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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Exo-Squad
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Novotrade/Playmates
RELEASED:         1995
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          A graphically impressive arcade game based on the
                  syndicated animated TV series of the same name about a
                  war between humanity and its genetically derived
                  offshoot, the Neo-Sapiens.

IMPRESSIONS:      A pretty even mix of fighting, shooting, and platform
                  action from both side-scroll and first-person
                  perspectives.  Some of the mini-games are better than
                  others - the 3D first-person shooter is the best I've
                  ever seen on a stock Genesis, whereas the platform games
                  seem kinda slow.  All told, though, it's an enjoyable

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Re: Exo-Squad (Score: 1)
by Sparxster ( on Friday, November 23 @ 04:12:02 EST
(User Info)

THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME! I really loved this one, its got 3 genres in one! a platformer, a fighting round, and a shooter! the graphics are awesome and the story is great, YOU MUST GET THIS!!!!!!

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Re: Exo-Squad (Score: 1)
by Genesisblackbelt on Monday, July 22 @ 09:42:30 EDT
(User Info)

Yes this is the best game ever. buy it now! 9.5

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Re: Exo-Squad (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, November 16 @ 15:17:46 EST

Exo-Squad Should Be Re-Released For Play Station 2, X-Box, Nintendo Gamecube, & Game Boy Advance. Its About That The Exo Fleet, Battles Againt the Evil Forces of The Neo Sapians for Controll Of the Universe.

This Comment is Written By D.Kinman

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