission 2
21TCCT-ACGC + TCCT-ACG8180 seconds to escape prison--mission 2
22JCCT-AEGC + JCCT-AEG8240 seconds to escape prison--mission 2
23ACCT-AGGC + ACCT-AGG8300 seconds to escape prison--mission 2

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Rambo 3
RELEASED:         1988
TYPE:             Shooter
LANGUAGE:         English and Japanese (set console accordingly)

PREMISE:          Former Vietnam-era Green Beret John Rambo is called back
                  to duty one last time to rescue his former commander, who
                  was captured during a covert ops mission in Russian-
                  controlled Afghanistan.  Based on the third of the Rambo
                  series of live action films starring Sylvester Stallone
                  and Richard Crenna.

IMPRESSIONS:      This is not the side-scrolling, Barbarian-style shooter
                  that I remember from the Amiga.  Rather, this is a top-
                  down Ikari Warriors style free-for-all and lots more fun.
                  Watch for the cameo by the Thunder Blade 'copter!

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Re: Rambo 3 (Score: 1)
by DryGin on Tuesday, October 08 @ 00:56:48 EDT
(User Info)

I thought this was a tough game. Fun, but tough. And 'First Blood' is one of the finest movies ever made about the Vietnam-experience for many veterans. It's not all blood and guts Rambo, it gets deep.

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  • Re: Rambo 3 by Anonymous on Sunday, May 02 @ 01:01:56 EDT

Re: Rambo 3 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, April 06 @ 22:27:42 EDT

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Re: Rambo 3 (Score: 1)
by SIR ( on Sunday, August 24 @ 21:23:44 EDT
(User Info) http://Freeserve

This is a great game. I only have the board as I ended up having the Japanese version (cart only) and no adaptor and therefore felt less guilty about smashing the case, I'm glad I did otherwise I would be still waiting to play one of my fave ever games.

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Re: Rambo 3 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, September 13 @ 00:43:36 EDT

how use the code cheat 16 bit game controlar thru please help

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