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BattleToads Series


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Game Genie™ Codes For BattleToads
Download PAT File
1C3BT-AA5AInfinite lives
2AABT-BA7R + ABPA-EAH6Player 1 starts with 1 life
3AJBT-BA7R + AKPA-EAH6Player 1 starts with 3 lives
4ATBT-BA7R + AVPA-EAH6Player 1 starts with 5 lives
5BEBT-BA7R + B1PA-EAH6Player 1 starts with 10 lives
6CNBT-BA7R + CPPA-EAH6Player 1 starts with 20 lives
7AABT-BA7R + ABPA-EAH6 + ABPT-EABGBoth players start with 1 life
8AJBT-BA7R + AKPA-EAH6 + ABPT-EABGBoth players start with 3 lives
9ATBT-BA7R + AVPA-EAH6 + ABPT-EABGBoth players start with 5 lives
10BEBT-BA7R + B1PA-EAH6 + ABPT-EABGBoth players start with 10 lives
11CNBT-BA7R + CPPA-EAH6 + ABPT-EABGBoth players start with 20 lives
12PT7T-AA54 + CKHA-AA5JTake less damage
13APBT-AAD4 + AN0T-AAALStart with 1 energy block
14BPBT-AAD4 + BN0T-AAALStart with 3 energy blocks
15CPBT-AAD4 + CN0T-AAALStart with 5 energy blocks
16AA5T-B92YExtremely bogus jump
17AA5T-B72YMildly bogus jump
18AA5T-B52YBogus jump
19AA5T-BZ2YHigher jump
20AA5T-BV2YSuper jump
22AJZT-AAC4Start on level 2
23ANZT-AAC4Start on level 3
24ATZT-AAC4Start on level 4
25AYZT-AAC4Start on level 5
26A2ZT-AAC4Start on level 6
27A6ZT-AAC4Start on level 7
28BAZT-AAC4Start on level 8
29BEZT-AAC4Start on level 9
30BJZT-AAC4Start on level 10
31BNZT-AAC4Start on level 11
32BTZT-AAC4Start on level 12
33BYZT-AAC4Start on level 13
Hints For BattleToads
1To do this trick you must be very quick! In the beginning of the first level, head-butt the two pigs that appear and then quickly run over to the first platform on the right. Jump onto the platform and there will be a glowing warp. Move into the warp and you'll get a screen that tells you that you can advance two levels! Make sure that you are fast or the warp will disappear.
Cheats For BattleToads
1Stage Selects, Extra Lives, and Mega WarpThis trick will give you a level select and 10 lives for the team-up of the century. To do this trick, go to the Character Select Screen and do the following: Press DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, C, A, B, and the press START. A screen will appear allowing you to go to any stage in the game. However, you will not get "REAL" ending should you beat the game using this trick.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Battletoads series (2 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Rare/Tradewest
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Who you gonna call?  The Battletoads?  Yes, these three,
                  er, um, "fellas" would make turtle soup out of the Ninja
                  Turtles - and besides, their chief nemesis the Dark Queen
                  has more sex appeal than Shredder ever would.  A series
                  of platform fighters that appear to be either a tongue-
                  in-cheek homage or a direct ripoff of the Teenage Mutant
                  Ninja Turtles.

IMPRESSIONS:      Venerable platform slugfest ported from the old NES, but
                  with several minor improvements.  It's difficult, but
                  it's worth checking out. (Rage Games)

VARIATIONS:       Battletoads (1991, straightforward port of the 8-bit NES
                    original with several minor improvements - difficult,
                    according to Rage Games, but worth checking out)
                  Battletoads and Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team (1993,
                    the Lee twins help the Battletoads fight space aliens -
                    a bit more of a fighter than its predecessor, but the
                    graphics have taken a hit in the process)

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Re: BattleToads Series (Score: 1)
by Vintage_Gamer on Thursday, December 13 @ 01:19:35 EST
(User Info)

BT&DD Is a good sidescroller beat em' up. Very cartooney in appearance and if ya play as one of the toads, the moves are unrealistic, such as a anvil hand smash (literally). The dragons have the same moves as always, jumpkick, uppercut, ect.

The graphics, although dated are colorful and the sound is not what it could be, This is really just a clone of the NES version, so if you've played that ya know what to expect. The rope sequences and speeder sequences break up the monotany a bit.

All in all a good FF clone.

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Re: BattleToads Series (Score: 1)
by PACHUKA (egray@!nospam! on Sunday, February 03 @ 19:17:42 EST
(User Info)

I played this first on the NES, and it's all in all a good game. But sadly, it was mostly sold for it's two famous groups, bunched together, and the gameplay ended up being a tad worse then the origional battletoads.

[ Reply ]

Re: BattleToads Double dragon (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 22 @ 18:15:59 EDT
(User Info)

If you ever played battel toads, and doubledragon YOU WONT BE ABLE TO WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THEM TO TEAM UP! its a great duo! and a great buy!

[ Reply ]

Re: BattleToads (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 29 @ 10:55:53 EDT
(User Info)

I love these game series.. its a great game! great fightin, and also a great graphic surpream game! I like it! (not that it matters) but it is a realy great game!

[ Reply ]

Re: BattleToads Series (Score: 1)
by SIR ( on Wednesday, May 05 @ 11:44:26 EDT
(User Info) http://Freeserve

The graphics on the first game are REALLY awful, yet the game is still enjoyable and because the gameplay is quite good it therefore elevates it out of 'Toxic Crusaders' class.

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Re: BattleToads Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, November 01 @ 04:17:22 EST

I always hated these... An ugly looking Golden Axe clone, whith very small characters (but toard aren't that big, are they ;-).

But when I read your reactions, I perhaps was judging wrong!?

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