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F-22 Interceptor

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Game Genie™ Codes For F-22 Interceptor
Download PAT File
State-of-the-art flight simulation! Use these great codes to dial in lives, ammo, chaff (radar decoys) and fuel consumption.
2AHAA-AAEEStart with 2 lives
3AMAA-AAEEStart with 3 lives
4AXAA-AAEEStart with 5 lives
5A1AA-AAEEStart with 6 lives
6A9AA-AAEEStart with 8 lives
7BMAA-AAEEStart with 11 lives
8WCPA-GCA8Start with 400 ammo
98WPA-GCA8Start with 500 ammo
10MCPA-GEA8Start with 600 ammo
111WPA-GEA8Start with 700 ammo
12ECPA-GGA8Start with 800 ammo
13TWPA-GGA8Start with 900 ammo
147CPA-GGA8Start with 1000 ammo
15FC1A-GAAGStart with 40 chaff
16GL1A-GAAGStart with 50 chaff
17HW1A-GAAGStart with 60 chaff
18J41A-GAAGStart with 70 chaff
19LC1A-GAAGStart with 80 chaff
20ML1A-GAAGStart with 90 chaff
21NW1A-GAAGStart with 100 chaff
221B7T-BLYWFuel burns 2x faster than normal
231B7T-BRYWFuel burns 4x faster than normal
241B7T-BGZAAfterburner fuel consumption 2x normal
251B7T-BLZAAfterburner fuel consumption 3x normal
261B7T-BWZAAfterburner fuel consumption 5x normal
271B7T-B0ZAAfterburner fuel consumption 6x normal
Cheats For F-22 Interceptor
1More OptionsDuring your game, simultaneously press B and C. An Option screen will appear where you can select unlimited firepower, invincibility, automatic targeting, and more!
Passwords For F-22 Interceptor
Level Codes - After you have entered all four of these codes, all you have to do is land the plane and you will get a great ending with Saddam crying!
5MGG1GJFor an added challenge, enter this code to go to the start of the Aces mission that pits you against four enemy Aces!
6GTGAUOHere is a quick password to get the Saddam ending by just landing the plane without doing all of the fighting.
7GPRJCMFace an aerial onslaught of F-22's, KC-135's and MIGs.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             F-22 Interceptor
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Flight simulator (military)
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Hop a ride on the U.S. Air Force's choice for its 21st
                  century air superiority fighter - the F-22.  Your choice
                  of three different skill levels at which to play.

IMPRESSIONS:      Jeez, what crap!  This looks like somebody unearthed the
                  original version of subLogic's Jet, took some coloring
                  pencils to it, and ported it to the Genesis.  The
                  polygonal graphics engine is the worst I've ever seen in
                  this kind of game, and sound is minimal at best.  Only
                  useful as a trainer for better flight sims - no, in fact,
                  ANY other flight sim.

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Re: F-22 Interceptor (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, March 04 @ 22:56:04 EST

I really enjoyed this game and it's interissing how a Genesis do 3D polygonal graphx without ANY additional hardware while the SNES can only beat with the SuperFX chip!! What you choose?? Virtua Racing or Stunt Racer??

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Re: F-22 Interceptor (Score: 1)
by Genesis on Saturday, February 28 @ 11:25:56 EST
(User Info)

The graphics look bad but it looks like a pretty cool game.

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