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Back To The Future 3

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Game Genie™ Codes For Back To The Future 3
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This game challenges your memory and shooting skills as you switch roles between Marty McFly and Doc to help Marty get back to his own time. Normally, you get 4 lives in the buckboard chase. BTF3 Codes 1 thru 5 allow you a choice of numbers. There are lots of codes to use in the shooting gallery. Codes 6 thru 12 give you more or less time. With Codes 13 to 15, you can change the point value of small ducks from the normal 150, and Codes 16 and 17 change the value of the flying ducks from the normal 1200. In the pie-throwing level, Codes 18 to 21 change the number of hits you can take. Experts can key in Code 2 to get only two lives to make it through the buckboard chase.
1BDCT-AA8N + BDDT-AA5WInfinite lives in buckboard chase
2AGJA-AADN2 lives in buckboard chase
3A0JA-AADN6 lives in buckboard chase
4BGJA-AADN10 lives in buckboard chase
5CRJA-AADN20 lives in buckboard chase
6A85T-EAGYShooting gallery timer runs at 4x normal speed
7BL5T-EAGYShooting gallery timer runs at 3x normal speed
8B85T-EAGYShooting gallery timer runs at 2x normal speed
9HW5T-EAGYShooting gallery timer runs at 1/2x normal speed
10ML5T-EAGYShooting gallery timer runs at 1/3x normal speed
11SC5T-EAGYShooting gallery timer runs at 1/4x normal speed
12FW5T-ECGYShooting gallery timer runs at 1/10x normal speed
13C1AT-EAAYSmall ducks worth 1,550 in shooting gallery
14L1AT-ECAYSmall ducks worth 15,550 in shooting gallery
15L1AT-FLAYSmall ducks worth 155,550 in shooting gallery
16EMBA-ECF6Flying ducks worth 12,200 in shooting gallery
17EMBA-FEF6Flying ducks worth 122,200 in shooting gallery
18A95A-GAF04 hits allowed in pie-throwing level
19A15A-GAF06 hits allowed in pie-throwing level
20AS5A-GAF08 hits allowed in pie-throwing level
21ATGA-JA4AInfinite hits allowed in pie-throwing level
Cheats For Back To The Future 3
1Skip StagesTo skip stages in Back To The Future 3, pause the game at any point and simultaneously press these buttons together in this order: UP and A, DOWN and A, LEFT and A, RIGHT and A.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Back to the Future 3
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Probe/Arena
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          It's the third time around for time-traveler errant
                  Marty McFly, and this time he and Doc go back to the
                  days of the Wild West.  Inspired by the Steven Spielberg
                  feature film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox,
                  Christopher Lloyd, and Mary Steenburgen.

IMPRESSIONS:      You've got to hand it to Arena for having the guts to
                  take the crappy inside of a leftover Genesis cartridge,
                  smacking a label on it, and then selling it for fifty
                  bucks.  If you are anything like me and value the time
                  you have in this life, then you'll avoid this game like
                  the bubonic plague. (Derek "Seconal" Hull)

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Re: Back To The Future 3 (Score: 1)
by Samurai_John on Monday, November 26 @ 08:48:45 EST
(User Info)

A Pretty decent game, a lot of mini type games based from the movie! If you loved the movie you'll love the game!

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Re: Back To The Future 3 (Score: 1)
by scool1000 ( on Wednesday, April 24 @ 15:49:33 EDT
(User Info)

Almost like the movie and ok graphics and a cool plot

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Re: Back To The Future 3 (Score: 1)
by Toiletduck on Saturday, July 13 @ 03:47:02 EDT
(User Info)

I wrote a review of the game on my website. Not the worst of the series of craptacular back to the future games, but still a very bad one. Surprised there wasn't any mention of the horribly unfunny quips when you lose. "let's try and find the buffet car!" *SIGH*

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