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NBA Playoffs Series

Bulls Vs Lakers

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Game Genie™ Codes For Bulls Vs Lakers
Download PAT File
Everything's realistic here, from the players' signature moves down to the way they look. Try Code 2 and have all the time in the world to take a shot. Get a 50-point head start with Code 16, and trounce the computer with Code 29 and 8 points per basket. If you're an expert, have your opponent start with 50 points (Code 21).
2ATHA-AA68Infinite shot clock
3REJA-A6TNInfinite timeouts for both teams
4AFFT-CAELTeam 1 starts with 1 timeout
5APFT-CAELTeam 1 starts with 3 timeouts
6A7FT-CAELTeam 1 starts with 7 timeouts
7BFFT-CAELTeam 1 starts with 9 timeouts
8AFFT-CAEWTeam 2 starts with 1 timeout
9APFT-CAEWTeam 2 starts with 3 timeouts
10A7FT-CAEWTeam 2 starts with 7 timeouts
11BFFT-CAEWTeam 2 starts with 9 timeouts
12BJCA-AAH8Team 1 starts with 10 points
13CTCA-AAH8Team 1 starts with 20 points
14D2CA-AAH8Team 1 starts with 30 points
15FACA-AAH8Team 1 starts with 40 points
16GJCA-AAH8Team 1 starts with 50 points
17BJCT-AAAGTeam 2 starts with 10 points
18CTCT-AAAGTeam 2 starts with 20 points
19D2CT-AAAGTeam 2 starts with 30 points
20FACT-AAAGTeam 2 starts with 40 points
21GJCT-AAAGTeam 2 starts with 50 points
22SFBT-DEZ2Team 1's baskets worth 1 point
23SFBT-DJZ2Team 1's baskets worth 2 points
24SFBT-DNZ2Team 1's baskets worth 3 points
25SFBT-DTZ2Team 1's baskets worth 4 points
26SFBT-DYZ2Team 1's baskets worth 5 points
27SFBT-D2Z2Team 1's baskets worth 6 points
28SFBT-D6Z2Team 1's baskets worth 7 points
29SFBT-DAZ2Team 1's baskets worth 8 points
30SFBT-DEZRTeam 2's baskets worth 1 point
31SFBT-DJZRTeam 2's baskets worth 2 points
32SFBT-DNZRTeam 2's baskets worth 3 points
33SFBT-DTZRTeam 2's baskets worth 4 points
34SFBT-DYZRTeam 2's baskets worth 5 points
35SFBT-D2ZRTeam 2's baskets worth 6 points
36SFBT-D6ZRTeam 2's baskets worth 7 points
37SFBT-DAZRTeam 2's baskets worth 8 points
38A30T-AAEAAll 3-pointers worth 6 points
39BF0T-AAEAAll 3-pointers worth 9 points
40AK0T-AAATAll free throws worth 2 points
41AP0T-AAATAll free throws worth 3 points
42A30T-AAATAll free throws worth 6 points
43BF0T-AAATAll free throws worth 9 points
Hints For Bulls Vs Lakers
1Beat The Computer - Press the C button while displaying your team's statistics. After pressing the C button, the screen will change showing the computer's line up. Replace all of the strong players with the computers worst players. The computer will attempt to make substitutions between quarters. Repeat the sequence keeping the computer with its worst players.
Passwords For Bulls Vs Lakers
Championship Passwords - Use these passwords to bring you to the final Championship game
1CXOCGBB4Bulls Vs. Blazers
2GJOGBBBFKnicks Vs. Blazers
3OBOBLBBYBlazers Vs. Hawks
4NXOBBBBLBulls Vs. Utah Jazz
5JXWP6BBQGo direct to ending. You will be the Chicago Bulls winning the World Championship.
6NXWBBBBDSee ending ceromonies.

NBA Pro Basketball - Bulls Vs. Lakers

Title Screenshot

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             NBA Playoffs series (4 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Electronic Arts
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Sports (basketball)
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          It's time for the NBA Playoffs, and only the best will
                  make it all the way to the final game.  A series of
                  basketball sims highlighting the teams playing in the
                  NBA post-season tournament for a given year.

IMPRESSIONS:      Pretty standard basketball sim in the same mold as
                  Double Dribble, but with superior sound and graphics.

VARIATIONS:       Lakers vs. Celtics (1990, features an expanded NBA
                    1990 tournament schedule and the 1990 All-Star Team)
                  Bulls vs. Lakers (1991, features an expanded NBA
                    1991 tournament schedule and the 1991 All-Star Team)
                  Team USA Basketball (1992) uses the NBA Playoffs game
                    engine - see separate entry for more info
                  Bulls vs. Blazers (1993, has all 16 1992 NBA playoff
                    teams plus the All Star teams, as well as the
                    signature moves for certain well-known players)
                  NBA Showdown 94 (1994, one more outing for this aging
                    basketball sim, great sound and gameplay, somewhat
                    better-looking player sprites)

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Re: NBA Playoffs Series (Score: 1)
by TReid ( on Wednesday, June 27 @ 16:14:42 EDT
(User Info)

The Lakers vs Celtics series was the first basketball games I can remember where the players actually looked like actual NBA players (not a bunch of look-alike drones like in other games). In the early series of the game, only teams that made 2nd round in the playoffs were included. Even though I don't care for the gameplay, it was still cool being able to play as your favorite team!

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Re: NBA Playoffs Series (Score: 1)
by pavko on Wednesday, November 19 @ 07:37:37 EST
(User Info)

good game and graphic

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