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Magical Troll Adventure

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Magical Troll Adventure
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Toei/Bandai
RELEASED:         1992
TYPE:             Platform
LANGUAGE:         Japanese

PREMISE:          Cute little Japanese platformer centered around a small
                  blue-haired boy and his friend, the title character of
                  the game.  Inspired by Toei's popular Japanese anime
                  series of the same name.

IMPRESSIONS:      Bright, colorful graphics and top-notch sound are the
                  highlights of this title.  Makes occasional use of
                  digitized sound sample, but doesn't bludgeon the user
                  with them like many other games of this sort.  Gameplay
                  is none too shabby, either.  You don't need to know the
                  language - it's straightforward enough and quite fun.

VARIATIONS:       The actual Japanese title is Majikaru Taluluto-kun.

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Re: Magical Troll Adventure (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 22:05:06 EDT
(User Info)

When this came out, the much-missed (by me, anyway!) UK mag Sega Pro were unsure of the title, so they had three different names for it: Magical Guy, Magical Talurut (!) and Magical Tarot.

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Re: Magical Troll Adventure (Score: 1)
by SIR ( on Thursday, April 15 @ 18:08:28 EDT
(User Info) http://Freeserve

I can't stop playing this one recently, its a real gem of a game. Battle through the varied levels of platform FUN, very Japanese style but that's my taste - its either this or Doraemon that stick out of the old Megadrive at the moment.

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