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Buster Douglas Knock-Out Boxing

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Game Genie™ Codes For Buster Douglas Knock-Out Boxing
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Give yourself a boost against the toughest opponents with BUST Codes 13 and 14. They help you recover from damage faster. To have a box-a-thon like in the old days, set the round length at a hair under 10 minutes with Code 7, and select 19 rounds per bout using Code 22. For Codes 8 thru 11, the referee still signals 10 on the last count, but the count will be shortened according to the code. Experts, try Code 12.
1PPGA-AEDLRounds last 30 seconds instead of 1:30
22PGA-AJDLRounds last 1 minute
3RPGA-AWDLRounds last 2 minutes
4EPGA-A6DLRounds last 3 minutes
5TPGA-BRDLRounds last 5 minutes
66PGA-AAMLRounds last 7 minutes
757GA-A6MLRounds last 9 minues, 59 seconds
8APDA-AADJ + APHT-AAEN + APHT-AAC6Knockout count is 3 instead of 10
9AZDA-AADJ + AZHT-AAEN + AZHT-AAC6Knockout count is 5
10A7DA-AADJ + A7HT-AAEN + A7HT-AAC6Knockout count is 7
11BFDA-AADJ + BFHT-AAEN + BFHT-AAC6Knockout count is 9
12P3WT-BFXR + 0BWT-B25T + AEAT-AACE + AJAT-AAGEPlayer 1's damage meter recovers more slowly
13P3WT-BFXR + 0BWT-B25T + CAAT-AACE + AJAT-AAGEPlayer 1's damage meter recovers faster
14P3WT-BFXR + 0BWT-B25T + JAAT-AACE + AJAT-AAGEPlayer 1's damage meter recovers much faster
15P3WT-BFXR + 0BWT-B25T + AJAT-AACE + AEAT-AAGEPlayer 2's damage meter recovers more slowly
16P3WT-BFXR + 0BWT-B25T + AJAT-AACE + CAAT-AAGEPlayer 2's damage meter recovers faster
17P3WT-BFXR + 0BWT-B25T + AJAT-AACE + JAAT-AAGEPlayer 2's damage meter recovers much faster
18734T-ABYG + YB4T-B26J + ATAT-AABY + BJAT-AAFYPlayer 1 scores fewer points
19734T-ABYG + YB4T-B26J + EAAT-AABY + BJAT-AAFYPlayer 1 scores more points
20734T-ABYG + YB4T-B26J +BJAT-AABY + ATAT-AAFYPlayer 2 scores fewer points
21734T-ABYG + YB4T-B26J + BJAT-AABY + EAAT-AAFYPlayer 2 scores more points
22CTLT-AAC0 + CNLT-AAFEChoose 1 to 19 rounds instead of 1 to 12 on options screen
Hints For Buster Douglas Knock-Out Boxing
1To listen to all the sounds and music in the game, press Start on controller 2 at the Game Select screen.
Cheats For Buster Douglas Knock-Out Boxing
1Continue FightTo have a rematch against any boxer, press Up, B, and Start together. This allows one rematch against each boxer.

Final Blow

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Buster Douglas Knock-Out Boxing
RELEASED:         1990
TYPE:             Sports (boxing)
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          YACEG featuring the noted world champion heavyweight

IMPRESSIONS:      Another one of those mundane arcades with a quickie
                  graphics patch for the celebrity endorsement.  It's
                  little more than a side-view Punch Out clone.

VARIATIONS:       Final Blow (all non-American markets, no celebrity

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Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing (Score: 1)
by asergio on Tuesday, September 04 @ 08:55:37 EDT
(User Info)

This is the worse boxing sim I have ever played on a Génesis.
The graphics are terrible, the sound is bad and tend to irritate after a while. Also you have only five boxers to choose, and you can´t create your own boxer. Please avoid playing this one!!!

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Re: Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing (Score: 1)
by jacksonmf on Wednesday, August 28 @ 12:47:24 EDT
(User Info)

I don't know what asergio is talking about....

This game IS the reason why I

bought the genesis, in the first place.

Playing two players is great. The graphics are

not the best in the world, but the grameplay is

great. Go ahead, so if you can beat the guy

who beat Mike Tyson in his prime


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Re: Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing (Score: 1)
by Captian_Crazy ( on Sunday, September 22 @ 17:45:30 EDT
(User Info)

The worse boxing game on the Genesis. Good graphics, but bad gameplay and a lack of options. A perfect port of the Arcade version, which isn't saying much.

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