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Crusader Of Centy Series


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Crusader Of Centy

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Crusader of Centy
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Nextech/Sega
RELEASED:         1994
TYPE:             RPG
LANGUAGE:         English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese versions
                    known to exist

PREMISE:          All has been peaceful and serene for as long as anybody
                  can remember - that is, until the monsters came.
                  Creatures from the time before the light have once again
                  appeared in the land, destroying at will and increasing
                  their number.  You, a young boy just entering into
                  manhood, are destined to follow in your father's
                  footsteps and defend all that is good from the evil
                  that is threatening all that you hold dear.

IMPRESSIONS:      The similarites between this game and Zelda 3 [for the
                  SNES] in terms of graphics and gameplay cannot be mere
                  coincidence.  The quality is also a close copy, so this
                  is worth the look if you liked Zelda.  Now, if only your
                  animal helpers didn't look so cheesy as they follow you
                  around - they're always one step behind you, which means
                  they sometimes hover over pits and pass through walls.
                  (Rage Games)

VARIATIONS:       Ragnacenty (Japanese original)
                  Soleil (most European markets - the British release makes
                    for some interesting translation differences with the
                    American release)

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oooooooooh (Score: 1)
by fallout8953 on Wednesday, November 14 @ 14:47:48 EST
(User Info)

no bad
what am i saying

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Re: Crusader Of Centy Series (Score: 1)
by Fserve on Wednesday, June 27 @ 04:28:07 EDT
(User Info)

This rpg is the best one for the Genesis

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Re: Crusader Of Centy Series (Score: 1)
by demonsweat777 on Saturday, June 30 @ 08:14:51 EDT
(User Info)

I've beaten this game in just two sittings... almost only one (top THAT). In the game you fight against monsters and stuff and the whole theme of the game is that you're killing them off just because they're monsters, and it tries to make you feel bad about it, yet it gives you no other choice but to kill em, so why did they even bother with that storyline? Kinda stupid, but the game is alright if you want a short RPG to play.

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Re: Crusader Of Centy Series (Score: 1)
by Kimbal on Monday, July 16 @ 08:02:29 EDT
(User Info)

Unlike demonsweat, I used two month to complete the game:), since I got only a japanese version, but I haven't japanese reading skills:)...

anyway, if you are looking for an action rpg in genesis, besides YSIII, this would be your choice!

This game have a good idea on "using" the animals, may make you interest on that way.

On my views, this game can fully use the sound and graphics ability of genesis. even can compare with many RPG game in PC today!

RPG fans, must try!

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Re: Crusader Of Centy Series (Score: 1)
by Sparxster ( on Tuesday, November 20 @ 21:50:18 EST
(User Info)

great game. i spent time playing this game 24/7. it rocks. totally.

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Re: Crusader Of Centy Series (Score: 1)
by Queron81 on Friday, April 04 @ 16:00:39 EST
(User Info)

This game is my favorite one! Especially the level-up system was unique (i love these animals ^^).
Imo the best action adventure ever (beside Landstalker).

I wrote a Soleil review (i am sorry, it is only on german, but there are some nice Pictures ^^)

Much greets from Germany

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Re: Crusader Of Centy Series (Score: 1)
by Genesis on Saturday, February 28 @ 09:48:35 EST
(User Info)

I beat this game twice and I like it!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ragnacenty by Anonymous on Tuesday, June 08 @ 12:21:08 EDT

Re: Crusader Of Centy Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, July 04 @ 14:28:17 EDT


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