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Link Dragon

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Link Dragon
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Songtly & Jumbo Team
RELEASED:         1993
TYPE:             Puzzle
LANGUAGE:         Japanese

PREMISE:          An Oriental version of Wild Snake, in which you clear
                  the screen with your dragon while trying not to touch
                  the walls or cross your ever-growing tail.  The only
                  problem is that it gets longer every time he eats
                  something, and that's what you have to do in order to
                  advance to the next level.

IMPRESSIONS:      One of the most unappealing Wild Snake clones that I have
                  ever had the misfortune to play.

VARIATIONS:       There are reports that Sega authorized a Genesis port
                  of Wild Snake or a close clone for use with the Sega
                  Channel.  It is possible, although unlikely, that those
                  reports may be a distorted reference to this title, which
                  was not available in the United States at the time.  It
                  is also possible and indeed highly probable that this
                  appears in one of the Hong Kong multigame bootleg carts
                  under another title (see separate entry).

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Re: Link Dragon (Score: 1)
by Sparxster on Monday, November 19 @ 03:33:17 EST
(User Info)

The Info up there isn't very accurate. this is a Chinese game...*points to all the kanji* Not the pirate kind though...And also it isn't a clone of Wild Snake, wild snake was where you dropped snakes in a pile (it was dreamed up by alex pajitnov TMK, of tetris fame) and you had to have the snakes of the same type touch each others tails or heads. When I brought it up to my friend Rehan, he reffered the idea to a "Snake eating apples game" and I'm guessing thats what the guy who wrote the info above ment. Overall its kinda fun.

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