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Alien Storm

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Game Genie™ Codes For Alien Storm
Download PAT File
Use these Game Genie(tm) codes to show those otherworldly beings what alien-busting is all about! Stop them from taking over Earth in this sci-fi fighter, with its good special-weapon and attack graphics. With Code 7, you can continue as many times as you want, and that should be a big help in getting to the Final Battle.
2AB8A-AACWSpecial attack uses no energy
3AB8A-ANCWSpecial attack uses 1/2 as much energy
4R1DT-A60RNormal attacks use no energy
5P1DT-BD0RNormal attacks gain energy instead of losing it
6AA4A-BB96Start with maximum energy
7AJ7A-AA3RInfinite credits
8AB9TCTE0Each energy unit is worth 2 times as much
9AB9T-DAE0Each energy unit is worth 4 times as much
10AB9T-CAN0Each energy unit is worth 8 times as much
119WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-AGH6Start on Mission 2--Expel the Aliens
129WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-ANH6Start on Mission 3--Alien's Nest
139WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-A2H6Start on Mission 5--Save the Laboratory
149WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-A8H6Start on Mission 6--Night Crawler
159WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-BEH6Start on Mission 7--Destroy the UFO
169WET-BCS4 + CWET-B998 + ACET-BLH6Start on Mission 8--Final Battle
17ALXT-AA4YMost alien hits do no damage (no life lost on life meter)
18AJEA-CA7RAliens in shooting gallery do no damage (no life lost on life meter)
Hints For Alien Storm
1To use this trick, you must have enough energy to do your extra move, and you must be the robot, Scooter. If you die while using Scooter, use his special attack and you won't die. You will have do build your live back up, but it does avoid losing one life.

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Alien Storm
RELEASED:         1991
TYPE:             Shooter
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Save the humans from the mean nasty aliens in this
                  side-scrolling blastathon ported from the arcade game.

IMPRESSIONS:      Golden Axe in a semi-futuristic setting.  Passable
                  action, but pales next to Streets of Rage. (Rage Games)

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Re: Alien Storm (Score: 1)
by Gibbousmoon on Wednesday, August 15 @ 17:09:13 EDT
(User Info)

This is a fun game, with high production values that are typical of the in-house development team at Sega. The gameplay may not be as tight as that in Streets of Rage, or the challenge quite as high as in Golden Axe, but for a quick arcade-style fix this one is hard to beat. I especially enjoyed the sidescrolling shooter-style levels.

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Re: Alien Storm (Score: 1)
by Whitesnake on Friday, November 08 @ 09:51:47 EST
(User Info)

another one of sega's side beaters that once again draws in lots of attention which its deserves due its alien nature and different styles of play involved throughout the game,

7/10 try completing it on 2 player mode the game will keep you going for hours

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Re: Alien Storm (Score: 1)
by mutex on Saturday, July 12 @ 07:26:51 EDT
(User Info)

This game was a little disapoitment for me, I hoped it would be a kind of sequel (gameplay wise) to golden axe but it didin't match the perfection of it.

Game was fun tough, but once you finish it , you won't come back.

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Re: Alien Storm (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, September 20 @ 16:48:32 EDT

You'r all mad, it's a classic! ! !

the problem is you are trying to compare it to SOR and golden axe. thats like complaining that your TV doesn't taste very nice and you dont get great reception on your socks.

S T O P ! ! !

Sit down, play it multiplayer a few times, forget SOR and just enjoy.


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