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Burning Force

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Game Genie™ Codes For Burning Force
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Be an ace spacepilot with these great Game Genie(tm) codes for Burning Force(tm). Try BURN Code 2, 10 hits per vehicle; Code 6, start with 10 vehicles; Code 16, infinite missiles; and Code 55, infinite restart credits. When you use BURN Codes 12 thru 14, you start with the weapon described. You lose this weapon only when you pick up a different weapon. You get back the weapon in the code when you die, continue, or pick it up again. Experts, try BURN Code 8 to start with only 1 vehicle, and Code 19 to start with no missiles. For Codes 21 and 22, no matter what kind of missiles you pick up, you will get the kind specified in the code description.
2BJWT-AAEG + BLCA-AADW10 hits per vehicle
3AJWT-AAEG + ALCA-AADW2 hits per vehicle
4AEWT-AAEG + AGCA-AADW1 hit per vehicle
5YLJA-AAH8Infinite vehicles
69TWT-BCD8 + BEWT-AAEAStart with 10 vehicles
79TWT-BCD8 + AEWT-AAEAStart with 2 vehicles
89TWT-BCD8 + AAWT-AAEAStart with 1 vehicle
9GJWT-BZC8Start with wide-range weapons
104TWT-BZC8Start with laser weapons
11KTWT-B1C8Start with cross laser weapons
12GJWT-BZC8 + GLCA-BZCTAlways have wide range weapons
134TWT-BZC8 + 4WCA-BZCTAlways have laser weapons
14KTWT-B1C8 + KWCA-B1CTAlways have cross laser weapons
15A4CA-AA4NRetain weapons on new vehicles
16ALNT-AA54 + ALNT-AA82Infinite missiles
17BJWT-AAC0Start with 10 missiles
18AJWT-AAC0Start with 2 missiles
19AAWT-AAC0Start with no missiles
20OJWT-BXDGStart with max missiles
21C4KA-AA50Always get max missiles on pick-up
2264KA-AA6RAlways get homing missiles on pick-up
23BLKA-AAD2 + BLKA-AAETAlways add 10 missiles on pick-up
24ALKA-AAD2 + ALKA-AAETAlways add 2 missiles on pick-up
25AAWT-AAENStart with 5 invincibility items
26AEWT-AAENStart with 4 invincibility items
27AJWT-AAENStart with 3 invincibility items
28ANWT-AAENStart with 2 invincibility items
29ATWT-AAENStart with 1 invincibility item
30AAWT-AAEN + ACBA-AAFJAlways have 5 invincibility items
31AEWT-AAEN + AGBA-AAFJAlways have 4 invincibility items
32AJWT-AAEN + ALBA-AAFJAlways have 3 invincibility items
33ANWT-AAEN + ARBA-AAFJAlways have 2 invincibility items
34ATWT-AAEN + AWBA-AAFJAlways have 1 invincibility item
35SD4A-BE1LStart on 1st day, area 2
36SD4A-BJ1LStart on 1st day, area 3
37SD4A-BN1LStart on 1st day, area 4
38SD4A-BT1LStart on 2nd day, area 1
39SD4A-BY1LStart on 2nd day, area 2
40SD4A-B21LStart on 2nd day, area 3
41SD4A-B61LStart on 2nd day, area 4
42SD4A-BA1LStart on 3rd day, area 1
43RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + BH4A-AAHLStart on 3rd day, area 2
44RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + BM4A-AAHLStart on 3rd day, area 3
45RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + BS4A-AAHLStart on 3rd day, area 4
46RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + BX4A-AAHLStart on 4th day, area 1
47RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + B14A-AAHLStart on 4th day, area 2
48RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + B54A-AAHLStart on 4th day, area 3
49RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + B94A-AAHLStart on 4th day, area 4
50RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + CD4A-AAHLStart on 5th day, area 1
51RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + CH4A-AAHLStart on 5th day, area 2
52RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + CM4A-AAHLStart on 5th day, area 3
53RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + CS4A-AAHLStart on 5th day, area 4
54RH4A-A61G + 9X4A-BCSJ + CX4A-AAHLStart on final day, final area
55AJXA-CA6RInfinite restart credits
56BKKA-AADN10 restart credits
57AZKA-AADN5 restart credits
58AFKA-AADN1 restart credit
59ABKA-AADNNo restarts
Cheats For Burning Force
110 Lives Per ContinuePress Start on the title screen so that START/OPTION appears. Press B, A, B, A, A, C, A, A, and Start. When you continue, you'll get 10 men!

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Burning Force
RELEASED:         1990
TYPE:             Shooter
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          You are a cute blue-haired girl patrolling the outer
                  zones on your trusty red airbike.  What's this?  Bad
                  guys on the horizon?  Oh no - not on my shift!

IMPRESSIONS:      A 3D shooter that strives for 2D playability, but falls
                  somewhat short of the mark.  The graphics are appealing,
                  to say the least.  If you enjoyed Space Harrier 2, then
                  this might be a good follow-up. (Rage Games)

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Re: Burning Force (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 29 @ 11:12:40 EDT
(User Info)

a great game.. .fast... and phsyadelic graphics! its a blast to play a game from the past! its a great game!

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Re: Burning Force (Score: 1)
by Jimtel81 on Saturday, September 14 @ 15:54:12 EDT
(User Info)

A very good Space Harrier clone, and a very good game in its own right. Great fun to pick up and play, and has a very balanced learning curve. Not too difficult to be frustrating, not too easy to be unchallanging. Definitely worth buying on the cheap! Well recommended!

[ Reply ]

Re: Burning Force (Score: 1)
by makemedance on Wednesday, October 01 @ 13:25:24 EDT
(User Info)

I agree with the other two--the game is very fun (much better than the impossible arcade). But the soundtrack is one of the best that the Genesis has ever had! I mean, these are some great musics people. I give the game 8.5 out of 10.

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Re: Burning Force (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, October 03 @ 02:30:19 EDT

<p>JOGUE SE PUDER!!!@@@</p>

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