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Jurassic Park Series

Jurassic Park

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Game Genie™ Codes For Jurassic Park
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1AVDA-AA24Infinite energy
2DBCT-AAA8 + DBDA-AAAWStart with 75% health
3CBCT-AAA8 + CBDA-AAAWStart with 50% health
4BBCT-AAA8 + BBDA-AAAWStart with 25% health
5BVDA-AA5GInfinite lives
6AFCT-AAA0Start with 1 life
7AKCT-AAA0Start with 2 lives
8ABDA-AAG2Start with 0 blue-banded darts
9AFDA-AAG2Start with 1 blue-banded dart
10BKDA-AAG2Start with 10 blue-banded darts
11B7DA-AAG2Start with 15 blue-banded darts
12GKDA-AAG2Start with 50 blue-banded darts
13J3DA-AAG2Start with 70 blue-banded darts
14NPDA-AAG2Start with 99 blue-banded darts
15AFDA-AAG2 + AKDA-AAG4Start with 1 red-banded dart
16BKDA-AAG2 + AKDA-AAG4Start with 10 red-banded darts
17B7DA-AAG2 + AKDA-AAG4Start with 15 red-banded darts
18GKDA-AAG2 + AKDA-AAG4Start with 50 red-banded darts
19J3DA-AAG2 + AKDA-AAG4Start with 70 red-banded darts
20NPDA-AAG2 + AKDA-AAG4Start with 99 red-banded darts
21AFDA-AAG2 + AVDA-AAG4Start with 1 gas grenade
22BKDA-AAG2 + AVDA-AAG4Start with 10 gas grenades
23B7DA-AAG2 + AVDA-AAG4Start with 15 gas grenades
24GKDA-AAG2 + AVDA-AAG4Start with 50 gas grenades
25J3DA-AAG2 + AVDA-AAG4Start with 70 gas grenades
26NPDA-AAG2 + AVDA-AAG4Start with 99 gas grenades
27AFDA-AAG2 + AZDA-AAG4Start with 1 flash grenade
28BKDA-AAG2 + AZDA-AAG4Start with 10 flash grenades
29B7DA-AAG2 + AZDA-AAG4Start with 15 flash grenades
30GKDA-AAG2 + AZDA-AAG4Start with 50 flash grenades
31J3DA-AAG2 + AZDA-AAG4Start with 70 flash grenades
32NPDA-AAG2 + AZDA-AAG4Start with 99 flash grenades
33AFDA-AAG2 + A7DA-AAG4Start with 1 concussion grenade
34BKDA-AAG2 + A7DA-AAG4Start with 10 concussion grenades
35B7DA-AAG2 + A7DA-AAG4Start with 15 concussion grenades
36GKDA-AAG2 + A7DA-AAG4Start with 50 concussion grenades
37J3DA-AAG2 + A7DA-AAG4Start with 70 concussion grenades
38NPDA-AAG2 + A7DA-AAG4Start with 99 concussion grenades
39AFDA-AAG2 + A3DA-AAG4Start with 1 rocket
40BKDA-AAG2 + A3DA-AAG4Start with 10 rockets
41B7DA-AAG2 + A3DA-AAG4Start with 15 rockets
42GKDA-AAG2 + A3DA-AAG4Start with 50 rockets
43J3DA-AAG2 + A3DA-AAG4Start with 70 rockets
44NPDA-AAG2 + A3DA-AAG4Start with 99 rockets
End of Set 1
45ABDA-AAG8Start with 0 stun gun shots
46AFDA-AAG8Start with 1 stun gun shot
47BKDA-AAG8Start with 10 stun gun shots
48B7DA-AAG8Start with 15 stun gun shots
49GKDA-AAG8Start with 50 stun gun shots
50J3DA-AAG8Start with 70 stun gun shots
51NPDA-AAG8Start with 99 stun gun shots
52AFDA-AAG8 + AKDA-AAHAStart with 1 red-banded dart
53BKDA-AAG8 + AKDA-AAHAStart with 10 red-banded darts
54B7DA-AAG8 + AKDA-AAHAStart with 15 red-banded darts
55GKDA-AAG8 + AKDA-AAHAStart with 50 red-banded darts
56J3DA-AAG8 + AKDA-AAHAStart with 70 red-banded darts
57NPDA-AAG8 + AKDA-AAHAStart with 99 red-banded darts
58AFDA-AAG8 + AVDA-AAHAStart with 1 gas grenade
59BKDA-AAG8 + AVDA-AAHAStart with 10 gas grenades
60B7DA-AAG8 + AVDA-AAHAStart with 15 gas grenades
61GKDA-AAG8 + AVDA-AAHAStart with 50 gas grenades
62J3DA-AAG8 + AVDA-AAHAStart with 70 gas grenades
63NPDA-AAG8 + AVDA-AAHAStart with 99 gas grenades
64AFDA-AAG8 + AZDA-AAHAStart with 1 flash grenade
65BKDA-AAG8 + AZDA-AAHAStart with 10 flash grenades
66B7DA-AAG8 + AZDA-AAHAStart with 15 flash grenades
67GKDA-AAG8 + AZDA-AAHAStart with 50 flash grenades
68J3DA-AAG8 + AZDA-AAHAStart with 70 flash grenades
69NPDA-AAG8 + AZDA-AAHAStart with 99 flash grenades
70AFDA-AAG8 + A7DA-AAHAStart with 1 concussion grenade
71BKDA-AAG8 + A7DA-AAHAStart with 10 concussion grenades
72B7DA-AAG8 + A7DA-AAHAStart with 15 concussion grenades
73GKDA-AAG8 + A7DA-AAHAStart with 50 concussion grenades
74J3DA-AAG8 + A7DA-AAHAStart with 70 concussion grenades
75NPDA-AAG8 + A7DA-AAHAStart with 99 concussion grenades
76AFDA-AAG8 + A3DA-AAHAStart with 1 rocket
77BKDA-AAG8 + A3DA-AAHAStart with 10 rockets
78B7DA-AAG8 + A3DA-AAHAStart with 15 rockets
79GKDA-AAG8 + A3DA-AAHAStart with 50 rockets
80J3DA-AAG8 + A3DA-AAHAStart with 70 rockets
81NPDA-AAG8 + A3DA-AAHAStart with 99 rockets
82BLEA-8A8L + BAET-8A5JHigh charge stun gun shot doesn't use as much ammo
83CX1T-GA5CInfinite gas on the river
84AD7A-GTBCEach gas can worth 1/2 normal amount of gas
85AD7A-G2BCEach gas can worth 3/4 normal amount of gas
87AD7A-GAKCEach gas can worth 2x normal amount of gas
88AD7A-HAKCEach gas can worth 3x normal amount of gas
89AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + AEMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 2 (power station)
90AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + AJMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 3 (power station)
91AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + ANMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 4 (power station)
92AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + ATMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 5 (river)
93AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + AYMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 6 (pump station)
94AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + A2MA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 7 (canyon)
95AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + A6MA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 8 (volcano)
96AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + BAMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 9 (main hall)
97AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + BEMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 10 (main hall)
98AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + BJMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 11 (main hall)
99AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + BNMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 12 (main hall)
100AJMA-JA7G + 9TMA-KGFL + BTMA-JAFNGrant starts on Level 13 (main hall)
101B3JA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 2 (power station)
102B7JA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 3 (pump station)
103CBJA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 4 (canyon)
104CFJA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 5 (main hall)
105CKJA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 6 (main hall)
106CPJA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 7 (main hall)
107CVJA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 8 (main hall)
108CZJA-JAB8Raptor starts on Level 9 (main hall)
Cheats For Jurassic Park
1Walk Through Walls, Power-up, Slow MotionEnter "NYUKNYUK" for a password. The words, "Second Controller Enabled" will appear. You can now use Controller Two's directional pad to walk through walls, or press A to refill your life and ammo, and B for slow motion. If you push START on Controller Two, the game will return to normal play.
2Level Select / MoreFrom the title screen, enter and leave the options screen. Now go to the password screen and enter any correct password. Next, move the cursor over '<<' or '>>'. Finally, press and hold A, B, C and START. You should see a new screen where you can select your STARTing level and more.
Passwords For Jurassic Park
Dr. Grant Easy
10HHNSIDKLevel 1
22BINHKE9Level 2
34LBVGIINLevel 3
466RHEH2PLevel 4
58KN0SHUULevel 5
6A717MUP6Level 6
Dr. Grant Normal
90RJTRMA6Level 1
10277166ROLevel 2
114BFP64V0Level 3
1264DHCDEFLevel 4
1385BGLNTHLevel 5
14AH745EJCLevel 6
15C7UBL67ULevel 7
Dr. Grant Hard
1708BI9UR7Level 1
182QMH7DB2Level 2
194SNP67FCLevel 3
206QLNTNRRLevel 4
218DCIDDR8Level 5
22A6C8EDJILevel 6
23C7DH56B7Level 7
Raptor Easy
25G21G0014Level 1
26I21G0016Level 2
27K21G0018Level 3
28M21G001ALevel 4
29O21G001CLevel 5
Raptor Normal
31G21G0025Level 1
32I21G0027Level 2
33K21G0029Level 3
34M21G002BLevel 4
35O21G002DLevel 5
Raptor Hard
37G21G0036Level 1
38I21G0038Level 2
39K21G003ALevel 3
40M21G003CLevel 4
41O21G003ELevel 5
For the sadistic paleontologist, here are passwords to START each level as Dr. Grant with no weapons!
4200000011Level 1 Easy
4320000013Level 2 Easy
4440000015Level 3 Easy
4560000017Level 4 Easy
4680000019Level 5 Easy
47A000001BLevel 6 Easy
48C000001DLevel 7 Easy
4900000022Level 1 Normal
5020000024Level 2 Normal
5140000026Level 3 Normal
5260000028Level 4 Normal
538000002ALevel 5 Normal
54A000002CLevel 6 Normal
55C000002ELevel 7 Normal
5600000033Level 1 Hard
5720000035Level 2 Hard
5840000037Level 3 Hard
5960000039Level 4 Hard
608000003BLevel 5 Hard
61A000003DLevel 6 Hard
62C000003FLevel 7 Hard

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Jurassic Park series (3 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    various
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          "Welcome to Jurassic Park."  This is the only place in
                  the world where dinosaurs still roam the earth, having
                  been genetically recreated from eons-old DNA samples.
                  Unfortunately, they've proven too much to handle for the
                  park resources, and now have the run of the place.  Can
                  you carry out your various tasks without becoming a quick
                  meal for one of them?  Based on the hit feature films by
                  producer Steven Speilberg, both of which were derived
                  from the novels by author Michael Crichton.

IMPRESSIONS:      On the whole, better than most other movie tie-ins.
                  Great sound, great graphics, good gameplay, decent stage
                  design.  The first two are must-haves, while the third
                  suffers from a noticeable drop in quality.

VARIATIONS:       Jurassic Park (1993 by Ocean, you get to choose your role
                    as either man or raptor as you roam the broad expanses
                    of the park - superior in almost every respect to the
                    notably different top-down SNES shooter)
                  Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition (1994 by Blue Sky
                    Software, you play a palentologist investigating the
                    failed park who must contend not only with the local
                    wildlife but also with big-game hunters out to bag the
                    ultimat quarry - best game in the series)
                  Jurassic Park - The Lost World (1997 by Appaloosa
                    Interactive, a top-down multiplayer shooter in the same
                    vein as The Chaos Engine - this was the very last
                    commercially released G/MD game in the United States
                    until Majesco's issue of Frogger over a year later)

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Re: Jurassic Park (Score: 1)
by Kimbal on Monday, October 22 @ 01:14:36 EDT
(User Info)

I don't want to talk about the story of this game, as many people are far more know about that than me:)

The game play for this game is excellent, gain a variety of weapons to overcome the dynasour traps in each rounds. You may select the raptor as character instead, and jump around.

Every round was well designed, you need to think on each step inorder to complete each round, (especially the round on boat), you need to catch the time very well.
I used some life to think about the solution of final round.

The major problem is this game is a bit hard for child, i don't think they could complete the game with human.
This game also not suitable for people with an unclear Television(like me), all the game is in dark screen...

Nevertheless, this game is great as an action game, try it!

[ Reply ]

Re: Jurassic Park - The Lost World (Score: 1)
by Whitesnake on Monday, February 03 @ 12:27:25 EST
(User Info)

without a doubt the best one in the series, best graphics, best gameplay, best lastability.

when you first play the game it becomes a nice little addictive top down shooter with nice graphics and movement.

its even more fun with two people playing cooperative working your way through the jungle caves and other dangerous parts.

this game is not just a top down shooter it has other great level styles as well, there is a level were you chase dinosaurs in a 3d arcade style view on a motorbike.
and a level were you are trapped on a watter raft fighting off other dinosaurs to give you more arcade feel.

i would reccomend this JP game to any fan of the series as its without a doubt the best one

a solid 8/10

[ Reply ]

Re: Jurassic Park rampage ED (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Tuesday, April 23 @ 11:30:54 EDT
(User Info)

I have this game.. and i dont like it much.. maybe because i dont like the movies.. idk.. Its still a cool game.. but im clueless in it only becasue I got it usde with no manual.. and I dont have a damn idea what im suposed to do??

[ Reply ]

Re: Jurassic Park Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, June 16 @ 17:28:10 EDT

Having one of those days? you know what I mean -- new (clueless) manager at work, forgot to take your medication, accidentally shredded your bills, stuck in an in-between job that doesn't know how to act in-between?

You're in luck! You've found the perfect way to relax and keep things in perspective. Enjoy the refreshing taste of lysine! Fly alongside explosive butterflies! Go duck hunting with grenades, flame-throwers, and more, all in self defense!....

Tired of that yet? =] anyone who has played these (at least the first two) will tell you that the levels are well-designed.

JP: Basically, with Grant you have more agile opponents to pay attention to while, say, dangling hand-over-hand on wires you hope aren't live... With the raptor, you pay more attention to using your agility to overcome both inanimate obstacles And the scared guy with the explosives. Very different capabilities and levels, but alike in that fun-factor thingie (including 'challenge').

In JP:RE, as Grant you're giving overdoses of tranquilizers to make sure your friends don't wake up, but like the first, interaction with environment is high; some of the dinos will take you places. And cooler weapons for the raptor -- compys on Isla Nublar are biodegradable, but there are still things to eat. a lot more scared guys with explosives. Sorry, still cant eat them.

Overall, graphics are gratifying, as are sprites, music isnt annoying =] and levels are well-developed ... one of the few Jurassic Park titles that does the book justice.

[ Reply ]

Re: Jurassic Park Series (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 21:38:46 EDT
(User Info)

Having only played the first one, it's the only one I'm able to comment on. And it's a dull platform beat-em-up. Better off with a Shinobi game.

[ Reply ]

Re: Jurassic Park Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, September 26 @ 01:28:55 EDT

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Re: Jurassic Park Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, October 16 @ 03:58:03 EDT

who can i download this game

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