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Langrisser Hikari Series


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Hints For Warsong
1Here's a list of magic items and some of their effects.
  • Great Sword +2 attack
  • Shield +4 defense
  • Wand +2 attack
  • Cross +2 defense
  • Amulet +2 defense, increased influence area
  • Warsong Big + for attack and defense
  • Dragon Slayer Bigger + for attack
  • Evil Axe Enormous + for attack, big - for defense
  • Orb Magic takes half as much energy
Cheats For Warsong
1Level SelectBegin a game, then press A to reduce the map. Move the cursor to the upper left-hand side corner of the screen. Next, move the cursor one space right and one space down. Finally, hold down B until a scenario number appears. Press UP and DOWN to pick a stage. You will begin the stage using the commanders you had when you initiated Level Select.
2Sound SelectThis trick is the same as above, but in the normal sized map.

Langrisser Hikari

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Langrisser Hikari series (2 titles)
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             RPG
LANGUAGE:         English and Japanese

PREMISE:          Prince Elwin, the son of King Alfador of Baltia, is given
                  care of the legendary sword Warsong in order to battle
                  the forces of the evil Dalsis empire.  A highly regarded
                  series of RPGs from a company not noted for such games.

IMPRESSIONS:      The first is an average-looking and average playing game
                  that in the long run does little more than set the stage
                  for its predecessor.  The second is generally considered
                  to be the best strategy-oriented RPG for the plaform with
                  the possible exception of Vixen 357, which uses the same
                  engine.  Both have good graphics and decent sound, and
                  will keep fantasy RPG fans suitably entertained.

VARIATIONS:       The first game was released for the SNES under the title
                  Der Langrisser and in an English version for the Genesis
                  under the title Warsong.  Because of this, the second
                  game is often called Der Langrisser 2 or Warsong 2.  The
                  English version changes many of the character names; for
                  example, Prince Elwin becomes Prince Garrett.

                  Langrisser Hikari (1991, Prince Elwin escapes into the
                    to raise an army after the Dalsis lay seige to his
                    father's castle)
                  Langrisser Hikari 2 (1994, Prince Elwin and his faithful
                    friend Hein embark upon a quest to find Hein's
                    kidnapped friend Riana)

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Langrisser Hikari (Score: 1)
by DarkWolf on Monday, July 23 @ 22:29:12 EDT
(User Info)

Warsong was unfortunately the only USA release of the popular Langrisser series. The Langrisser series has a great engine, the game is more strategy than RPG, which I like a lot. Instead of the same old RPG routine you get to control your commanders and watch your soldiers fight to the death. Langrisser Hikari II is even better than the first, with crisp graphics, more troop types, and even different facial expressions. Leon kicks ass...

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Re: Langrisser Hikari Series (Score: 1)
by ozy on Tuesday, June 26 @ 15:04:24 EDT
(User Info)

My favorite ever game on the Genesis! Awesome, amazing game thats literally sapped away months/years of my life through sheer addiction! Can't recommend it enough for people who like SRPGs.

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Re: Langrisser Hikari Series (Score: 1)
by Kimbal on Sunday, October 14 @ 03:35:29 EDT
(User Info)

what can I say about this game?.... The rpg game that leads gamer to buy this machine!! This game provide many new elements to the "chess" liked rpg, a class changing system(your Characters would change to other types of fighter, as your wish), a solider employing system, some secret weapons and scenario, and a well story. And also, none of your characters would left you(remember in other game, some of your well tranined would go away without asking you!!:-) the graphics and sound is not perfect, but they are both up to the standard of the genesis machine. The game play is easy, no complex moves like the "Daisenryaku", just "beat an up". For RPG gamer, they would like it! But if you can't read some japanese, sorry, you may disappointed from the magic use and the story in the second version of the game. (there are a complete translation on it(but without the ending...) at For the chinese translation there, that it's the complete translation... only first few chapter and the the prolog are translated in that game, do try the english translation there instead...:-(

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Re: Langrisser Hikari Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, July 14 @ 00:06:50 EDT

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Re: Langrisser Hikari Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, May 11 @ 20:06:59 EDT

Yep simple great and too bad the rest of the games aren't as fun as the first. The game is so good that its sad that we donít have more like it.

Also there is a code to get all the weapons. woo hoo
I would have liked to make a game like this with 2 players and to be longer but not many know of how good the game is to try.

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Re: Langrisser Hikari Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, April 24 @ 19:00:31 EDT

You've made a bunch of mistakes in your description of these great games. Warson is the English title of Langrisser. Der Langrisser is an expanded version of Langrisser 2, not a remake of Langrisser 1.

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