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Game Genie™ Codes For Growl
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This is a great fighting game that gives you powerful weapons. You use them to save animals from poachers--a worthy cause. Boost your ammo quantities to unheard-of levels or cut it back to zero by selecting from GRR Codes 4 thru 18. For Codes 20 thru 27, the number of shots you get with the new weapon the codes have given you will still be the same number as the original weapon you picked up. For example, with Code 23, if you pick up a rocket launcher, it becomes a pistol, but there will be only 4 shots in it--like the rocket launcher. Of course, if you have also used one of shot codes, such as 14 thru 18, you can change the number of rocket-launcher shots.
2R1XA-C6W2Infinite energy
3AVHT-AA6WInfinite credits
4ABPA-GAC8Each pistol has 0 bullets
5AKPA-GAC8Each pistol has 2 bullets
6AVPA-GAC8Each pistol has 4 bullets
7BBPA-GAC8Each pistol has 8 bullets
8AW9T-AA4YEach pistol has infinite bullets
9ABPA-GADAEach AK-47 has 0 bursts
10AKPA-GADAEach AK-47 has 2 bursts
11AVPA-GADAEach AK-47 has 4 bursts
12A3PA-GADAEach AK-47 has 6 bursts
13AXAA-AA5NEach AK-47 has infinite bursts
14ABPA-GADCEach rocket launcher has 0 rockets
15AKPA-GADCEach rocket launcher has 2 rockets
16A3PA-GADCEach rocket launcher has 6 rockets
17BBPA-GADCEach rocket launcher has 8 rockets
18AXAT-AA3AEach rocket launcher has infinite rockets
19ACHT-B69TEach object picked up is nothing
20AGHT-B69TEach object picked up is a knife
21ALHT-B69TEach object picked up is an iron bar
22ARHT-B69TEach object picked up is a sword
23AWHT-B69TEach object picked up is a pistol
24A0HT-B69TEach object picked up is an AK-47
25A4HT-B69TEach object picked up is a rocket launcher
26A8HT-B69TEach object picked up is a whip
27BCHT-B69TEach object picked up is a grenade


Title Screenshot

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Growl
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          In the early 20th century, a group of reckless poachers
                  nearly hunted the big game animals of Africa into
                  extinction.  Guess what?  You are the lone ranger who
                  has the unenviable task of getting rid of them.

IMPRESSIONS:      A shallow platform fighter that deserves to get the crap
                  beaten out of it at every chance that comes along, due
                  in part to its politically correct plot and in part to
                  the fact that it's such a sorry piece of code.

VARIATIONS:       Runark (Japanese original)

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Re: Growl (Score: 1)
by Vintage_Gamer on Monday, December 17 @ 01:18:42 EST
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Poor double dragon wannabe, Frustrating, stupid, and no fun at all. Can I kill my speakers now, oh forgot my ears are bleeding from the noise.....

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