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Game Genie™ Codes For Ballz
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1REGT-A6XYInfinite lives
2ABHT-YAG4No continues
3AVHT-YAG4Start with 4 continues
4BFHT-YAG4Start with 9 continues
5CEFT-CADREach round lasts about 10 seconds
6ETFT-CADREach round lasts about 20 seconds
7G2FT-CADREach round lasts about 30 seconds
8PYFT-CADREach round lasts about 1 minute
95JFT-CADREach round lasts about 2 minutes
10KAFT-CCDREach round lasts about 3 minutes
11BAEA-CA3TInfinite time to complete a round
12AKDT-AAD0Everyone is about 2x stronger
13APDT-AAD0Everyone is about 3x stronger
14AVDT-AAD0Everyone is about 4x stronger
15AZDT-AAD0Everyone is about 5x stronger
16AMHA-AA5RBegging does not improve health
17PDHA-BJXRBegging can improve health 2x normal amount
18PDHA-BNXRBegging can improve health 3x normal amount
19PDHA-BYXRBegging can improve health 5x normal amount
20CBNA-CABAPlayer 1 can select any character in the game
21CBNA-CABJPlayer 2 can select any character in the game
22AFHT-CAA8Start on Match 2
23AKHT-CAA8Start on Match 3
24APHT-CAA8Start on Match 4
25AZHT-CAA8Start on Match 5
26A3HT-CAA8Start on Match 6
27A7HT-CAA8Start on Match 7
28BFHT-CAA8Start on Match 8
29BKHT-CAA8Start on Match 9
30BPHT-CAA8Start on Match 10
31BZHT-CAA8Start on Match 11
32B3HT-CAA8Start on Match 12
33CBHT-CAA8Start on Match 13
34AFJV-0AGGKronk starts with almost no health
35JPJV-0AGGKronk starts with 33% health
36TZJV-0AGGKronk starts with 67% health
37WBJV-0CGGKronk starts with 200% health
38MBJV-0EGGKronk starts with 300% health
39AGFB-GADRBoomer starts with almost no health
40JRFB-GADRBoomer starts with 33% health
41T0FB-GADRBoomer starts with 67% health
42WCFB-GCDRBoomer starts with 200% health
43MCFB-GEDRBoomer starts with 300% health
44AF4V-JAAYBruiser starts with almost no health
45JP4V-JAAYBruiser starts with 33% health
46TZ4V-JAAYBruiser starts with 67% health
47WB4V-JCAYBruiser starts with 200% health
48MB4V-JEAYBruiser starts with 300% health
49AFNB-NABJTurbo starts with almost no health
50JPNB-NABJTurbo starts with 33% health
51TZNB-NABJTurbo starts with 67% health
52WBNB-NCBJTurbo starts with 200% health
53MBNB-NEBJTurbo starts with 300% health
54AFHV-YAD2Tsunami starts with almost no health
55JPHV-YAD2Tsunami starts with 33% health
56TZHV-YAD2Tsunami starts with 67% health
57WBHV-YCD2Tsunami starts with 200% health
58MBHV-YED2Tsunami starts with 300% health
59AF2V-LAH6Yoko starts with almost no health
60JP2V-LAH6Yoko starts with 33% health
61TZ2V-LAH6Yoko starts with 67% health
62WB2V-LCH6Yoko starts with 200% health
63MB2V-LEH6Yoko starts with 300% health
64AFRB-RADGDivine starts with almost no health
65JPRB-RADGDivine starts with 33% health
66TZRB-RADGDivine starts with 67% health
67WBRB-RCDGDivine starts with 200% health
68MBRB-REDGDivine starts with 300% health
69AFYB-2AB2Crusher starts with almost no health
70JPYB-2AB2Crusher starts with 33% health
71TZYB-2AB2Crusher starts with 67% health
72WBYB-2CB2Crusher starts with 200% health
73MBYB-2EB2Crusher starts with 300% health
74AEVV-WABTEl Ballz starts with almost no health
75JNVV-WABTEl Ballz starts with 33% health
76TYVV-WABTEl Ballz starts with 67% health
77WAVV-WCBTEl Ballz starts with 200% health
78MAVV-WEBTEl Ballz starts with 300% health
79AE3B-6ACYByte Viper starts with almost no health
80JN3B-6ACYByte Viper starts with 33% health
81TY3B-6ACYByte Viper starts with 67% health
82WA3B-6CCYByte Viper starts with 200% health
83MA3B-6ECYByte Viper starts with 300% health
84AH3B-TAGNLamprey starts with almost no health
85JS3B-TAGNLamprey starts with 33% health
86T13B-TAGNLamprey starts with 67% health
87WD3B-TCGNLamprey starts with 200% health
88MD3B-TEGNLamprey starts with 300% health
89AFXB-WAGTT-Wrecks starts with almost no health
90JPXB-WAGTT-Wrecks starts with 33% health
91TZXB-WAGTT-Wrecks starts with 67% health
92WBXB-WCGTT-Wrecks starts with 200% health
93MBXB-WEGTT-Wrecks starts with 300% health
94AH6V-WADTGuggler starts with almost no health
95JS6V-WADTGuggler starts with 33% health
96T16V-WADTGuggler starts with 67% health
97WD6V-WCDTGuggler starts with 200% health
98MD6V-WEDTGuggler starts with 300% health
99AGYB-WACESpike starts with almost no health
100JRYB-WACESpike starts with 33% health
101T0YB-WACESpike starts with 67% health
102WCYB-WCCESpike starts with 200% health
103MCYB-WECESpike starts with 300% health
104AFPB-TAETBounder starts with almost no health
105JPPB-TAETBounder starts with 33% health
106TZPB-TAETBounder starts with 67% health
107WBPB-TCETBounder starts with 200% health
108MBPB-TEETBounder starts with 300% health
109AE4V-4AEY1st Jester starts with almost no health
110JN4V-4AEY1st Jester starts with 33% health
111TY4V-4AEY1st Jester starts with 67% health
112WA4V-4CEY1st Jester starts with 200% health
113MA4V-4EEY1st Jester starts with 300% health
114AEAA-CAFE2nd Jester starts with almost no health
115JNAA-CAFE2nd Jester starts with 33% health
116TYAA-CAFE2nd Jester starts with 67% health
117WAAA-CCFE2nd Jester starts with 200% health
118MAAA-CEFE2nd Jester starts with 300% health

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Ballz
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    DF Magic/Accolade
RELEASED:         1994
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          An unusual-looking versus fighter with heroes made from
                  stacked steel balls.  Can you fight your way to the top
                  to a one-on-one duel with the Jester?

IMPRESSIONS:      It's always impressive when a 3D game can be pulled off
                  on a 2D platform, but lackluster gameplay cripples this
                  effort. (Rage Games)

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Re: Ballz (Score: 1)
by PACHUKA (egray@!nospam! on Sunday, February 03 @ 19:20:05 EST
(User Info)

Thi was a good attempt at a 3d fighter, however, it's vectorman type graphics make gameplay annoying, and the terrible basic gameplay sucks overall.

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Re: Ballz (Score: 1)
by scool1000 ( on Wednesday, April 24 @ 18:16:35 EDT
(User Info)

a good game with exceptionally good graphics
but it also makes it hard to play

[ Reply ]

Re: Ballz (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Thursday, April 25 @ 11:42:14 EDT
(User Info)

wow.....balls fighting.... lame.. if i want violence ill go play MK1

[ Reply ]

Re: Ballz (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Sunday, August 04 @ 15:47:50 EDT
(User Info)

Possibly the most surreal fighting game I have ever played! Fun though, even if some of the background messages are HIGHLY strange!

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