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The King Of Beggars

Title Screenshot

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             The King of Beggars
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Seichen?
RELEASED:         1993
TYPE:             RPG
LANGUAGE:         Chinese

PREMISE:          A delightful little tale about a wealthy young man named
                  So, who goes from riches to rags overnight, and
                  eventually works his way up to leader of the Beggar
                  Society in an effort to clear his name.  Inspired by the
                  popular Hong Kong film of the same name starring Chinese
                  funnyman Stephen Chiao Sing-Chi and directed by Gordon

IMPRESSIONS:      I had a Chinese friend of mine look this over (he's the
                  one who supplied the title translation), and you should
                  have seen the love light in his eyes.  He knows the movie,
                  and he loves the game.  Hmmm ... at least the movie is in
                  subtitles.  Based on his glowing praise for both, I'm
                  going to have to watch the thing myself someday.

VARIATIONS:       Originally known as Beggar and sometimes translated as
                  The Beggar King.  The first kanji character represents
                  "new," so this is apparently a remake or souped-up
                  bootleg of an earlier effort.  If it is a bootleg, then
                  it's one of the slickest I've seen yet from the Hong Kong

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Re: King Of Beggars (Score: 1)
by Sparxster ( on Sunday, December 30 @ 03:11:24 EST
(User Info)

I'm guessing this game is the same as the megadrive pirate game "Breath of Fire 3" because what happens in the game is similar to this. maybe its because of their stupid piracy stuff they changed the title to BoF3. you can download the BoF3 pirate MD rom from any major emulation site.

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Re: King Of Beggars (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, March 28 @ 04:22:59 EST

That "Breath of Fire 3" Sega Genesis rom (not a pirate you dimwits!) is actually this game! "F" those Goodtool makers and their stupid mistakes! Now everyone recognizes this game for something it isn't!

This game is NOT based on the movie! This game was developed in 1996 by Quan Wei technical Company and C&E together (C&E is known for many unlicensed games)

This is not a bootleg, but perhaps the current dump of it, IS from one, with some slight copyright hacking.

It is loosely based on the Prince and the Pauper.


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Re: King Of Beggars (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, January 01 @ 14:09:55 EST

Kind of asking for help. There is NO other board about this game on the Internet, so I guess I should stick to this one, sorry if I am bothering someone. The problem is: after I kill a tiger, early in the game WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? There is no way out from the cave where I killed the tiger, everybody at the kingdom just ignores me and my items seem useless. Help...

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Re: King Of Beggars (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, January 24 @ 02:06:08 EST

Update 3: The "Breath of Fire 3" Goodtool mistake was recently corrected, it's back to "Xin Qi Gai Wang Zi (Chinese) [a1]".

C&E, inc. and team have control over the translation project now.

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Re: King Of Beggars (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 13 @ 12:30:28 EDT

What the * moron rendered this as King of Beggars? wang2zi3 is the Chinese word for "Prince."

The story is supposed to be loosely based on The Prince & the Pauper. This is how the Prince & the Pauper is always written in Chinese...

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