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FIFA International Soccer Series


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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             FIFA International Soccer series (5 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Extended Play/EA Sports
RELEASED:         1993
TYPE:             Sports (soccer)
LANGUAGE:         Multilanguage

PREMISE:          World-class soccer, as only the folks at EA Sports can
                  bring you.  Its hallmark isometric playing field sets it
                  apart from most of the competition, as does its range of

IMPRESSIONS:      Often copied, rarely equaled.  Any game in the series is
                  a peach, although they tend to get bigger and more flashy
                  as you go.  FIFA 97 Gold is my personal favorite, seeming
                  to have the best balance between gameplay and style, but
                  judge for yourself.  If you're looking for a soccer sim
                  and want more than just arcade-style action, then EA
                  Sport's FIFA is the place to be.

VARIATIONS:       FIFA International Soccer (copyright 1993, aka FIFA
                    Soccer 94, FIFA 94 - the first, but not the last, and
                    the graphics are a bit crude when judged by its own
                  FIFA 95 (copyright 1994 - a warmed-over rehash of the
                    first game)
                  FIFA 96 (copyright 1995 - features sharper graphics, an
                    improved AI, and all the teams that played in the 1995
                    World Cup)
                  FIFA 97 - Gold Edition (copyright 1996 - adds indoor
                    arenas and the ability to create your own teams and
                  FIFA 98 - Road to the World Cup (copyright 1997 - one of
                    the last titles released for the Genesis, it now
                    includes not only the 1997 World Cup lineup but also
                    club teams; however, the BGM tracks stink by some
                    folks' standards)

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 1)
by Mr_KHaKi ( on Tuesday, June 26 @ 08:48:46 EDT
(User Info)

EA Sports games on the G/MD were simply better than the SNES counterparts.
Look at Fifa for instance..

When I first laid eyes on it, man(!), this was somewhat revolutionary. Okay, the controls were a bit jerky at first but later it was like that ísometric view WAS the norm. Sensible Soccer was still fun, but FIFA was awesome...

With the arrival of 95 (or was it 96) you could play national competitions. This was the first time I could play with my club. I repeat: MY club!
Alright, the names were fictive and the jersey's didn't match but it was Vitesse Arnhem for real... Go check that out!

Enuff sentiments.. This is one of the games that really started it all for the EA Sports Empire.
Bow for your emperor and play that game.. (Hint: Choose Vitesse Arnhem)

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 1)
by HaloMan on Monday, January 28 @ 16:09:47 EST
(User Info)

For some reason, Megadrive football/soccer games have never quite cut the mustard.

Maybe its because I've been treated by the graphical lovely-ness of FIFA on PSX, but as I still find Sensible Soccer playable, I doubt it.

The game is basically a overhyped game with limited-play value. The game (FIFA '95 at least) is virtually unplayable from my experiance.

I had alot more fun with Sega Soccer/Italia '90 and if you've read my review, that's saying something. Not recommended.

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 1)
by Brikindawall on Friday, August 30 @ 22:56:34 EDT
(User Info)

I don't know what the last guy was talking about but this series was the best soccer series that I played on the Genesis. I still play this game occassionally and I am not much of a soccer fan. Back then EA just knew how to make sports games. I own the first one FIFA Internatonal Soccer. I never played the latter versions but I had fun with this one. Gameplay 9!!

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, July 19 @ 21:38:00 EDT

These games cetainly varied over the years but all had their great features that we've come to expect from EA, but haven't you guys scored lots of those daft screamers from the half way line in the first game against some crappy team when you miss every single one-to-one with the keeper?

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, October 06 @ 20:00:43 EDT

At the time, It was the best soccer game out there, for those of us who live in countries that soccer is the No. 1 sport, I think we can still have fun with this game, awesome sounds and graphics, if you're not a true soccer fa, don't play it.

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, July 15 @ 09:02:48 EDT

Fifa 97 is absolute quality, no one can beat the graphics!

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, August 05 @ 04:31:45 EDT

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Re: FIFA Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, September 22 @ 12:59:07 EDT

i want fife

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