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Fist of the North Star (Hokouto no Ken 2) (J)

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Last Battle

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Game Genie™ Codes For Last Battle
Download PAT File
You may need some help, Aarzak, to defeat Garokk and save Alyssa in this tough-to-beat fighting game. Best codes to try are LAST Code 3, almost infinite life, and Codes 5 and 6, which increase your power level faster--but keep in mind that the game has a maximum limit on power for each chapter. Once that level is reached, you can't get more power. With LAST Code 1, the timer begins at 50 instead of 99, and counts down, "99, 49, 48 . . ." Use LAST Codes 9 thru 41 to explore and practice different levels. Note that sometimes you cannot continue to higher levels without having first finished lower levels.
1LAXT-AAGTStart timer at 50
2REKA-A6T4Infinite time
3ALKT-AA7YAlmost infinite life energy
4EAXA-AAHAStart with half as much life energy
5AVPT-AADG + BBPT-AADYIncrease power level faster
6EPPT-AADG + EBPT-AADYIncrease power level much faster
7GJXA-AAHGStart with more power
8WAXA-AAHGStart with a lot more power
9AAXA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 2
10AEXA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 3
11AJXA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 4
12ANXA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 5
13ATXA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 6
14AYXA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 7
15A2XA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 8
16A6XA-AAG8Start in chapter 1, area 9
17AEXA-AAG6 + BAXA-AAG8Start in chapter 2, area 1
18AEXA-AAG6 + BEXA-AAG8Start in chapter 2, area 2
19AEXA-AAG6 + BJXA-AAG8Start in chapter 2, area 3
20AEXA-AAG6 + BNXA-AAG8Start in chapter 2, area 4
21AEXA-AAG6 + BTXA-AAG8Start in chapter 2, area 5
22AEXA-AAG6 + BYXA-AAG8Start in chapter 2, area 6
23AEXA-AAG6 + B2XA-AAG8Start in chapter 2, area 7
24AJXA-AAG6 + B6XA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 1
25AJXA-AAG6 + CAXA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 2
26AJXA-AAG6 + CEXA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 3
27AJXA-AAG6 + CJXA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 4
28AJXA-AAG6 + CNXA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 5
29AJXA-AAG6 + CTXA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 6
30AJXA-AAG6 + CYXA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 7
31AJXA-AAG6 + C2XA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 8
32AJXA-AAG6 + C6XA-AAG8Start in chapter 3, area 9
33ANXA-AAG6 + DAXA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 1
34ANXA-AAG6 + DEXA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 2
35ANXA-AAG6 + DJXA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 3
36ANXA-AAG6 + DNXA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 4
37ANXA-AAG6 + DTXA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 5
38ANXA-AAG6 + DYXA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 6
39ANXA-AAG6 + D2XA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 7
40ANXA-AAG6 + D6XA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 8
41ANXA-AAG6 + EAXA-AAG8Start in chapter 4, area 9
Cheats For Last Battle
1ContinueWhen "Legend of the Final Hero" appears, press and hold A, B, and C, then press START. Press UP or DOWN to select the chapter you wish to START from, then press START to begin play. This only allows you to select a chapter up to the highest chapter you last played, so in effect it's a continue.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Fist of the North Star
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    Toei/Shoei System
RELEASED:         1989
TYPE:             Fighting
LANGUAGE:         English and Japanese

PREMISE:          It is in the days of the nuclear winter, when the lands
                  are ruled and policed by superhuman heroes with fantastic
                  fighting skills, one hero must battle his way through
                  countless foes to rid the land of evil.  Based on the
                  legendary anime series of the same name, which was noted
                  for its extreme violence.

IMPRESSIONS:      Punch and kick your way through the side-scrolling scenes
                  on your way to one-on-one arena bouts with the various
                  level bosses.  Decent graphics, but weak gameplay.  I
                  can't believe they left in the exploding heads! (Rage

VARIATIONS:       Hokouto no Ken 2 (original Japanese title)
                  Last Battle - Legend of the Final Hero (censored
                    American version, most of the more violent content
                    excised - including the aforementioned exploding heads)

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Good times LOL (Score: 1)
by Norrin_Radd on Saturday, September 21 @ 21:18:31 EDT
(User Info)

I bought this game way back int he day for cheap from a used videogame store... I can still have a heartly chuckle at how the bad guys fly off the screen when you kick and punch them. YOUR THE STRONGEST MAN ALIVE!

FotNS was great, this is just plain silly

[ Reply ]

Oy vey. (Score: 1)
by Captian_Crazy ( on Saturday, September 21 @ 20:31:16 EDT
(User Info)

I find it odd that I'm the only one who likes this game. The game looks great, the sound is okay at best and... It's great fun! Nothing really bad, but the Japanese version is better, only due to the exploding heads.

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Re: Last Battle (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 01 @ 10:47:34 EDT

This is the "Mario bro's/Duck hunt" of the Genesis. If you win an auction that says '..and 5 games of whatever is left' You will get this game. Unfortunately this game is about as fun as cleaning stickers of your carts.

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Re: Last Battle (Score: 1)
by DarkWolf on Monday, August 05 @ 22:16:31 EDT
(User Info)

This game is rediculous. Don't waste your time with this one. Only buy if you're a collector.

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Re: Last Battle (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 22:02:13 EDT
(User Info)

I can't believe this game was based on the brilliant Fist Of The North Star!

*shouts loudly* WASTED LICENSE!!!!!!

This game was truly awful. Walk along. Punch. Walk along. Punch. Walk along. Jump. Kick. Kick. Kick. Oh look you've completed it.

[ Reply ]

Re: Last Battle (Score: 1)
by damster on Saturday, August 17 @ 19:48:14 EDT
(User Info)

I just got too bored playing this its pretty bad. Boring brown mazelike levels with not much to do.kak

[ Reply ]

Re: Last Battle (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, June 08 @ 15:44:26 EDT

Although this game has lack of depth (mainly side scrolling punch, kick, jump) there is a degree of choice making and puzzle solving (choosing the wrong path or walking in the wrong direction in labyrinth levels will have you majorly lost/stuck) but believe me, this game is a challenge once you get past the first 1 and chapters. Each Boss requires a different strategy, and the last 2 Bosses can only really be beaten with luck, and plenty of health left. Graphics arent extreme-top-end spec like Streets of Rage 2 and 3 are, but theyre still better than a number of Gen/MegaDrive titles. BUT, if you have a choice, dont choose the UK or US version of the game: <b>Choose the Jap Version, because it has all the blood, and original character palette/costumes, which the UK/US censors took out!</b> If youre able to compare the censored and uncensored, youll see exactly how much of a difference there is!

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Re: Last Battle (Score: 1)
by SIR ( on Tuesday, August 12 @ 12:10:35 EDT
(User Info) http://Freeserve

I quite like this game, it has not that many redeeming features yet there is something about it that makes you come back to it.
I'm not too hot at it but I like the part where you can select your mans route, this part reminds me of one of my all-time favourite arcade games Dragon Buster.

[ Reply ]

Re: Last Battle (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, September 08 @ 12:02:20 EDT

i thought it was ok, i bought it with kawaski supebikes of ebay for 3 for both. last battle was a *, i lost to the stupid laser beam guy, even when on his last hits, i kicked him like 3 times, and his health stayed the same, and no continues or options, good for it's time, but complete crap.

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