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The Incredible Hulk

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Game Genie™ Codes For The Incredible Hulk
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1ALVT-8A82Level select screen appears after you start game
2DVPV-AA9YDon't take damage as Hulk/Super-Hulk
3DVRB-AA6WDon't take damage when "Hulked-Out"
4A4YT-8A46Don't lose health with time when "Hulked-out"
5ABDV-AAA6No lives lost from running out of health
6ABNB-AAGTNo lives lost from falling in water
7ACYA-8AG2Infinite transformation capsules
8AC5A-8AB4Infinite time to defeat bosses
9ABRV-AAFNGuns have infinite ammo
10BKJV-AAE6Can perform Super Hulk moves at 10%
11CVJV-AAE6Can perform Super Hulk moves at 20%
12D3JV-AAE6Can perform Super Hulk moves at 30%
13AJ2V-AA64Regular gamma capsules don't max out at 70% (can Hulk-Out)
14CT3B-AAAJCapsules add twice as much (Hulk only)
15D23B-AAAJCapsules add three time as much (Hulk only)
16KR4A-8AENStart 1st life with 75% health
17KRXA-8AE8Start all lives but 1st with 75% health
18PC4A-8AENStart 1st life with 100% health
19PCXA-8AE8Start all lives but 1st with 100% health
20AG4A-8AEYStart with 1 life
21AL4A-8AEYStart with 2 lives
22AW4A-8AEYStart with 4 lives
23A04A-8AEYStart with 5 lives
24A84A-8AEYStart with 7 lives
25BG4A-8AEYStart with 9 lives

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             The Incredible Hulk
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Probe Software/U.S. Gold
RELEASED:         1994
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Side-scrolling arcade game featuring the Marvel Comics
                  superhero - an ordinary scientist who was exposed to an
                  accidental superbust of gamma radition and can transform
                  a superstrong, hulking figure when sufficiently angered.

IMPRESSIONS:      Animation is good, character design and gameplay are not.
                  Uncompelling graphics and sound, only passable gameplay.
                  (Rage Games)

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Re: Incredible Hulk (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Wednesday, April 24 @ 16:08:57 EDT
(User Info)

Yup.. heres a keeper! YOUR THE HULK! now kick some ass! for some reason comics seem to get to games.. Spiderman, hulk, punisher, ect... is it a good thing? this game was a good thing..

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Re: Incredible Hulk (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 21:30:24 EDT
(User Info)

There were VERY FEW good comic adaptations (X-Men, the Turtles games, Batman Returns on the Mega CD) and this is one of the very bad ones. Bruce Banner never used a pill to become the Hulk!

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Re: Incredible Hulk (Score: 1)
by damster on Monday, August 12 @ 23:54:24 EDT
(User Info)

Ive just been playing the Roman stage and it reminded me of Gods, but not as good. the funk meets 16 bit music is awful but the maze style 'find the switch' logic is tollerable. The Hulk punches dont seem powerful enought though.

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Re: Incredible Hulk (Score: 1)
by Genesis on Saturday, February 28 @ 09:58:08 EST
(User Info)

The Game Genie codes for this game works great but I still can't beat the game!

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