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Two Crude Dudes

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Game Genie™ Codes For Two Crude Dudes
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2-player simultaneous action and great graphics contribute to this all-around fun fighting game.
1A2BA-AAFTStart with 6 lives--each player
2B6BA-AAFTStart with 7 lives--each player
3BABA-AAFTStart with 8 lives--each player
4BEBA-AAFTStart with 9 lives--each player
5A2BA-AAFJStart with 6 continues
6A6BA-AAFJStart with 7 continues
7BABA-AAFJStart with 8 continues
8BEBA-AAFJStart with 9 continues
9AJ0A-AABGStart on level 2
10AN0A-AABGStart on level 3
11AT0A-AABGStart on level 4
12AY0A-AABGStart on level 5, first part
13A20A-AABGStart on level 5, second part
14AWYT-AA22Enemies do not hurt
15AHDT-CAACDisc cutter is easier to kill
16A5DT-CAACDisc cutter is harder to kill
17AHDA-CAGAHunchback is easier to kill
18A5DA-CAGAHunchback is harder to kill
19AHDA-CAG0Commander is easier to kill
20CDDA-CAG0Commander is harder to kill
21AHDT-CAE6Heavy Snake is easier to kill
22DXDT-CAE6Heavy Snake is harder to kill
23AHDA-CAFLGrease Monkey is easier to kill
24C5DA-CAFLGrease Monkey is harder to kill
25AHDT-CAFNMaster Reaper is easier to kill
26D5DT-CAFNMaster Reaper is harder to kill
27AHDA-CAHNRabid Hounds are easier to kill
28CDDA-CAHNRabid Hounds are harder to kill
29AHDT-CAA2Mad Bomber is easier to kill
30CDDT-CAA2Mad Bomber is harder to kill
31AHDT-CAC4Cyborg D is easier to kill
32DDDT-CAC4Cyborg D is harder to kill
33AHDT-CADTHand Sniper is easier to kill
34D9DT-CADTHand Sniper is harder to kill
35AHDT-CAGJRhino-man is easier to kill
36EDDT-CAGJRhino-man is harder to kill
37AHET-CAAWSanta Imposter is easier to kill
38DMET-CAAWSanta Imposter is harder to kill
39AHFT-CAGWPyromaniac is easier to kill
40DDFT-CAGWPyromaniac is harder to kill
Cheats For Two Crude Dudes
1Extra 3 ContinuesHere is a rather simple method to gain a few extra continues and get futher in the game. Start a one player game and go through it as normal. When you are on your last continue with only a little bit of energy left, press START on controller 2, kill off your first player and play as the second player with a full load of 3 extra continues. Now, you can get futher in the game.

Crude Buster

Title Screenshot

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Two Crude Dudes
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          There's trouble in the bombed-out slums, so the President
                  sends in two mercenary mutants to clean out the place.

IMPRESSIONS:      Typical post-apocalyptic platform fighter in the same
                  vein as Double Dragon, but with better graphics.  A fair
                  set of moves to work with, and it is possible to hurt
                  your buddy in two-player dual-play mode.  Fun to play, if
                  not exactly original.

VARIATIONS:       Crude Busters (all non-American markets)

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Re: Two Crude Dudes (Score: 1)
by Kimbal on Friday, October 26 @ 02:59:01 EDT
(User Info)

The horizontal beat-and-up game, similar to shinobi, but with only fighting and some impossible moves(hold up a car and dump it to people) :).

I would said this to be a good game, but not great at all, as the graphics there is not very well and the enemy is repetitive, and somehow, the game is quite hard, so not very enjoyable.

Nevertheless, the dual-player modes could make you "rejoyes" the game.

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Re: Two Crude Dudes (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Monday, July 22 @ 22:31:48 EDT
(User Info)

I found this game amusing for about half an hour, then I got bored and started playing Toki again!

[ Reply ]

Re: Two Crude Dudes (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 08 @ 19:10:38 EDT

Dunno if it's the case with this but in the original game there was a cola machine at the end of each stage that you could beat the crap out of and drink the cola to replenish energy. However if you beat up the machine without drinking any coke you were awarded a 1up or something.

[ Reply ]

Re: Two Crude Dudes (Score: 1)
by damin3 on Monday, April 14 @ 09:09:05 EDT
(User Info)

this is a good game very good game.a beat them up game yeaaa.

[ Reply ]

Re: Two Crude Dudes (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, June 19 @ 23:38:28 EDT

I remember one of your enemies attacked you by taking a crap on you. And the whole picking up taxi cabs and throwing them at your enemies? Honestly, I think that the creators might have dropped acid or something.

[ Reply ]

Re: Two Crude Dudes (Score: 1)
by SIR ( on Monday, August 18 @ 21:26:51 EDT
(User Info) http://Freeserve

I didn't notice the crapping parts on this game perhaps it should have been named 2 Vulgar Dudes! Good beat-em-up for the genny and a good laugh.

[ Reply ]

What if? (Score: 1)
by Norrin_Radd on Tuesday, September 24 @ 07:08:41 EDT
(User Info)

I use to own this game, and I have to say, this game had some major "Dude" Action in it.

But I can't help but wonder, what if the"Two Crude Dudes" Teamed up with "Bad Dudes" from NES.

Could such an onslaught of Dudicular behaviour be permitted? I project that such an attack on our Dude Detectors would most likely overload our ability to excrete with any accuracy, or even be able to maintain an erection.

Further more, I don't recommend anyone have these two games in the same house, let alone the same state, Province, country, or planet. The Amount of Dudes would certainly be catastrophic. Could Earth handle this much dudes, bad or crude?

Now It comes two the big question, which game had more "Dude Action"????????

The scary thing is I own both these titles. But I keep them locked in my Cellar, in a box. Dare I unleash the wave of Dudeness?

Someone better stop me.... I , I can't hold it back any longer, AHHHHHHH! AHHHHH!

It is done. Look, I am so strong now with the power of Crude and Bad Dudes, I can lift cars, and yes, Tanks two. Let see if my skills with knifes have improved... Yes they are razor sharp.

The president has been kidnapped by ninja's. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president.
-=Bad dudes=- NES

With the help of the Two Crude Dudes, I am......

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