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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Worms
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Team 17/Ocean
RELEASED:         1995
TYPE:             Strategy
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          You command a smallish army staffed with worms trained
                  for various duties.  Your object is to fight a war, and
                  your goal is to be the last worm left crawling....

IMPRESSIONS:      A rather intriguing strategy game with a tongue-in-cheek
                  sense of humor that proved to be quite popular.  Think of
                  it as a mix of Lemmings and Cannon Fodder

VARIATIONS:       The sequel, Worms 2 - Armageddon, is not available for
                  the G/MD.

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Let's blow up some worms! (Score: 1)
by Hiryu on Thursday, June 28 @ 19:28:25 EDT
(User Info)

A great game by Team 17 that feature 4 worms on each team fighting for their lives. You get to either name your team or pick a preselected team. There are tons and tons of battlefields that are randomly generated. Each team is armed with weapons galore such as bazooka's and shotguns and baseball bats! Lot's of fun multiplayer, only one controller required. Definately check it out! I give it a 9.

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Re: Worms (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Wednesday, April 24 @ 11:19:47 EDT
(User Info)

I have this for I think the PC.. THIS CAME OUT SOR GENESIS! Im gonna buy this Its well worth what ever the price! Worm against worm with cartoon antics on the battle feild!!

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Re: Worms (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Thursday, August 08 @ 22:02:12 EDT
(User Info)

Did this game com out in the US? I know it was develope in the UK so maybe you guys got a delayed release or something...

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