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F1 Series

F1 Grand Prix

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             F1 series (3 titles)
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Racing (Formula One)
LANGUAGE:         English and Japanese

PREMISE:          A series of very different Formula One YACEGs endorsed by
                  one of Japan's top drivers, Satoru Nakajima

IMPRESSIONS:      Mixed.  The first two are pretty good top-down racers,
                  whereas the third is an impressive first-person pseudo
                  3D racer that is among the best for the platform.

VARIATIONS:       These are also sometimes referred to as the Satoru
                  Nakajima F1 series, due to his involvement in their

                  F1 Grand Prix (1991, similar in approach but superior in
                    execution to F1 Circus MD by Nichibutsu)
                  F1 Super Licence (1992, more of the same, but the anime
                    babes are a neat touch that do nothing to the game
                    other than give it some much-needed eye candy)
                  F1 Hero MD (1992, released in an English-language version
                    by Flying Edge under the title Ferrari Grand Prix
                    Challenge with minor retooling of the artwork and game

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Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (Score: 1)
by toriniku on Monday, December 09 @ 15:45:53 EST
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this is a great game; it seems rare that racing sims at this point in time allowed for such customisability, and that's really what impressed me most about it. i'd highly recommend it to anyone who's into racing, and ESPECIALLY if they're into Formula One.

(it's also loads of fun to guess what cars are supposed to represent what teams of that era by their livery, since their names obviously weren't licensed by the makers of this game. ^^)

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Re: F1 Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, September 11 @ 11:22:50 EDT

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