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International Superstar Soccer Deluxe

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Ronaldinho 98

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
RELEASED:         1996
TYPE:             Sports (soccer)
LANGUAGE:         English, Japanese, and Portuguese

PREMISE:          A high-end World Cup soccer sim.

IMPRESSIONS:      The only Genesis soccer sim I've seen to date that could
                  give the FIFA series a run for its money.  Damn, it's

VARIATIONS:       Fighting Eleven (Japanese release)
                  Campeonato Argentino (Portuguese user hack)

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International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (Score: 1)
by asergio on Wednesday, September 12 @ 09:09:04 EDT
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One of the best (if itīs not the best) soccer sim of the Genesis console. You have a variety of options to choose, a tournament, a single match, a group tournament, International where you choose a team and you have to qualify for World Cup and win it, and at last you have series and scenario. Series is a mode where you choose a team and play against all other teams. Scenario is a mode where you have to save a popular team who is being defeated by a worse team, or just having a tie, obviously you have to win the game. The graphics are excellent, the sound is very good, and the gameplay isnīt bad, but is some confusing when you play the game for first time. If there were a tutorial...
Mark: 9

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Re: International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, February 24 @ 07:52:58 EST

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