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Street Fighter 2 Series

Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

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Game Genie™ Codes For Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
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2TWPA-AAH0Start with 3/4 energy
3MCPA-AAH0Start with 1/2 energy
4FWPA-AAH0Start with 1/4 energy
5FDTA-BBHTStart with 90 seconds instead of 99
6FDTA-BA9TStart with 70 seconds
7FDTA-BA1TStart with 50 seconds
8FDTA-BASTStart with 30 seconds
9FDTA-BAHTStart with 10 seconds
10FDTA-BXHWFirst bonus round is 99 seconds instead of 40
11FDTA-ABHWFirst bonus round is 80 seconds
12FDTA-AA9WFirst bonus round is 60 seconds
13FDTA-AASWFirst bonus round is 20 seconds
14FDTA-BXHYSecond bonus round is 99 seconds
15FDTA-ABHYSecond bonus round is 80 seconds
16FDTA-AA9YSecond bonus round is 60 seconds
17FDTA-AASYSecond bonus round is 20 seconds
18RFBT-C6VYMost attacks do no damage--THROWS STILL WORK
19VL6A-EZEGThrows do 3x normal damage
20MW6A-F2YGThrows do 2x normal damage
21ER6A-EGNGThrows do 3/4x normal damage
22C86A-FREGThrows do 1/2x normal damage
23AC6A-EAEGThrows do no damage
2497BT-DE3YFirst hit wins battle
25AC3T-CAGEAllows special moves in mid-air
26AG1T-DA8CSpecial moves are sometimes disabled--MAY
27ADBA-F332Ryu jumps forward farther
28ADBA-F932Ryu jumps forward not as far
29YDBA-EJCARyu jumps backward farther
30EDBA-ECCARyu jumps backward not as far
31ADBA-EJCN + ADBA-EJCYRyu jumps up much lower
32ADBA-ELCN + ADBA-ELCYRyu jumps up lower
33ADBA-ETCN + ADBA-ETCYRyu jumps up higher
34ADBA-EYCN + ADBA-EYCYRyu jumps up much higher
35ADBA-EJB6Ryu jumps forward much lower
36ADBA-ELB6Ryu jumps forward lower
37ADBA-ETB6Ryu jumps forward higher
38ADBA-EYB6Ryu jumps forward much higher
39ADBA-EJCERyu jumps backward much lower
40ADBA-ELCERyu jumps backward lower
41ADBA-ETCERyu jumps backward higher
42ADBA-EYCERyu jumps backward much higher
43ADBA-F342Edmond Honda jumps forward farther
44ADBA-F942Edmond Honda jumps forward not as far
45YDBA-EJDAEdmond Honda jumps backward farther
46EDBA-ECDAEdmond Honda jumps backward not as far
47ADBA-EJDN + ADBA-EJDYEdmond Honda jumps up much lower
48ADBA-ELDN + ADBA-ELDYEdmond Honda jumps up lower
49ADBA-ETDN + ADBA-ETDYEdmond Honda jumps up higher
50ADBA-EYDN + ADBA-EYDYEdmond Honda jumps up much higher
51ADBA-EJC6Edmond Honda jumps forward much lower
52ADBA-ELC6Edmond Honda jumps forward lower
53ADBA-ETC6Edmond Honda jumps forward higher
54ADBA-EYC6Edmond Honda jumps forward much higher
55ADBA-EJDEEdmond Honda jumps backward much lower
56ADBA-ELDEEdmond Honda jumps backward lower
57ADBA-ETDEEdmond Honda jumps backward higher
58ADBA-EYDEEdmond Honda jumps backward much higher
59ADBA-F352Blanka jumps forward farther
60ADBA-F952Blanka jumps forward not as far
61YDBA-EJEABlanka jumps backward farther
62EDBA-ECEABlanka jumps backward not as far
63ADBA-EJEN + ADBA-EJEYBlanka jumps up much lower
64ADBA-ENEN + ADBA-ENEYBlanka jumps up lower
65ADBA-E0EN + ADBA-E0EYBlanka jumps up higher
66ADBA-E4EN + ADBA-E4EYBlanka jumps up much higher
67ADBA-EJD6Blanka jumps forward much lower
68ADBA-END6Blanka jumps forward lower
69ADBA-E0D6Blanka jumps forward higher
70ADBA-E4D6Blanka jumps forward much higher
71ADBA-EJEEBlanka jumps backward much lower
72ADBA-ENEEBlanka jumps backward lower
73ADBA-E0EEBlanka jumps backward higher
74ADBA-E4EEBlanka jumps backward much higher
75ADBA-F362Guile jumps forward farther
76ADBA-F962Guile jumps forward not as far
77YDBA-EJFAGuile jumps backward farther
78EDBA-ECFAGuile jumps backward not as far
79ADBA-EJFN + ADBA-EJFYGuile jumps up much lower
80ADBA-ELFN + ADBA-ELFYGuile jumps up lower
81ADBA-ETFN + ADBA-ETFYGuile jumps up higher
82ADBA-EYFN + ADBA-EYFYGuile jumps up much higher
83ADBA-EJE6Guile jumps forward much lower
84ADBA-ELE6Guile jumps forward lower
85ADBA-ETE6Guile jumps forward higher
86ADBA-EYE6Guile jumps forward much higher
87ADBA-EJFEGuile jumps backward much lower
88ADBA-ELFEGuile jumps backward lower
89ADBA-ETFEGuile jumps backward higher
90ADBA-EYFEGuile jumps backward much higher
91ADBA-F372Ken jumps forward farther
92ADBA-F972Ken jumps forward not as far
93YDBA-EJGAKen jumps backward farther
94EDBA-ECGAKen jumps backward not as far
95ADBA-EJGN + ADBA-EJGYKen jumps up much lower
96ADBA-ELGN + ADBA-ELGYKen jumps up lower
97ADBA-ETGN + ADBA-ETGYKen jumps up higher
98ADBA-EYGN + ADBA-EYGYKen jumps up much higher
99ADBA-EJF6Ken jumps forward much lower
100ADBA-ELF6Ken jumps forward lower
101ADBA-ETF6Ken jumps forward higher
102ADBA-EYF6Ken jumps forward much higher
103ADBA-EJGEKen jumps backward much lower
104ADBA-ELGEKen jumps backward lower
105ADBA-ETGEKen jumps backward higher
106ADBA-EYGEKen jumps backward much higher
107ADBA-F382Chun Li jumps forward farther
108ADBA-F982Chun Li jumps forward not as far
109YDBA-EJHAChun Li jumps backward farther
110EDBA-ECHAChun Li jumps backward not as far
111ADBA-EJHN + ADBA-EJHYChun Li jumps up much lower
112ADBA-ENHN + ADBA-ENHYChun Li jumps up lower
113ADBA-EYHN + ADBA-EYHYChun Li jumps up higher
114ADBA-E2HN + ADBA-E2HYChun Li jumps up much higher
115ADBA-EJG6Chun Li jumps forward much lower
116ADBA-ENG6Chun Li jumps forward lower
117ADBA-EYG6Chun Li jumps forward higher
118ADBA-E2G6Chun Li jumps forward much higher
119ADBA-EJHEChun Li jumps backward much lower
120ADBA-ENHEChun Li jumps backward lower
121ADBA-EYHEChun Li jumps backward higher
122ADBA-E2HEChun Li jumps backward much higher
123ADBA-F392Zangief jumps forward farther
124ADBA-F992Zangief jumps forward not as far
125YDBT-EJAAZangief jumps backward farther
126EDBT-ECAAZangief jumps backward not as far
127ADBT-EJAN + ADBT-EJAYZangief jumps up much lower
128ADBT-ELAN + ADBT-ELAYZangief jumps up lower
129ADBT-ETAN + ADBT-ETAYZangief jumps up higher
130ADBT-EYAN + ADBT-EYAYZangief jumps up much higher
131ADBA-EJH6Zangief jumps forward much lower
132ADBA-ELH6Zangief jumps forward lower
133ADBA-ETH6Zangief jumps forward higher
134ADBA-EYH6Zangief jumps forward much higher
135ADBT-EJAEZangief jumps backward much lower
136ADBT-ELAEZangief jumps backward lower
137ADBT-ETAEZangief jumps backward higher
138ADBT-EYAEZangief jumps backward much higher
139ADBT-F322Dhalsim jumps forward farther
140ADBT-F922Dhalsim jumps forward not as far
141YDBT-EJBADhalsim jumps backward farther
142EDBT-ECBADhalsim jumps backward not as far
143ADBT-EJBN + ADBT-EJBYDhalsim jumps up much lower
144ADBT-ETBN + ADBT-ETBYDhalsim jumps up higher
145ADBT-EYBN + ADBT-EYBYDhalsim jumps up much higher
146ADBT-EJA6Dhalsim jumps forward much lower
147ADBT-ETA6Dhalsim jumps forward higher
148ADBT-EYA6Dhalsim jumps forward much higher
149ADBT-EJBEDhalsim jumps backward much lower
150ADBT-ETBEDhalsim jumps backward higher
151ADBT-EYBEDhalsim jumps backward much higher
152ADBT-F332M. Bison jumps forward farther
153ADBT-F932M. Bison jumps forward not as far
154YDBT-EJCAM. Bison jumps backward farther
155EDBT-ECCAM. Bison jumps backward not as far
156ADBT-EJCN + ADCT-EJCYM. Bison jumps up much lower
157ADBT-ENCN + ADCT-ENCYM. Bison jumps up lower
158ADBT-EYCN + ADCT-EYCYM. Bison jumps up higher
159ADBT-E2CN + ADCT-E2CYM. Bison jumps up much higher
160ADBT-EJB6M. Bison jumps forward much lower
161ADBT-ENB6M. Bison jumps forward lower
162ADBT-EYB6M. Bison jumps forward higher
163ADBT-E2B6M. Bison jumps forward much higher
164ADBT-EJCEM. Bison jumps backward much lower
165ADBT-ENCEM. Bison jumps backward lower
166ADBT-EYCEM. Bison jumps backward higher
167ADBT-E2CEM. Bison jumps backward much higher
168ADBT-F342Sagat jumps forward farther
169ADBT-F942Sagat jumps forward not as far
170YDBT-EJDASagat jumps backward farther
171EDBT-ECDASagat jumps backward not as far
172ADBT-EJDN + ADBT-EJDYSagat jumps up much lower
173ADBT-ELDN + ADBT-ELDYSagat jumps up lower
174ADBT-ETDN + ADBT-ETDYSagat jumps up higher
175ADBT-EYDN + ADBT-EYDYSagat jumps up much higher
176ADBT-EJC6Sagat jumps forward much lower
177ADBT-ELC6Sagat jumps forward lower
178ADBT-ETC6Sagat jumps forward higher
179ADBT-EYC6Sagat jumps forward much higher
180ADBT-EJDESagat jumps backward much lower
181ADBT-ELDESagat jumps backward lower
182ADBT-ETDESagat jumps backward higher
183ADBT-EYDESagat jumps backward much higher
184ADBT-F352Balrog jumps forward farther
185ADBT-F952Balrog jumps forward not as far
186YDBT-EJEABalrog jumps backward farther
187EDBT-ECEABalrog jumps backward not as far
188ADBT-EJEN + ADBT-EJEYBalrog jumps up much lower
189ADBT-ELEN + ADBT-ELEYBalrog jumps up lower
190ADBT-ETEN + ADBT-ETEYBalrog jumps up higher
191ADBT-EYEN + ADBT-EYEYBalrog jumps up much higher
192ADBT-EJD6Balrog jumps forward much lower
193ADBT-ELD6Balrog jumps forward lower
194ADBT-ETD6Balrog jumps forward higher
195ADBT-EYD6Balrog jumps forward much higher
196ADBT-EJEEBalrog jumps backward much lower
197ADBT-ELEEBalrog jumps backward lower
198ADBT-ETEEBalrog jumps backward higher
199ADBT-EYEEBalrog jumps backward much higher
200ADBT-F362Vega jumps forward farther
201ADBT-F962Vega jumps forward not as far
202YDBT-EJFAVega jumps backward farther
203EDBT-ECFAVega jumps backward not as far
204ADBT-ENFN + ADCT-ENFYVega jumps up much lower
205ADBT-ETFN + ADCT-ETFYVega jumps up lower
206ADBT-E2FN + ADCT-E2FYVega jumps up higher
207ADBT-E6FN + ADCT-E6FYVega jumps up much higher
208ADBT-ENE6Vega jumps forward much lower
209ADBT-ETE6Vega jumps forward lower
210ADBT-E2E6Vega jumps forward higher
211ADBT-E6E6Vega jumps forward much higher
212ADBT-ENFEVega jumps backward much lower
213ADBT-ETFEVega jumps backward lower
214ADBT-E2FEVega jumps backward higher
215ADBT-E6FEVega jumps backward much higher
216LDBA-F13ELight fireballs go faster
2174XBA-F73ELight fireballs go slower
218LDBA-F13GMedium fireballs go faster
2194XBA-F73GMedium fireballs go slower
220LDBA-F13JHard fireballs go faster
2214XBA-F73JHard fireballs go slower
222CCFT-CWC4Edmond Honda's light sumo head butts are faster
223CCFT-CGC4Edmond Honda's light sumo head butts are slower
224CCFT-CWC6Edmond Honda's medium sumo head butts are faster
225CCFT-CGC6Edmond Honda's medium sumo head butts are slower
226CCFT-CWC8Edmond Honda's hard sumo head butts are faster
227CCFT-CGC8Edmond Honda's hard sumo head butts are slower
228AARA-ETHCM. Bison's light psycho crusher is faster
229AARA-EEHCM. Bison's light psycho crusher is slower
230AARA-ETHEM. Bison's medium psycho crusher is faster
231AARA-EEHEM. Bison's medium psycho crusher is slower
232AARA-ETHGM. Bison's hard psycho crusher is faster
233AARA-EEHGM. Bison's hard psycho crusher is slower
234AASA-ETBYM. Bison's light scissor kick is faster
235AASA-EGBYM. Bison's light scissor kick is slower
236AASA-ETB0M. Bison's medium scissor kick is faster
237AASA-EGB0M. Bison's medium scissor kick is slower
238AASA-ETB2M. Bison's hard scissor kick is faster
239AASA-EGB2M. Bison's hard scissor kick is slower
240AAXA-EWAWBalrog's dash punch is faster
241AAXA-EEAWBalrog's dash punch is slower
242AAXT-E0FCBalrog's quick turn punch is faster
243AAXT-EGFCBalrog's quick turn punch is slower
244HTWT-FALJ + AAWT-EYCLAll of Balrog's turn punches are the fastest
245HTWT-FALJ + AEWT-EACLAll of Balrog's turn punches are the slowest
246ACWA-CJATChun Li's whirlwind kick goes faster
247ACWA-CCATChun Li's whirlwind kick goes slower
248ACLA-CTALBlanka's light rolling attack is faster
249ACLA-CGALBlanka's light rolling attack is slower
250ACLA-CTANBlanka's medium rolling attack is faster
251ACLA-CGANBlanka's medium rolling attack is slower
252ACLA-CTARBlanka's hard rolling attack is faster
253ACLA-CGARBlanka's hard rolling attack is slower
254ADBA-FZ3LSagat's light tiger shot is faster
255ADBA-F93LSagat's light tiger shot is slower
256ADBA-FZ3NSagat's medium tiger shot is faster
257ADBA-F93NSagat's medium tiger shot is slower
258ADBA-FZ3RSagat's hard tiger shot is faster
259ADBA-F93RSagat's hard tiger shot is slower
Cheats For Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
1Only Special MovesYou must have a 6-button controller for the Genesis to do this trick. At the CAPCOM logo, press these buttons on controller one in this order: DOWN, Z, UP, X, A, Y, B, and C. You will hear Chun Li say, "Ya Tai." Choose Game Start and play a one or two player game using only special moves or throws! These are the only moves that you can use in the game. This can present more of a challenge to experts of the game.
2Same Character In Battle ModeYou must have a 6-button controller for the Gensis to do this trick. At the title screen, choose a game. At the next screen choose Group Battle. At the battle mode screen, press these buttons in this order on controller two: DOWN, Z, UP, X, A, Y, B, and C. You will then hear Chun Li's voice. After that choose Match Play or Elimination. Now, you can choose the same character to play against in Match or Elimination mode.
35 Stars In Champion ModeTo get 5 stars in the Champion Mode of the game do this trick. When the cinema of the fighters begins, and it scrolls up the building, wait until the screen fades and only the Street Fighter II words are showing. If you have a 6-button controller, quickly press the buttons in this order: DOWN, Z, UP, X, A, Y, B, and C. If you do not happen to have a 6-button controller, you can do this trick with a 3-button controller. For the 3-button controller press the buttons in this order: DOWN, C, UP, A, A, B, B, and C. If the trick is done right you will then hear Zangief's voice. Now, on the title screenn go to the champoin option and move right, you should now be able to see five stars.
4Configure ControllerHere's an easy way to configure your controller without using option codes. Go to the Character Select Screen and pick your characters in a one- or two-player game. After you choose your characters, press and hold START. When you fly onto the stage, a configuration screen will appear.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Street Fighter 2 series (3 titles)
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English and Japanese

PREMISE:          They come from all over the world, from all walks of
                  life, from all beliefs and cultures.  Male and female,
                  young and old, small and large, tall and short, they have
                  but one thing in common - they are Street Fighters.  A
                  breed apart from your average brawler, the Street Fighter
                  is the ultimate physical fighting machine.  Each has his
                  or her own unique talents and skills, and each lives by
                  the Street Fighter code.  Every year, once a year, they
                  travel all over the world and battle each other for the
                  world championship among their kind.  Are you capable
                  enough to join their ranks and compete for that ultimate
                  prize?  The one and only original which spawned a ton
                  of ripoffs and imitators, although only a few (Mortal
                  Kombat, Tekken, etc) came close to duplicating its

IMPRESSIONS:      God, I hope you're familar with this by now.  A great
                  game, but it is showing its age.  Besides, Super Steet
                  Fighter 2 renders [all previous entries] obsolete. (Rage

VARIATIONS:       The original Street Fighter 2 (aka Street Fighter 2 - The
                  World Warrior) was apparently not released for the G/MD.

                  Street Fighter 2 Turbo (1992, aka Turbo Hyper Fighting -
                    expands the roster from eight to twelve fighters, but
                    little else has changed from the original - I have
                    seen only a copyright-less Japanese beta of this that
                    is also missing the Capcom logo - this may have been
                    the basis for the G/MD Championship Edition - I have a
                    strong suspicion that this version of the game was
                    never officially released)
                  Street Fighter 2 Plus - Chamionship Edition (1993, this
                    is the best-known of the SF2 variants, with a twelve
                    character fighter roster and overhauled game engine)
                  Super Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers (1994, the
                    most impressive of the Genesis series with a sixteen
                    character fighter roster - this is the only known 40
                    mbit cart in existence for the platform, utilizing a
                    unique bank-switching technique to access its stored
                    backgrounds - the extra room was required for the
                    improved graphics and expanded roster)

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Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 1)
by Mr_KHaKi ( on Monday, June 25 @ 10:47:59 EDT
(User Info)

Super Street Fighter 2 was hyped cuz of its 40 Meg cart size but I didn't find it pretty much special. I thought it would stand out above the SNES version but it didn't.

It still IS a good game, if not the best fighter on the G/MD, but being the SF-fanatic that I am, I wasn't impressed.
When it came it out it was also friggin' expensive!!
[219 guilders, SNES version: 189 guilder. An average MD game costed 130 to 170 so this was pretty ridiculous! 2,2 guilder = 1 $]

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 1)
by TReid ( on Wednesday, June 27 @ 11:02:03 EDT
(User Info)

Soon after Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition came out, they released the 6-button control pad. If you didn't have one, and used the standard 3-button pad, you would have to press START to toggle the 3 buttons between punch and kick attacks. This made some combos pretty much impossible to do. You can try this out in an emu: just load it up and make sure you've set the controller setting to "3-button" and you'll see!

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 1)
by smokeDogg on Friday, January 18 @ 08:07:44 EST
(User Info)

Well, they did it.
The massive delay between the SNES and this version may have cost SEGA many sales.
But when it finally landed the impact was big.
They crammed it in, every move, every backdrop, the differences between the arcade version are negligible. This *was* arcade@home (before MAME!).
Everyone's played it, everyone's mastered at leat Ryu, Ken or Guile (or Dhalsim!).

Nuthin more to say,

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 09 @ 15:16:54 EDT

you have all the cheats, but i just got this game again and i forgot all the regular moves. I think you should put the regular moves on here too.

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 23:38:11 EDT
(User Info)

Is there anything else that needs to be said about these games? Oh yeah, I like Chun Li best, avoid the movie (and the game based on it) and stick with the anime version of the movie (but not the series!).

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, January 08 @ 18:55:59 EST

Definitivamente para mi es el mejor juego de peleas de todos los tiempos, si lo que buscas es un buen titulo de pelas que te deje asombrado pruebalo prque la para ser un juego tan sencillo lo tiene todo: Buena movilidad, graficos, sonido, control, combos efectos y un factor de diversion y adiccion inconparable con ningun otro titulo de peleas hasta el momento. SUPER RECOMENDADO!!!

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, May 12 @ 15:16:13 EDT

este juego es el mejor

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 27 @ 12:07:10 EDT

super street fighter is the bomb!!!

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, May 31 @ 20:36:05 EDT

nice game! but it haves it's false

[ Reply ]

Re: Street Fighter 2 turbo! (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Thursday, April 25 @ 12:01:34 EDT
(User Info)

FASTER! TUFFER!! HARDER!! i like that lol.. any way this had all the speed i needed. plus its a great better buy than SF2 regular

[ Reply ]

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