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World Series Baseball Series

World Series Baseball 96

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             World Series Baseball series (4 titles)
RELEASED:         1994
TYPE:             Sports (baseball)
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Sega's in house baseball sim.

IMPRESSIONS:      Sega's in-house baseball sim is every bit the equal of
                  its competition from Electronic Arts.  The sound and
                  solid gameplay were there from the beginning, and the
                  only things that really changed over the series were
                  the team rosters and minor tweaking of the graphics and
                  game AI.  Any one makes an excellent alternative if you
                  can find any of EA's Triple Play series.

VARIATIONS:       World Series Baseball (1994)
                  World Series Baseball 95 (1995)
                  World Series Baseball 96 (1996)
                  World Series Baseball 98 (1997, one of the last games
                    commercially released for the Genesis during its
                    original production run)

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Re: World Series Baseball Series (Score: 1)
by Brikindawall on Saturday, August 31 @ 20:53:43 EDT
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An above average baseball title. Better than the Triple Play Series including Triple Play Gold. My personal favorite was Tony Larrusa Baseball. I have yet to find a Great Baseball game on the Genesis.

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Re: World Series Baseball Series (Score: 1)
by Neon on Monday, December 30 @ 03:48:46 EST
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Best baseball game on the genesis. I played ball in high school for 3 years and this one beats ANY triple play variation. Blue Sky software developed a gem.

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Re: World Series Baseball Series (Score: 1)
by Nostalgia on Monday, August 11 @ 16:46:41 EDT
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This is my favorite out of all the MD baseball games for 2 reasons, the batting cursor, and the physics of the ball off the bat for fielding. Also the '95 version ( As far as I know )actually utilized the disabled list.

Too bad after the '96 version nothing was tweaked with aside from the rosters. If 3 things however small was added, this would have been hands down the best

1. Move inside the batters' box / Pitchers mound
2. Hit batsmen
3. Player Creater.

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