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Fire Pro Wrestling Gaiden

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Fire Pro Wrestling Gaiden
RELEASED:         1992
TYPE:             Sports (wrestling)
LANGUAGE:         English and Japanese

PREMISE:          A Japanese Wrestle War clone.

IMPRESSIONS:      Looks bad, plays worse.  Avoid - but then again, Wrestle
                  War didn't port very well, so you might want to take a
                  look if you're one of the pitiful zombies that are hooked
                  on this sham sport.

VARIATIONS:       Thunder Pro Wrestling (English version)

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Re: Fire Pro Wrestling Gaiden (Score: 1)
by Genesisblackbelt on Friday, July 12 @ 14:26:11 EDT
(User Info)

Wow, I didn't know the game boy advance version was a Genesis port. You learn something everyday

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