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Addams Family Series

Addams Family

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Game Genie™ Codes For Addams Family
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1RH0A-R6VAInfinite lives
2AGET-RAFYStart with 1 life in a new game instead of 5
3CCET-RAFYStart with 10 lives--new game
4LCET-RAFYStart with 50 lives--new game
5XGET-RAFYStart with 99 lives--new game
6AFET-TAA2Start with 1 life after using a continue instead of 5
7CBET-TAA2Start with 10 lives after using a continue
8LBET-TAA2Start with 50 lives after using a continue
9XFET-TAA2Start with 99 lives after using a continue
10AHTA-RAA2Extra life every 10,000 pts. instead of 50,000
11CDTA-RAA2Extra life every 100,000 pts.
12E1TA-RAA2Extra life every 250,000 pts.
13AD4A-RACCFinding a 1-UP gives you 0 more lives
14A14A-RACCFinding a 1-UP gives you 5 more lives
15AGFA-RABAStart with 1 heart for the first life instead of 2
16ARFA-RABAStart with 3 hearts--1st life
17A0FA-RABAStart with 5 hearts--1st life
18AGFA-RAA2Start with max hearts at 1 instead of 2
19ARFA-RAA2Start with max hearts at 3
20A0FA-RAA2Start with max hearts at 5
22A13T-RAD4Heart replenished every 5 dollars instead of 25
23LD3T-RAD4Heart replenished every 50 dollars
24XH3T-RAD4Heart replenished every 99 dollars
25CX4A-RAHAShields last 1/3x normal
26D54A-RAHAShields last 1/2x normal
27SD4A-RAHAShields last 2x normal
280X4A-RAHAShields last 3x normal
29AXYT-RA48Shields last forever
30A47T-RA42Don't lose Fezi-copter when you die or change rooms
Hints For Addams Family
1If you come to the Continue screen but don't have any lives left, go to the left past the Continue door. This leads to a hidden room with four extra lives.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Addams Family series (2 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Ocean/Acclaim
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             various
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Two very different games inspired by the popular live-
                  action movies starring Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, and
                  Cristopher Lloyd - both derived from the long-running
                  comic strip created by Charles Addams for the New Yorker

IMPRESSIONS:      I'll keep it short and sweet - the good movie got the
                  bad arcade game, and the bad movie got the good role-
                  playing game.  The third movie was so pathetic that it
                  didn't get a game at all - but then again, it didn't have
                  the late Raul Julia, either.

VARIATIONS:       The Addams Family (1993, chan-style platformer in which
                    Gomez must search the Addams estate for the lost
                    family fortune)
                  Addams Family Values (1994, top-down adventure game in
                    which Uncle Fester takes over the search for the
                    missing baby Pubert, the newest member of the family -
                    often referred to as Fester's Quest on the boards)

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Re: Addams Family (Score: 1)
by Samurai_John on Monday, November 26 @ 08:42:18 EST
(User Info)

A Load better than the nintendo better (Graphic wise) I still enjoy the nintendo version as well, this game is a great game, that shows a lot in commomn with the movie!

[ Reply ]

Re: Addams Family (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 22 @ 17:34:37 EDT
(User Info)

A great game where the player can be gomez and explore the creepy and haunting house of the adams.. but its not that easy! your on a guest! so stop reading this and conqure your set task!

[ Reply ]

Re: Addams Family Series (Score: 1)
by scool1000 ( on Tuesday, April 23 @ 21:34:01 EDT
(User Info)

Cool game, but better then the Nintendo version. You go Gomez

[ Reply ]

Re: Addams Family Series (Score: 1)
by Genesisblackbelt on Sunday, July 21 @ 19:18:20 EDT
(User Info)

It's really good that Values never made it to Genesis.

[ Reply ]

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