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Midnight Resistance

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Game Genie™ Codes For Midnight Resistance
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The Crimson King, head of a powerful drug cartel, kidnaps your family because your dad developed a serum to make people immune to drugs. Hmmm. This guy deserves all the trouble you can give him--try some of these Game Genie(tm) codes on him! MID Code 15 gives you infinite lives, and Codes 20 thru 26 give you infinite ammo with 7 different weapons. With Codes 28 thru 30, keep in mind that the game won't allow more than 10 lives.
1AE2T-BA4AStart at stage 2
2AJ2T-BA4AStart at stage 3
3AN2T-BA4AStart at stage 4
4AT2T-BA4AStart at stage 5
5AY2T-BA4AStart at stage 6
6A22T-BA4AStart at stage 7
7A62T-BA4AStart at stage 8
8BA2T-BA4AStart at stage 9
9AA2T-AADL + JJ2T-AJDNStart with 1 life
10AA2T-AADL + LJ2T-ALDNStart with 8 lives
11AA2T-AADL + FA2T-AJDNStart with 10 lives
12ABGA-AABN + JKGA-AJBRContinue with 1 life
13ABGA-AABN + LKGA-ALBRContinue with 8 lives
14ABGA-AABN + FBGA-AJBRContinue with 10 lives
15CAWA-AA2YInfinite lives
16HXXA-FAC6 + AHXA-EAC8 + HXXA-FBE4 + AHXA-EAE6Supply room items require 1 key each
17HXXA-FAC6 + AMXA-EAC8 + HXXA-FBE4 +AMXA-EAE6Supply room items require 2 keys each
18HXXA-FAC6 + A5XA-EAC8 + HXXA-FBE4 + A5XA-EAE6Supply room items require 6 keys each
19RHXA-E6XG + AMXA-EA64All supply room items are free
20JGAT-EEVRInfinite ammo for full-auto weapon
21JGAT-EEY2Infinite ammo for 3-way weapon
22JGKA-EET4Infinite ammo for flame thrower
23JGAT-EE1YInfinite ammo for shotgun
24JGBT-EEVJInfinite ammo for nitro weapon
25JGBT-EEYEInfinite ammo for shower weapon
26JGAA-EEZJInfinite ammo for homing missile
27RHRA-E6T21-up worth 0 lives
28JDRA-FJT21-up worth 2 lives
29JDRA-FYT21-up worth 5 lives
30JDRA-FAT21-up worth 8 lives
31AA2T-AADA + JJ2T-AJDC0 continues
32AA2T-AADA + LJ2T-ALDC7 continues
33AA2T-AADA + FA2T-AJDC9 continues
34AVGA-AA34Infinite continues
Cheats For Midnight Resistance
1Stage SelectOn the Title Screen, hold down C and press Start. When you begin the game, press Start to pause, and then hit A to advance one level. You can repeat this trick endlessly to skip to any level.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Midnight Resistance
RELEASED:         1990
TYPE:             Shooter
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          A really original premise - you are a lone soldier duking
                  it out with an army of enemies.  Now why hasn't somebody
                  come up with this before, eh?

IMPRESSIONS:      A good action game, with good playability and an awesome
                  arsenal for your soldier. (Marco Aurelio Lopez)

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Re: Midnight Resistance (Score: 1)
by PACHUKA (egray@!nospam! on Sunday, February 03 @ 20:13:38 EST
(User Info)

This is a great game, because you can fire anywhere on the screen without facing that direction. Lots of fun!

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Re: Midnight Resistance (Score: 1)
by Genesisblackbelt on Thursday, July 18 @ 15:45:01 EDT
(User Info)

An almost contra-clone. This is a hard but fun game. I give it a 7.75

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