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Ecco The Dolphin Series

Ecco 2 - The Tides Of Time

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Game Genie™ Codes For Ecco 2 - The Tides Of Time
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1ADLA-WAD4Eating fish does not heal at all
2BDLA-WAD4Eating fish heals 1/2x as much as usual
3EDLA-WAD4Eating fish heals 2x as much as usual
4HDLA-WAD4Eating fish heals Ecco completely
5AKZA-TA7AInfinite air
6REAA-W6V0Infinite health and air
7A4KT-2A38Always have 360-degree sonar blast
8ALBA-4A8RNo rings lost for missing gates in 3D stages
9AKCT-4A7NNo rings lost for shooting gates in 3D stages
10AB0A-TAGYStart on Sea of Green
11AF0A-TAGYStart on Deep Ridge
12AK0A-TAGYStart on The Eye
13AP0A-TAGYStart on Sea of Birds
14AV0A-TAGYStart on Secret Cave
15AZ0A-TAGYStart on The Hungry Ones
16A30A-TAGYStart on Convergence
17A70A-TAGYStart on Globe Holder
18BF0A-TAGYStart on Two Tides
19BK0A-TAGYStart on The Lost Orcas
20BP0A-TAGYStart on Vents of Medusa
21BV0A-TAGYStart on Four Islands
22BZ0A-TAGYStart on Maze of Stone
23B30A-TAGYStart on Home Bay
24B70A-TAGYStart on Sea of Darkness
25CB0A-TAGYStart on Crystal Springs
26CF0A-TAGYStart on Fault Zone
27CK0A-TAGYStart on Gateway
28CP0A-TAGYStart on Trellia's Bay
29CV0A-TAGYStart on Skyway
30CZ0A-TAGYStart on Asterite's Cave
31C30A-TAGYStart on Eagle's Bay
32C70A-TAGYStart on Fin to Feather
33DB0A-TAGYStart on Skylands
34DF0A-TAGYStart on Tube of Medusa
35DK0A-TAGYStart on Vortex Arrived
36DP0A-TAGYStart on Aqua Tubeway
37DV0A-TAGYStart on Sky Tides
38DZ0A-TAGYStart on Moray Abyss
39D30A-TAGYStart on Asterite's Home
40D70A-TAGYStart on Epilogue
41EB0A-TAGYStart on Atlantis
42EF0A-TAGYStart on Fish City
43EK0A-TAGYStart on City of Forever
44EP0A-TAGYStart on Black Clouds
45EV0A-TAGYStart on Vortex Future
46EZ0A-TAGYStart on Gravitor Box
47E30A-TAGYStart on Lunar Bay
48E70A-TAGYStart on Dark Sea
49FB0A-TAGYStart on New Machine
50FF0A-TAGYStart on Inside
51FK0A-TAGYStart on Inter
52FP0A-TAGYStart on Innuendo
53FV0A-TAGYStart on Trans
54FZ0A-TAGYStart on Vortex Queen
55F30A-TAGYStart on Big Water
56F70A-TAGYStart on The Pod
57GB0A-TAGYStart on TMachine
Hints For Ecco 2 - The Tides Of Time
1To access the Hard mode without using the level select, in the starting area immediately break the two shells over Ecco's head. Swim into the tunnel to start the game in Hard mode.
Cheats For Ecco 2 - The Tides Of Time
1Debug ScreenDuring gameplay, turn Ecco around to the left or right, and when he is facing you, pause it. Push these buttons: A,B,C,B,C,A,C,A,B. A debug screen will appear that lets you do all sorts of "cheats".
Passwords For Ecco 2 - The Tides Of Time
1A0JRDZWAAsterite's Cave
3CLOCVFZEBlack Clouds
4WSSXZKVACity Of Forever
5UEPMCVEBCrystal Springs
8YCJPDNDBEagle's Bay
10OZUNSKZAFault Zone
11YCPAWEXAFin To Feather
13UOYURFDBFour Islands
15SBFPWWJEGlobe Holder
19UQZWIIABSea Of Darkness
20CHGTEYZESecret Cave
24QSJRYHZATube Of Medusa
26MMVSOPBBVents Of Medusa
27OKIMTBPAVortex Queen

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Ecco the Dolphin series (3 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Novotrade
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Platform
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          A series of platform games concerning a talented dolphin
                  and the underwater habitat that he strives to protect
                  from various and sundry threats.

IMPRESSIONS:      A remake of an old gaming classic, this has spectacular
                  graphics and animation.  Now if weren't for those
                  frustratingly difficult puzzles, it would be a classic
                  all over again.  Still, it's an original approach to
                  the proven platform formula.  Spawned two sequels that
                  are both as eye-catching and difficult as the original.

VARIATIONS:       Ecco the Dolphin (1993, Ecco is separated from his family
                    by a freak storm and spends the next 20 or so levels
                    trying to save them and the rest of his fellow dolphins
                    from harm)
                  Ecco 2 - The Tides of Time (1994, Ecco must save all of
                    the world's sealife from a futuristic threat - adds the
                    ability for Ecco to morph into other sea creatures)
                  Ecco Jr. (1995, tooled for a younger mindset, casts you
                    as Ecco's son who along with his friends goes in search
                    of the old blue whale)

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin 1 (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 22 @ 15:37:34 EDT
(User Info)

Okay... im gonna wing this one only because I have this game for SEGA CD! its basicly the same as the genesis version.. but theres music!!!! Its a fun game... in theses tuff times I never pictured my self as a dolphin.. but this game helps me though theses tuff times! just look at him awwwwwwwww hes cute! wanna a fish? huh? fishy? there you go!

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin 1 And 2 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, October 09 @ 16:19:37 EDT

It's an amazing game! Haunting music, lovely graphics, but it's impossible! I'm stuck on the 4th level! I have competed it by cheating though.

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin 2 (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 22 @ 15:38:38 EDT
(User Info)

okay I Actualy have this one for Genesis! Its just like part 1 but a better story line (in my opinon) Its a hell of a good game! Graphics, puzzles, and learn the way of the dolphin!!!

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 1)
by TReid ( on Wednesday, June 27 @ 16:24:38 EDT
(User Info)

EGM's Quarterman had discussed a game involving a Dolphin long before Ecco was released. No one could imagine how the game would play. I thought Sega did a very inovative job with the game controls.

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 1)
by demonsweat777 on Saturday, June 30 @ 07:46:17 EDT
(User Info)

The graphics are kinda nice, especially in Ecco 2. The games are very long and hard. Sometimes frustrating. The exploration and puzzle solving kept me stuck playing them until they were done. For some reason, it's fun as heck to just swim around and do a few jumps and flips for a while. Cool game, but very difficult. I could never beat the game without the cheat code though, and if you use the code it tells you at the end of the game to try again without cheating. :(

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 1)
by Vintage_Gamer on Monday, December 17 @ 01:24:35 EST
(User Info)

I love this game....
Yeah it's hard at times, but the graphics and sound(on sega cd) kick ass and take names. One of those rare treats that's a NEW idea for once! only thing is whats up with the "Thump" noise when you eat fish?

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, January 13 @ 09:25:49 EST

Ecco the Dolphin, one of my favorites on the Sega Genesis... I simply love challenging games, and Ecco was in those days a real challenge! I guess the puzzles weren't even the toughest part, but trying to translate English into my language, German, without ever having learned English at all was a real challenge ;)

Well, if you want to get to know a lot more about Ecco the dolphin, please visit my website, please visit my site at


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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 1)
by smokeDogg on Friday, January 18 @ 06:40:48 EST
(User Info)

On concept alone, it almost makes it to the finishing line... A "Swim em' up" perhaps?

A haunting soundtrack and fantastic sound effects combine with some beautiful artwork (featuring one of the most varied and colourful palettes on the gen') to create a totally unique atmosphere.
It's difficult, dispite having an unlimited supply of lives, some levels feel like a chore to complete. The huge emphasis on exploration may put some people off and the slow pacing means some won't witness the spectacular final showdown.

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Sunday, August 04 @ 16:59:42 EDT
(User Info)

Fantastic game, comic series (inn the uk only though) and character.Although I still wish I could get one of the limited edition special packs of the first game.

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 1)
by segamaster ( on Wednesday, September 18 @ 18:01:53 EDT
(User Info) http://none

i just have the first one. very cool. i didn't know that in the second one that ecco could morph into diffrent animals. that alone is going to make me get that game!

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 1)
by DryGin on Tuesday, October 08 @ 01:02:22 EDT
(User Info)

Just remember...
You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, February 25 @ 14:57:37 EST

I have it for the Mega Drive(European Version Of Genesis

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Re: Ecco The Dolphin Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, March 21 @ 20:50:47 EST

I really loved the game Ecco 2; the puzzles are great and very different of the puzzles of the 1st game (the part that I like most is the part of rebuilding Asterite – hard, but cool). I finished the game, but I have 3 questions: 1. What are that strange blue creatures swimming around at City of Forever? I saw one of them after defeating Vortex Queen, but I didn’t understand that… 2. What happens with Ecco when he destroys (or tries to destroy) the time machine, at the final of this same level? 3. What the hell serves that secret password that appears at the final of the game?! (Of course I tried to use it, but it isn’t work… Damn it…) Please try to give the answers. Thanks.

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