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The Faery Tale Adventure

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Game Genie™ Codes For The Faery Tale Adventure
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Save the land of Holm (Sweet Holm?) from the evil Necromancer and his horde in this top-view RPG, which is divided into sub-quests to make it more interesting. Building up your character points, normally a tough row to hoe, is made easier with lots of codes to increase your bravery, luck, vitality, etc. Codes 16, 21 and 25 protect you against most enemies by giving you a few hundred bravery points. If you do not use Codes 19 or 20, the starting number of vitality points varies depending on the amount of starting bravery, luck, and kindness that the character has. Experts should try tackling Julian's task with Codes 2, 9 and 12, starting the game with no coins, luck or bravery.
2ABTT-AAD0Julian starts with 0 coins instead of 20
3NVTT-AAD0Julian starts with 100 coins
48VTT-ACD0Julian starts with 500 coins
567TT-AGD0Julian starts with 999 coins
6ABTT-AADTJulian starts with 0 kindness points instead of 15
7GKTT-AADTJulian starts with 50 kindness points
8NPTT-AADTJulian starts with 99 kindness points
9ABTT-AADLJulian starts with 0 luck points instead of 20
10GKTT-AADLJulian starts with 50 luck points
11NPTT-AADLJulian starts with 99 luck points
12ABTT-AADEJulian starts with 0 bravery points instead of 35
13GKTT-AADEJulian starts with 50 bravery points
14NVTT-AADEJulian starts with 100 bravery points
15FVTT-ACDEJulian starts with 300 bravery points
168VTT-ACDEJulian starts with 500 bravery points
17A2DA-CA38All items are free even though the price still shows on screen
18AJYT-AA9ESwim without losing vitality points
19GKVT-BA8RJulian, Phillip, and Kevin start with 50 vitality points
20NVVT-BA8RJulian, Phillip, and Kevin start with 100 vitality points
21FVTT-ACECPhillip starts with 300 bravery points instead of 20
22NPTT-AAEJPhillip starts with 99 luck points instead of 35
23NPTT-AAERPhillip starts with 99 kindness points instead of 15
24NVTT-AAEYPhillip starts with 100 coins instead of 15
25FVTT-ACFEKevin starts with 300 bravery points instead of 15
26NPTT-AAFLKevin starts with 99 luck points instead of 20
27NPTT-AAFTKevin starts with 99 kindness points instead of 35
28NVTT-AAF0Kevin starts with 100 coins instead of 10
Hints For The Faery Tale Adventure
1Leave the swan on the outskirts of the Plain of Grief before attempting the Citadel of Doom.
2Visit the Sorceress when you're low on luck. She'll give you 5 Luck points (which equal one life), until you are maxed.
3Stock up on inventory items by repeating this move. When you find something you need, grab it and then save and restore your game.
4Low on keys? Save the game before you use one, open a door, and restore the game. You'll keep the key, and the door stays open!
5You can ignore the 'Julian is starving' message when you have over 100 Vitality points.
Passwords For The Faery Tale Adventure
17R2KUL6RSZXSK6NHGSDCB720663RI2HO785P.Go direct to end game.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             The Faery Tale Adventure
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    New World Computing/Electronic Arts
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             RPG
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          You play your pick of three brothers who sets out on a
                  quest at the request of his village mayor to recover a
                  sacred talisman.  Ported from the classic Amiga RPG.

IMPRESSIONS:      One of the Amiga's better-known RPGs, the Genesis port
                  does not have that silly manual-check copy-protection
                  scheme, thank God.  The graphics show their age rather
                  badly and some might find the organ music irritating,
                  but keep in mind this was the title that seems to have
                  caused Lord British to retool the latter releases in the
                  Ultima series of fantasy RPGs.

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