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688 Attack Sub

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Game Genie™ Codes For 688 Attack Sub
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Lots of fine detail in this Cold War submarine-warfare simulator game. You get to pilot either a U.S. or a Soviet nuclear attack sub, with many features and options to choose from. SUB Codes 11 thru 20 let you load up on torpedoes for various missions. Ditto Codes 21 thru 29, but with missiles. Some technical tips: Remember that Alfa-class submarines carry no missiles. For Codes 1 thru 36, the normal quantities and types of armaments vary depending on mission and submarine chosen. Codes 37 thru 43 apply to all missions. With Codes 30 thru 36, missile quantities apply to all missions except Hit and Run, where the number of missiles is fixed at 4. Usually, the Towed Array is lost for the duration of the mission once it has been cut. Codes 42 and 43 change that.
1AALT-CNE2 + AALT-CNGR6 torpedoes--Torpex '89 mission
2AALT-CNE8 + A2LT-CAGY6 torpedoes--Shake 'Em mission
3A2LT-CAG46 torpedoes--Sub Ops mission
4AALT-CNFE6 torpedoes--Mumar Cadaver mission
5AALT-CNFL + A2LT-CAHA6 torpedoes--Escape mission
6AALT-CNFT6 torpedoes--Goulash mission
7AALT-CNF0 + A2LT-CAHG6 torpedoes--Cat Walk mission
8AALT-CNF6 + A2LT-CAHN6 torpedoes--Surprise Party mission
9AALT-CNGC + A2LT-CAHW6 torpedoes--Homecoming mission
10AALT-CNGJ6 torpedoes--Hit and Run mission
11AALT-CAN2 + AALT-CARR32 torpedoes--Torpex '89 mission
12AALT-CAN8 + EALT-CAGY32 torpedoes--Shake 'Em mission
13EALT-CAG432 torpedoes--Sub Ops mission
14AALT-CAPE32 torpedoes--Mumar Cadaver mission
15AALT-CAPL + EALT-CAHA32 torpedoes--Escape mission
16AALT-CAPT32 torpedoes--Goulash mission
17AALT-CAP0 + EALT-CAHG32 torpedoes--Cat Walk mission
18AALT-CAP6 + EALT-CAHN32 torpedoes--Surprise Party mission
19AALT-CARC + EALT-CAHW32 torpedoes--Homecoming mission
20AALT-CARJ32 torpedoes--Hit and Run mission
21A2LT-DAE6 + A2LT-DAGW16 missiles--Torpex '89 mission
22A2LT-DAFC16 missiles--Shake 'Em mission
23A2LT-DAFJ16 missiles--Mumar Cadaver mission
24A2LT-DAFR16 missiles--Escape mission
25A2LT-DAFY16 missiles--Goulash mission
26A2LT-DAF416 missiles--Cat Walk mission
27A2LT-DAGA16 missiles--Surprise Party mission
28A2LT-DAGG16 missiles--Homecoming mission
29CALT-CAGL16 missiles--Hit and Run mission
30AALT-CAE2 + AALT-CAE6 + REHT-A6ZYAll subs carry 0 torpedoes
31AYLT-CLE2 + AALT-CAE6 + REHT-A6ZYAll subs carry 5 torpedoes
32AYLT-CLE2 + AYLT-CLE6 + REHT-A6ZYAll subs carry 5 torpedoes, 5 missiles and 5 noisemakers
33BJLT-CYE2 + AALT-CAE6 + REHT-A6ZYAll subs carry 10 torpedoes, 0 missiles
34BJLT-CYE2 + BJLT-CYE6 + REHT-A6ZYAll subs carry 10 torpedoes, 10 missiles and 10 noisemakers
35B6LT-C8E2 + B6LT-C8E6 + REHT-A6ZYAll subs carry 15 torpedoes, 15 missiles and 15 noisemakers
36DELT-DWE2 + DELT-DWE6 + REHT-A6ZYAll subs carry 25 torpedoes, 25 missiles and 25 noisemakers
37AJHA-BT8L + HF9T-AJGL + AF9T-AAGN + 2THT-BGA4Emergency Surface manuever can be performed 2x instead of only 1x
38ATHA-BT8L + HF9T-AJGL + AF9T-AAGN + 2THT-BGA4Emergency Surface manuever can be performed 4x
39BAHA-BT8L + HF9T-AJGL + AF9T-AAGN + 2THT-BGA4Emergency Surface manuever can be performed 8x
40A39T-AA8LEmergency Surface manuever can be performed infinite times
41HEHT-AET4Emergency Surface manuever cannot be performed at all
42ACAA-AAE8Towed Array may be redeployed after it has been cut
439THT-BGKA + AAHT-B73C + SAHT-A6VGTowed Array already cut (unavailable) at start of mission

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             688 Attack Sub
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Electronic Arts
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Simulation (military)
LANGUAGE:         English (with Russian on some instrument consoles)

PREMISE:          Command either an American or Russian nuclear attack
                  submarine in various Cold War missions around the world.

IMPRESSIONS:      A better-than-average submarine simulation that was
                  much ballyhooed in its day, but shows its age now.

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Re: 688 Attack Sub (Score: 1)
by Daniel on Thursday, August 23 @ 18:11:00 EDT
(User Info)

A quite good Submarine simulator. I think it is a little slow but the grafics are ok. An average game. Only for the real simulation player.

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Re: 688 Attack Sub (Score: 1)
by PACHUKA (egray@!nospam! on Sunday, February 03 @ 21:19:21 EST
(User Info)

Here's a fun thing to do, turn engines full blast, turning full left, and the depth all the way down!

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Re: 688 Attack Sub (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, May 03 @ 11:48:43 EDT

Hi! I'm Valet2.

This Russian is NOT Russian!

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Re: 688 Attack Sub (Score: 1)
by Hyzenthlay on Wednesday, May 05 @ 02:15:32 EDT
(User Info)

Heres another fun thing to do. If you actually own the cartridge version of this game, grasp it firmly with both hands, bend the knees slightly, then quickly and firmly insert it into your butt. Once youve achieved this, do a sumu-style ass-dive off of a tall structure of some kind, thus shattering the game, as well as the inside of your rectum (well-deserved punishment for owning the game in the first place)

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