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Light Crusader

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Light Crusader
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Treasure
RELEASED:         1995
TYPE:             Adventure
LANGUAGE:         Multilanguage

PREMISE:          In an age of heroes and adventurers, a solitary knight
                  named David has returned to find his hometown in turmoil.
                  People have been disappearing and no one seems to know
                  why.  Being a noble warrior and a friend of the king and
                  the people, David is appointed with the quest of finding
                  the missing people and stopping the horror that ravages
                  the town folk.  Armed with a sword, the four elemental
                  magics, and his wits, David must travel to the depths
                  below the town to stop goblins, a renegade wizard's
                  guild, and numerous monstrous bosses before his job is
                  done. (Game Informer)

IMPRESSIONS:      An average-looking title.  The gameplay could have been
                  better, but you won't be disappointed if you like RPGs.

VARIATIONS:       Relayer (alternate title)

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by Anonymous on Thursday, November 18 @ 18:13:47 EST

Next to Mortal Kombat, Light Crusader is the greatest Sega Genesis Game of all time! The story is good, theres great graphics (for the time of course), nice music, and a really great sense of free will. You can really walk around in the town and buy stuff, talk to people, it may sound like your typical RPG but its not. BUY THIS GAME OR YOU WILL DIE!!!

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Light Crusader (Score: 1)
by Hiryu on Saturday, November 17 @ 22:46:18 EST
(User Info)

This a departure from treasures platform work. But I'm am never dissapointed with treasure. This game plays with straight with your run of the mill save the world kill the evil guy theme. No quirky treausure stuff. Though that would have been nice, this game stands on it's own. It's a fun isometric adventure similar to Zelda. Definately worth a try! I give it a 9.

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Light Crusader (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, February 29 @ 15:08:27 EST

very very cool game too this day i could even put my ps2 aside and start up a good game of light crusader.

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Read this instead of reading the one above. It's fixed. (Score: 1)
by Hiryu on Saturday, November 17 @ 22:55:14 EST
(User Info)

Excuse my crappy typing from before, this keyboard sucks! Here's how the review should look since there's no edit command on here. This is a departure from Treasure's great platform work. But I'm never dissapointed with the great work of Treasure. This game plays it straight with your run of the mill "save the world and kill the evil guy" theme. No quirky treausure stuff here. This game stands on it's own. It's a fun isometric adventure similar to Zelda. Definately worth a try! I give it a 9.

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