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Herzog Zwei

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Game Genie™ Codes For Herzog Zwei
Download PAT File
This battle-of-the-bases war game requires strategic thinking and careful management of your money. Plenty of Game Genie(tm) codes to help you with both! ZWEI Code 3 does give you infinite money, but when you spend, money is deducted from your total. Therefore, when buying a command you may temporarily run short of G's and have to wait until you build up enough. With Code 6, you can't shoot down planes with antiaircraft fire, but you can switch off the effect when you want to. If you use ZWEI Code 7, you won't be able to defend your base--so be ready to switch off when you have to. With Code 8, the game lasts forever, since it prevents the players' bases from being destroyed. Switch off effects to finish the game. Codes 12 thru 16 set both players' total strength at the start of the game to the level chosen. Normally, once you decide you want to buy a weapon, it takes a few seconds for that weapon to be made and become available for pick up. With Code 2, there's no wait. Code 4 allows you to fly or walk around without energy loss.
Common codes:
2JP4T-AE0NAll weapons are made immediately
3DV4T-AA6RInfinite money
4AJ7A-AA36Infinite energy
5B2HA-AA98Infinite ammunition
6ATNA-AA32Infinite stamina against anti-aircraft fire
7AJLT-AA7WInfinite stamina against bullets
8BCGT-AA5LInfinite total strength
9RGFA-A602Immediate energy recovery
10NCFA-BE92Immediate ammunition recovery
11RGFA-A6ZYImmediate stamina recovery
12AF0A-AADYTotal strength starts at 1
13NV0A-AADYTotal strength starts at 100
148V0A-ACDYTotal strength starts at 500
15VB0A-BGDYTotal strength starts at 5,000
16LB0A-AHXYTotal strength starts at 50,000
Player 1 codes:
17AAEA-BA36Never get money
18JAEA-BJV6Get 80 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 200 in stages 2 thru 8
19JAEA-BNV6Get 120 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 240 in stages 2 thru 8
20JAEA-BTV6Get 160 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 280 in stages 2 thru 8
21JAEA-BYV6Get 200 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 320 in stages 2 thru 8
22JAEA-B2V6Get 240 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 360 in stages 2 thru 8
23JAEA-B6V6Get 280 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 400 in stages 2 thru 8
24JAEA-BAV6Get 320 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 440 in stages 2 thru 8
25AA0T-AAFYStart with no G's
26NT0T-AAFYStart with 1,000 G's
278T0T-ACFYStart with 5,000 G's
28VA0T-BGFYStart with 50,000 G's
29CA0T-ARPYStart with 100,000 G's
30ZA0T-AC7YStart with 250,000 G's
31LA0T-AHZYStart with 500,000 G's (maximum)
Player 2 codes:
32AAEA-BA50Never get money
33JAEA-BJX0Get 80 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 200 in stages 2 thru 8
34JAEA-BNX0Get 120 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 240 in stages 2 thru 8
35JAEA-BTX0Get 160 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 280 in stages 2 thru 8
36JAEA-BYX0Get 200 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 320 in stages 2 thru 8
37JAEA-B2X0Get 240 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 360 in stages 2 thru 8
38JAEA-B6X0Get 280 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 400 in stages 2 thru 8
39JAEA-BAX0Get 320 G's per second in 1st battle stage, 440 in stages 2 thru 8
40AA1A-AAEAStart with no G's
41NT1A-AAEAStart with 1,000 G's
428T1A-ACEAStart with 5,000 G's
43VA1A-BGEAStart with 50,000 G's
44CA1A-ARNAStart with 100,000 G's
45ZA1A-AC6AStart with 250,000 G's
46LA1A-AHYAStart with 500,000 G's (maximum)
Passwords For Herzog Zwei
Enter these passwords to select a starting level

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Herzog Zwei
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    TechnoSoft
RELEASED:         1989
TYPE:             Shooter
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          A departure from the usual top-down sci-fi shooter in
                  that this features a three-mode transformable battle
                  tank.  Intended from the onset for two-player dual play,
                  although it can be played with just one player.

IMPRESSIONS:      What was that title again?  This resembles more of a
                  top-down Macross shooter than anything original.  Still,
                  it's a challenging game with a dash of strategy thrown in
                  for good measure.  Two player dual mode is supported -
                  and highly recommended!

VARIATIONS:       It is my understanding that a sequel for the Sega Saturn
                  was eventually released before that platform's demise.

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Herzog Zwei (Score: 1)
by DarkWolf on Sunday, July 22 @ 21:21:13 EDT
(User Info)

My page Sega Forever has a Herzog Zwei section. It's been up for a while...

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My favorite RTS of all time, still wows me to this day (Score: 1)
by Hiryu on Wednesday, June 27 @ 02:29:59 EDT
(User Info)

This one truly great game that was overlooked by everyone, including those guys at egm :) What most people don't realize is that Herzog Zwei (or the Second Baron translated from german into english) was a great rts by Techno Soft in which you, the player, pilot a mechanized plane that can morph into walking robot. You actually get to shoot in this game, making it more interesting for the player and more fun! You also get to build troops and tanks and things and give them commands and ship em out to wherever. The main goal of the game is to destroy the other player or computer's home base. You are also trying to capture bases around the map, for more power and money. The graphics in this game are pretty nice, usual genesis fare. There's about 8 maps to choose from, each with it's own terrain and even one with water so you can use boats! There's even a 2 player split screen mode that moves very smoothly. the music is great for the time and has some neat "moog" sounding music effects. Just watch out for the computer, he'll kick your ass if your not good. So go read a faq on this game before you even attempt it. It's not hard to learn, it's just if you don't have the instruction manual handy, you won't understand what to do. Once you learn everything, the game is just so much fun! I give this game a 9.5!

A little known fact is that Herzog Zwei is the sequel to Herzog, which was released on a japanese computer called an msx. Herzog is a fun little game, but no where near the complexity of Herzog Zwei. I read in the variations comment that there was a sequel for saturn, anybody have anyway of confirming this? Because I haven't found anything about it on any herzog sites.

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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 1)
by ozy on Tuesday, June 26 @ 15:11:11 EDT
(User Info)

A thoroughly under rated game in my book... takes a little while to get into, and the computer AI is a bit suspect at times.. Multiplayer splitscreen mode, however, is another matter. Get a few friends round, stick a bit of cardboard in the middle to stop people seeing each others screen (optional) and this game is great fun! This has to rank as one of my favorite ever multiplayer Genesis games.

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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 1)
by themosthotguy ( on Wednesday, June 27 @ 19:35:10 EDT
(User Info) http://none!

ok i will get flamed for this, but: i do not like this game, it is too slow when you do not have someone to play and well, i just do not like this game! go play liero instead of this!

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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 1)
by Vintage_Gamer on Thursday, December 13 @ 17:38:57 EST
(User Info)

Well, What can I say?
On one hand good, the other bad. Guess I have to try 2 player. The graphics, while not stellar do well, The control outright suxs. Remember to tell a unit what to do before building it or you'll end up with an unusable piece of junk. and the computer CHEATS hard sometimes. The music is passable, and overall is a pretty good game. I don't know why people love it so much, I can think of better titles to waste my time on.

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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 16 @ 22:21:45 EDT

hello my name is izzy lopez and my email address and i am searching for a copy of the game herzog zwei, if anyone knows where i can get it or find it,please email me. thank you.

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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, October 05 @ 19:54:34 EDT

Well, this is one of my all-time-favorites. You need to play it with two players though, the ai is pretty simplistic.... just send some boats on his base in the island level and he'll try to transform in the water all the time :) But then again, I guess they didn't have much CPU power to work on.

And remember: this is the game Westwood got their inspiration from to do Dune II, so Herzog Zwei is actually the mother of all RTS games. :)

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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, August 27 @ 01:41:09 EDT

This is one of the best Sega games ever. Infact, I just went to buy a Sega Megadrive(genesis) and HEZOG in the beginning of this yr. This game is pretty boring in single player, as after a while, the computer's moves are pretty predictable. but in 2 player mode...WOW. I can still remember the countless hours i spent with my friends battling it all out in this game.

And yes this is the mother of all RTS...way before dune 2 comes out :)


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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, August 30 @ 15:55:44 EDT

OMG I just went to tried out my Herzog cart today, and found out mine isnt working anymore!!!

Anyone wanna sell me his???

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Re: Herzog Zwei (Score: 1)
by makemedance on Wednesday, October 01 @ 14:35:29 EDT
(User Info)

I can do nothing but agree with all of you guys. This game is superb--well, at least multiplayer is. The strategies you can create are endless with furious and consistent action! Also, the music fits each stage perfectly with pounding drums (mega-bass!!) and synths. It's a classic that needs to be redone. I give it an 9.

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