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Hard Drivin' Series

Race Drivin'

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Game Genie™ Codes For Race Drivin'
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1AAVT-RACNStart Super Stunt course with 0:25 instead of 3:25
2AEVT-RACNStart Super Stunt course with 1:25
3AJVT-RACNStart Super Stunt course with 2:25
4ATVT-RACNStart Super Stunt course with 4:25
5AYVT-RACNStart Super Stunt course with 5:25
6A6VT-RACNStart Super Stunt course with 7:25
7BJVT-RACNStart Super Stunt course with 10:25--ignore counter for 1st 25 seconds
8AAVT-RACEStart Original course with 0:45 instead of 1:45
9AJVT-RACEStart Original course with 2:45
10ATVT-RACEStart Original course with 4:45
11A6VT-RACEStart Original course with 7:45
12BJVT-RACEStart Original course with 10:45--ignore counter for 1st 45 seconds
13RF6T-N60Y + DK6T-NA7RInfinite time to run race
14AK6T-NA86Infinite time to get back on road
15ADRA-NA5L60 seconds to get back on road instead of 10
16ADRA-PAML30 seconds to get back on road
17ADRA-NAML20 seconds to get back on road
18ADRA-NLDL05 seconds to get back on road
19ATGT-RA30 + ABLT-KAE4Get 10 more seconds when you pass a checkpoint
20ATGT-RA30 + ABLT-JAN4Get 20 more seconds when you pass a checkpoint
21ATGT-RA30 + ABLT-KAN4Get 30 more seconds when you pass a checkpoint
22ATGT-RA30 + ABLT-JAY4Get 40 more seconds when you pass a checkpoint
23ATGT-RA30 + ABLT-KAY4Get 50 more seconds when you pass a checkpoint
24ATGT-RA30 + ABLT-JA64Get 60 more seconds when you pass a checkpoint

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Hard Drivin' series (2 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Polygames/Atari/Tengen
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Racing (auto)
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          The first of the polygon-rendered racing sims, the
                  original coin-up took the arcades by storm.  Just about
                  every trick used in today's sophisticated 3D racers can
                  be seen here with the notable exception of texture

IMPRESSIONS:      It may look and play rather laughable now, and the
                  Genesis version isn't the best of the various ports, but
                  at least everything's here that I remember from the
                  arcades.  Give it a look, if only to see just how far
                  we've come since then.

VARIATIONS:       Hard Drivin' (1990, original game)
                  Race Drivin' (1993, sequel adds a track editor and a few
                    more driving challenges)

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Quite underrated. (Score: 1)
by Captian_Crazy ( on Saturday, September 21 @ 20:33:23 EDT
(User Info)

I have to say that this is a game that is a lot better than most people say, sure I love underrated games, but this proves that racing games have evolved quite a bit in the last decade. At times the games can be bad, but they are fun and provide hours of gameplay. The graphics are sure good looking. A few more tracks and options would make this a well rounded game.

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Re: Hard Drivin' (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, October 05 @ 00:01:57 EDT

hard drivin is no shit. i found this game t be pretty hard but insanely fun, and you will too. i like jumping the bridge that is pictured on the 3rd row, far right. i never did make it past that damn loop. i almost made it once, but got hit by a semi. crashes are fun too, and are followed by instant replays. get this game.

Hey people! where the hell can i get the best genisis emulator? where can i find the ROM's? plz reply

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Re: Hard Drivin' Series (Score: 1)
by themosthotguy ( on Thursday, June 28 @ 23:17:23 EDT
(User Info) http://none!

this is such a cool game to play around with if ya have a few minutes to blow! just the fact that you make it all the way around the track is a great acomplishment! and makeing it around the loop is a particaly exciteing thing to do! still is really a crap game by todays standards so 1.5/5

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Re: Hard Drivin' Series (Score: 1)
by Daniel on Thursday, August 23 @ 17:21:36 EDT
(User Info)

These games are actually very good! I like racing games and it is fun to make your own track! A splitscreen palymode would have been great, but exept that this game is great!

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Re: Hard Drivin' Series (Score: 1)
by PACHUKA (egray@!nospam! on Sunday, February 03 @ 20:20:22 EST
(User Info)

Here's a fun little thing to do....

take a right to go to the stunt course, go down the hill and down the road. pull a 180 and jump the barn! More fun then actual gameplay!

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Re: Hard Drivin' Series (Score: 1)
by Raine on Saturday, July 20 @ 23:10:02 EDT
(User Info)

Hard drivin' was the first "sim" game I took seriously at the arcades! the physics for the time were outstanding not to mention for the only 50 cents that it required to play a sit down full sim game like such it was a joy to play! the console is not as reactive as the arcade but its all there! and they even fixed the loop to loop glitch that killed you everytime in the arcade!

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Re: Hard Drivin' Series (Score: 1)
by SIR ( on Sunday, July 20 @ 16:29:55 EDT
(User Info) http://Freeserve

This game doesn't look or feel great at all how could you feel happy about a game that plays worse than its bastard relative in an arcade coffin box its worse than sad, its sick.

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Re: Hard Drivin' Series (Score: 1)
by makemedance on Wednesday, October 01 @ 14:53:30 EDT
(User Info)

I'm sorry but I can't agree with everything you guys are saying.

Yes, Hard Drivin' is definitely fun (especially when it was released) and it actually matches quite well to the arcade original. And who can beat driving against yourself on ghost time, eh?

But, Race Drivin' can kiss my black ass. The graphics push the system too hard, making it a choppy, unfun experience. Then you have to deal with the fact that the tracks are floating in thin air! I guess you're supposed to "imagine" that the tracks are all put together and not just held up by puppet wires.

Hard Drivin' gets an 8.5 and Race Drivin' gets my butt.

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Re: Hard Drivin' Series (Score: 1)
by Genesis on Saturday, February 28 @ 11:32:33 EST
(User Info)

These games I beat a whole lot of times.

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